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Got this smaller packet of pea powder to try before I invested in a big one seeing mixed reviews here. Delivery was good and fast, the powder doesnt have a measuring spoon so i used 2 teaspoons for it to be 10gram i. e one serving(i may be wrong with measurements) . the powder mixes well with water, for those wanting to use this as shake dont expect sweet tasting liquid ur used to having. it doesnt have flavourings or sweetner i. e is clean pure protein powder. i find dairy protein i. e whey etc hard to digest so gave this a try plus its supper low carb so double bonus over whey. i havent had bloat or other digestive problems following consumption of this powder(yay).it does have a slight smell and taste..i feel its better if used in soups or savoury things rather than shakes post workout perhaps adding half a banana or so might help.
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I was recommended this brand as an easy way to get protein into my diet. I was also drawn to it because its was described as "tasteless" in many of the reviews. Well after putting 1tsp in a 600ml fruit and veg smoothie I can definitely taste it. It's not an over powering taste but it has a definite blandness which takes away from the taste of the fruit and veggies in my smoothie. I will say in its defence that it does mix easily into the smoothie. However I'm not to be put off by the taste, in future I will only add it to smoothies where I use ingredients like ginger, as that will help to mask the taste of the powder. I'll probably use it most by adding it to savoury products like soups and stews where its less likely to be detected when eating it.Can't comment on the health benefits just yet as I have only just started using it.
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After 6 months + of trying different protein supplements, I can confirm this one does not give me any kind of stomach discomfort or smelly farts.Over the last 6 months i become lactose intolerant and have struggled so much to find a protein i can drink, after months of surfing body building forums trying out all recommendations, this one is my savior. It may not have as much protein and all that other important stuff like the other protein shakes but I'm happy i can drink something!The taste is very plain so it can easily be added to any kind of food (the packet suggests soup), the only downside to this product is it come with no spoon and if you use it in a shaker is gets VERY frothy.These are two very small things i can live with, I CAN DRINK PROTEIN AGAIN!
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I love this product, specially the fact that it's just pea protein and nothing else.I recently started my journey from being vegetarian to vegan, and this is a convenient way to top up the proteins of my dishes. I add it to soups, stews, curries, etc. It makes them thicker too, so it can be used as corn flour substitute.It's true that it has a strong pea taste, so I wouldn't use it for shakes, smoothies, sweet recipes, or as only source of protein in a dish, but for example with one tablespoon/portion of soup I can't taste the pea flavor.I like it so much I have set up a subscription.


Pulsin Natural Pea Protein has helped me improve the way I work out and the way I look and feel. I've tried other protein powders, bars and drinks but they have all left a terrible taste in the mouth and cramp in the stomach. The Pea Protein has a pleasant taste and mixes well with most fruit jucies. It is also very easy to digest and I have not experienced any uncomfortable side effects while using it. Also I have began to see some very pleasing definition and a noted increase in strength, making my workouts easier and more of a pleasure as opposed to a task! Well worth the purchase.


Excellent protein content, soft, smooth, powdery texture. I add this to my porridge in the morning with a bit of Agave nectar to disguise the taste, as well as milled linseed/flaxseed, sunflower, sesame & pumpkin seeds & goji berries. Bear in mind that this is not a product purchased for taste, rather a vegan nutritional supplement to provide additional protein to one's diet, so don't expect it to taste great on its own or in water - it needs to be disguised in something with flavour. The bag is re-sealable, which is useful. Great quality product & quickly delivered by Amazon UK.


For those who fault the taste I suggest trying the hemp powder. By comparison this is liquid manna. That said, I’m not abandoning my award-winning method just yet:1. Hold your breath2. Neck it3. Close your eyes and think of England.I’m a competitive cyclist and don’t go mad with this, only taking it after a ride. I’ve used the hemp and am not trying to bulk up, just get some protein back in the system after training. This does the job.


Great way of getting extra protein into savoury things such as soups or stews. Mixes easily without forming lumps (haven't tried adding it to cold foods) and is very easily digested. Tastes a little of pea soup, but then it's made from - peas! Don't think I would choose this for fruit based smoothies but there are plenty of other protein choices. Seems good quality, so my only bugbear is that it's not organic, at least according to the pack.


Hello,I have first tried this product couple of years ago. At the beginning it felt a bit strange... but you get used to it very quickly. I add it to my smoothies or to my overnight oats. It is a great source of protein that doesn't have anything nasty add to it.I totally recommend this product!!!!! If you want a vegan protein that is not soy, gluten-free and doesn't have anything added ... This is for you !!!!


As regards the taste, any good quality protein powder does not taste good, If you want sweet (aspartame or other) strawberry or chocolate shake look elsewhere.No nasty side effects like with whey protein (cramps & bloating)The highest protein and lowest carb powder ive found.Mixes really well in shaker or blender.My fave apple, water, natural yougurt, cinnamon, bit of stevia to sweeten whizzed in a blender.


I was going to by a different protein powder, but the other one I was thinking about warned about a birth defect causing ingredient, so I opted for this one. At about 30kcal per tablespoon it gives a great amount of flavourless protein which you can add to pretty much any smoothie, soup or sauce you make. So now, every time my mum sighs about me not getting enough protein, BAM- I just break out this baby.


I disagree with the other two reviewers regarding the taste. Please don't be under allusions, it's disgusting. The taste isn't as strong as natural hemp protein, which is akin to drinking a glass of mud, but isn't a million miles away.On the plus side it is a high source of protein and ideal for anyone who doesn't want to use whey. I think the benefits outweigh the taste.


This is fab! I tend to use it more in savoury meals as it has quite a savory taste, but would probably be fine in smoothies etc as well. I usually blend into sauces, curries, soups etc to add a little more protein. Not a complete amino acid so you may want to pair with ie brown rice in your meal (or brown rice protein powder) to ensure you get your complete amino acids :)


Bought to use on a smoothie/blending diet plan. This is my first time adding any kind of protein powder to smoothies, so can't say how it compares to others. I am using 1 tbsp per smoothie and cannot tell that it has an effect on the texture compared to leaving it out, nor does it seem to have an effect on the taste. I will buy more of this when the pack runs out.


I really love this. Im trying to eat more protein, so I now include this in small quantities and hemp powder in larger quantities in my homemade vegan bread and raw chocolate.The taste is very mild and slightly pea like. It barely smells of anything. So i dont understand other people saying It tastes bad. If you are a vegan/ raw vegan, i highly recommend It.
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