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Purchased these online as i have never tried Quest protein bars before and eventually decided to purchase them, due to recommendations from my fellow gym friends.I feel like they are overrated (slightly), and people often speak highly of Quest bars, but I do not feel they are worth this much recognition.Firstly i purchased the Cookies & Cream flavour of these (in a pack of 12), for around £20, which is rather pricey for only 12 bars! And is a little more expensive than other protein brands/bars on the market currently, which are around £16-£17 for more bars.The flavour of the cookies and cream bar is really full on and concentrated; there is also the right proportion of chunky cookie pieces to smooth subtle cream flavoured filling/chunks inside the bar,which is quiet dense and full on, i feel like there is a little too much 'thickness' to the bar itself, and therefore a little too overpowering, a bit too much going on in just one bite.But i prefer this wide range of textures/full on flavour it makes the whole bar taste less bland.And is therefore more varied and interesting with every bite.The only really negative here is the way the outer layer of the whole bar looks; very flat and 'brick' like, with nothing much going on, until you take that first bite to find out. So presentation wise not that great from the outside.The macros of each bar are as follows:Protein: 21 gramsFibre: 15 gramsCalories: 205 KcalsOverall the calories to protein ratios are great and worth it, whilst also included that massive 15 grams of fibre, which is really high and unusual for a protein bar to contain this much fibre in just one bar/serving, as usually the volume of fibre is half this amount in one bar, for the 200 calories.So great macros overall, but had to knock of one star for the high price, for only 12 bars, and the sad and plain looking 'brick-like' outer layer of chocolate. But would recommend if you do not mind the price/the way the bar looks from the outside, and have the budget to purchase these; especially if you are a massive fan of the cookies and cream flavour.
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Like many others - I purchased these after reading lots of reviews including one in which they were chosen as the best protein bar out of 50 for their taste, affordability and most importantly - NUTRITIONAL SPECS.Having in the past eaten a wide variety of protein bars/cookies etc when I first tried the quest bar they are genuinely extremely delicious and tasty. They are, given the ingredients and amazing claim that there are 21G of Carbohydrate per bar of which 17g are dietary fibre and only 1g of which is sugars. This, if true, is nothing short of phenomenal given the truly amazing taste and texture (though a but stiff in admittance!) - if you compare this to competitor bars like maximuscle their bars have 16.5g of Carbs of which 10.2g are sugars!(Which as you should know are the worst kind as they have 0 nutritional value and cause a massive insulin spike)******* The operative word here is "claim." Currently, the makers of Quest Bars are been sued in a class action law suit in California as the plaintiff asserts the claims are misleading with regards to the amount of "bad carbs" in the protein bar - and claim the amount of sugar actually present in the bar could be as much as 750% higher!! This is a very recent claim and the makers of Quest Bars have refuted all allegations but the plaintiff claims independent lab tests on the amount of dietary fibre have shown it has been massively exaggerated and therefore the nutritional specs are way off (making it really not that good for you! ****I have already bought this box and yes they are delicious. The taste to me personally sugeests, in my opinion, that there is a hell of a lot more sugar in it than the nutritionals suggest. If you are a serious athlete and want to err on the side of caution it may be worth waiting this one out - if your an average Joe like me who lifts - give it a punt and decide for yourself.
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Quest has a good reputation and this flavour has been on offer at a slightly lower price for some reason. I tried a box instead of the chocolate chip cookie dough (which I preferred),Main reason for writing a review is that I really think a good company offering healthy protein bars should at least include a list, or photo, of ingredients on the Amazon page. I've tried to add this to the review and hope it is still legible online. (If you buy a box, it's slightly clearer as you can see from the bottom of the box). Noticeable things and my estimation (feel free to disagree)... (i) It's high calorie, more than twice as many as say, a mars protein bar.But it doesn't have that gooey mars-like topping that so many energy bars have (gooeyness which some people like though I don't). (ii) Total fats to saturates seems reasonable, about a good average for a protein bar. (iii) Protein content is fairly standard -- most bars should have minimum 20g. (iv) Fairly high salt content but again not too excessive unless you eat several at once. (iv) Low carbs. (v) sensible selection of sweeteners.The taste, for my liking, is rather average, a bit on the sickly side. It apparently contains real dried raspberries but they don't taste of much (Not like the fresh ones on the packaging of course). Any 'white chocolate flavoured chunks' don't come across that well either in my opinion. At best, rather like the taste of an extremely cheap white chocolate bar. It might be hard to make a good tasting protein bar and this one is not one of the worst tasting but certainly not the best either in my opinion.I’ve changed the rating to 4 stars as these are consistently good protein ordered many times now. Will be looking for a different supplier though as too many problems with Hermes on repeated occasions.
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Looking for something sweet but trying to stay clean? Maybe the Quest Nutrition Cookies and Cream Protein Bar just might be what you're looking for.Let's be honest, if you could sit around all day eating candy and sweets, you probably would. This won't work for you if you are following a strict paleo diet, it's more suited to those following an 'If It Fits Your Macros' (IIFYM) diet.So what does it taste like? Good question. Here's my answer!It tastes pretty good. I love all things cookies and cream and this is no let down. It is a bit chewy but that's what you should expect of a protein bar normally it seems. If you want to enhance the taste then simply pop it into a microwave for 10 seconds.There are both cookie and white chocolate pieces in these Quest Bars and it does work really well in maintaining the taste while keeping the macros in check.Speaking of macros, how do Quest Nutrition do it? I mean taking a quick look at the information on the box says all you need to know.21g Protein22g Carbohydrate (3g Net Carbs)7g FatUnder 200 caloriesThis is the kind of bar that can fit into a lot of peoples meal plans pretty easily I find. Especially for those on the move a lot or who mightn't have the time to get a proper meal in.Price wise, at the time of writing this post, they are only £20 on Amazon with free UK delivery available which is a steal as it works out at less than £2 per bar when normally these can be quite more expensive. So if you're looking at maybe getting a taster box then I would recommend doing it now while they are going cheap.
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Compared to previous Quest bars, the S'mores flavour switches one of the main ingredients from isomalto-oligosaccharides to soluble corn fiber. That's a good change in my book. On a ketogenic diet, my concerns are similar to those of diabetics, namely to keep carbohydrates to a minimum. Quest bars are advertised as low-carb on their wrappers, this one as 4g net carbs per bar. Except it arguably wasn't true for previous flavours. Low-carb food shouldn't noticeably raise blood sugar, but Quest bars did. Well, they did when I measured mine and they did it just as fast as any candy bar stuffed with sugar. Searching the web revealed that my case is not unique.I am excited about this new flavour.To test whether they are suitable for a ketogenic diet, I ate 3 in a row. They only elicited a mild rise in blood sugar, after 1 and 2 hours, perhaps on a par with eating 200g of green vegetables in a meal. Everyone's physiology is different, so I urge you to treat this as the anecdotal evidence it is. But it sure seems this flavour may be better for low-carb dieters, the first truly suitable Quest bar for us, to be honest.As I'm not familiar with how S'mores is supposed to taste, I can't add much. It's one of those, better, quest bars that isn't completely homogenous. It's got chocolate bits in it. I like it.
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I'm not a fan of bars but I have to say it does live up to the hype. I've tasted many bars but this is by far the best one. The texture is like any bar but with cookie pieces. Soft and chewy. Heated in the microwave (10 secs) and it's even more tastier. I ordered these since it seemed to be the more popular one and I was not disappointed considering I don't like the cookie and cream flavour in other things but these are better. Better than Oreos. I can feel myself becoming addicted to these but the price keeps me under control. I'd like to try other flavours but am worried about ordering since they're pricy and I don't want to be disappointed.Taste: 10/10 - yummy and sweet.Nutrition: 9/10 - low carb,gluten free, high protein and filling (high fibre).Texture: 8/10 - like any bar soft but few crunchy pieces.After taste: 7/10 - strangely, I find it too sweet for aftertaste.Anticipation of next one: 10/10 - in the evenings I really want another but I make myself wait until the following morning.Price: 4/10 - really glad I can buy through Amazon but the price makes it an occasional treat rather than a regular one. This is my only issue, I just wish they were cheaper.Speed of delivery: 10/10 - arrived a day earlier than initial confirmation, was notified on the day of delivery.
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Mixed feelings, really - mainly due to the use of sucralose and palm oil, as well as quite a chewy, hard texture. I’ve bought both ‘cookies and cream’ and ‘raspberry’ flavoured bars, and the taste is actually quite good (for protein bars). Not as good as carbkilla ones which are one of the tastiest I’ve tried but then Quest bars are not full of glucose-spiking maltitol unlike most of other ‘low-carb’ competitors’ products.The texture is quite hard and chewy but still edible. I like to blitz bars in the microwave for 30 seconds and eat them as an occasional dessert, sometimes served hot with Oppo salted caramel ice-cream. It tastes great, like a cookie dough :)(as per pic)Shame about the sucralose being used as one of the sweeteners, although the amount is allegedly quite low. Is there a need for it then? Thumbs up for erithrytol as well as a a reasonably high fibre content.Palm oil is my other bug bear: it is difficult to ascertain what kind of palm oil is being used - sustainably sourced or orangutan-killing one? Perhaps manufacturer can shed some light on this.All in all, reasonably tasting protein bar for reasonable price, still open to further improvements.
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I don't usually bother reviewing things but these bars are amazing!First of all, they taste fantastic. It's quite similar to eating the cookie dough from Ben 'n' Jerry's. There's crunchy oreo-esque pieces and creamy 'white chocolate' chunks that go gooey if you give them a few seconds in the microwave. A delicious snack whether you care about the protein or not!Of course, these are protein bars and they certainly deliver on the nutrition side as much as the taste. The ingredients are all natural and the vast majority of the bar is just pure whey/milk protein. Each bar packs 21g protein for 180 calories. There's a somewhat ridiculous 17g of fiber in there too and 7g of fats which must come from the almonds,cocoa butter and coconut oil - all good sources in my opinion. Barely any carbs so you can eat it whenever you feel like a protein boost.Even though these bars come out at nearly £2 a pop, I have absolutely no gripe paying that - they're just that good! Haven't tried other flavours yet but this one seemed to be the most popular and I can understand why. My highest seal of approval.
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Just like the other 5 star reviews. I'm giving this 5 star because it tastes amazing. It's not too sweet. I have this during my tea time in evening. But I only have one if I did exercise that day. So it's like a treat. If I didn't workout that day, not allowed to have one. But this is only between me and the this protein bars. That works for me, to get fit & healthy ;) Just like the common saying/advice "Exercise first before you eat", you will become fit and healthy. =D If you eat first before exercise is equal to appendicitis (if you don't allow 2 hours to melt your food down before workout) or being unfit.I wish amazon desktop website has emojis so I can express my feelings more. Pfffttt!Can't ask much though, they provide excellent customer service. Amazon is my favourite shop online. And if they have the groceries, I would grocery shop here every week and give up asda shopping. I think they can be bigger than ASDA (I think they are).Anyway, I recommend this product. For £19, you can't go wrong with that.
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I wanted a protein bar that would be ok for my low carb diet. This bar is very low in impact carbs and has very little sugar. I find that for my diet purposes the choc chip cookie and the cookies and cream work best for me. I have my bar when I have finished my workout so that I can best feed my muscles. As with all protein bars the taste takes some getting used to. I have yet to find a bar that tastes as good as a regular chocolate bar. These bars aren't too bad though and are certainly one of the best tasting bars that I have had. They work well for me, I have one on all of my workout days and if my family are having pudding then I sometimes have a bar then.As specified in some of the other reviews they are really nice after a few seconds in the microwave.As part of a calorie and carb controlled diet with regular exercise I have lost weight whilst incorporating the bars as part of my diet. I recommend these bars for many purposes aswell as being really good at making you feel that you aren't missing out.
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I never ever write reviews, but genuinely think this was needed. After reading some of the comments I thought narh im not going to get them, I'm not going to buy them because some people said they had a bad experience in terms of not getting the right amount or them being as though they were out of date. After a week of pondering and thinking of whether I should purchase them, I finally decided to. BEST DECISION EVERRR. I received my parcel earlier on today! As soon as I got it I took a bite and could not stop smiling, I then popped it in the microwave for thirty seconds, OMG it was amazing. Now we need to understand, there's never going to be a protein product that tastes exactly like a cookie,because a cookie os something that's made of processed and refined sugars. The bar does taste like a protein bar, but it does also resemble a cookie. I am so happy and satisfied with this product and it's packaging. Absolutely amazing and it made my day!!!!!!!!! Thankyou fly eagle for my product:)
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Premium protein bar with a slight synthetic aftertaste.. not too bad though and reasonably moist which I wasn't expecting as previous protein bars I have tried have been tough as nails. I have so far only tried this flavour and to be honest it is a great bar but it would not be my primary bar/snack as I found it too filling and prefer light snack bars such as Protein works Brownie or Bounce Energy Ball (Almond).The Amazon price is great but if you want to try before you buy then pop over to Holland & Barratt (H&B) for a "buy one get one half price offer" to try a couple of bars before you commit to a multi-pack order.Bearing in mind the Amazon price is still cheaper than the H&B promotion for 12 bars!!!The macros are very good and it is a very good substitute for Grenade bars which have gelatine hydrolysate (animal sourced) which I couldn't palate :) Should Grenade provide a veg approved bar then I'll definitely give it a go..
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I have been looking around for a snack that I could consume without the guilt, especially as I'm on a strict diet. I generally struggle as I have a sweet tooth and always craving cakes, sweets and chocolate. I bought this particular flavour as I have heard positive reviews compared to the other quest bars available.They arrived in a cardboard display quest box so stored well in the cupboard. I found them to be quite chewy although I saw this as a good thing as I ate slower, I couldn't eat a whole bar to be honest as they are rather filling. The best way to eat these were heated up in the microwave and served warm. Make sure you don't leave them in long otherwise they turn into a sticky lump,put them on for 10 secs take out and go from there.These still have that protein aftertaste but at the end of the day that's still what they are, I would recommend for people looking for a high protein snack
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Delicious! My third time ordering quest bars, I'm trying to get through all of the flavours. I've so far tried the chocolate brownie and the Oreo flavours, both of which were delicious but this one is a whole new level of yum! The chocolate chips taste like real chocolate and the texture is not to hard but just chewy enough to make it last a long time.The only thing that I can fault is that I've heard that the company that produces these are being sued for not being honest about the nutritional information in the bars. It reads on the packaging that they have only 1g sugar per bar but apparently it's been claimed that this is false information and that there is actually a lot more than that.Given that they are so delicious for their 180 calories, this wouldn't surprise me. I did a bit of research online about it and I'm still unsure as to whether or not this is true.
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Something strange usually happens whenever you add protein powder into a food. You get one of three inevitable outcomes:1. As chewy as Han Solo's wingman2. As dry as a camels nose3. As tasteless as a joke about a deceased relativeHowever, Quest have managed to make a protein bar that isn't only cake-like, but also tastes amazing.Granted, being a protein bar, it is still a little bit dry. However it's not as bad as many others I've tried, and it doesn't have that overly chewy texture either. Needless to say, the taste is just sensational.On top of that, it has favourable macros! That great taste doesn't come at a price (like it does in many other bars),so you don't have to worry about overshooting your macros whilst enjoying one.All things being considered, the best tasting and best textured protein bar I've yet tried. Will buy (and eat) again and again.
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