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I have never been comfortable with propane or kerosene lanterns during a power outage. Being in fire safety for 40 years i know that some house fires are caused by open flame lighting sources particularly candles. The Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp is a safe alternative for short term emergency lighting. These little lights do a great job. Love the dimming and red light features. I have since bought 2 of them. Only one comment. It would be good if there would be a low battery feature. Just an idea for Princeton Tec to consider. I have another brand of headlamp and they have incorporated it into their product. Until then you just have to sense that the light is not as bright as it once was.Good investment for emergency purposes.
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What is not to love about this light. Durable quality with both red and white led light (not at the same time) and a locking switch to prevent it from turning on in your pack or storage. Battery compartment closes solidly and the light collapses for easy packing. The feet are fabulous in that you can hang it from a line or position it in a number of different ways. My favorite feature is that it glows in the dark--you can charge it for a few seconds and have enough of a glow for basic functions in the dark and it is super easy to find too. I'm a real Princeton Tec fan and this one is no exception to what I've grow to love about their lights.


For starters shipping was lightening fast arriving two days ahead of the estimate at time of purchase. The light is exactly what I wanted and is actually more robust then I expected. Puts out great light for a small package. I like that it has red or white light, and the swipe feature allowing to select the setting works nicely. Ive never been let down by any Princeton Tec product, and this will be a nice addition to my camping gear or as an emergency light source


been using one of these lights for 3years now, bought this one as a back up, i go to kruger park in sa this light is great at the chalets/campsites, the red light function excellent for keeping the bugs away whilst letting you see and helps with your night vision, the white light great, the fact you can dim it down good, very useful, lots of different options for hanging it up, or tying to a wood log to shine down etc, get one, you won,t regret it.


This thing is awesome! It can be used in so many ways; it can stand on legs or not, it can hang with the included rubbery strap, it can have red or white light...and it's glow in the dark! It really compacts when you collapse the legs and the helix part. I am buying this for most everyone on my list. Can't speak to longevity yet because I just got it, but if I have a problem I'll definitely revisit my review. Love it!


This lantern replaced a 10+ year old lantern that took 4 D cell batteries. Needless to say the helix is a lot lighter, brighter and smaller. I really like all the modes it offers and the white or red lighting it provides. Having the dim mode for the red or white light lets you choose how much or little light you want or need. I would definitely buy this or any Princeton Tec product again.


Super bright and everything, but I have trouble opening it from the compressed position. It feels like you really need to crank it, which is kinda scary to do. Also, the rubber part that compresses is glow-in-the-dark. First time I tested it I spent a while wondering how to turn it off all the way as it appeared to be on in a mysterious green mode. Haha.


I'll be honest, i ordered this because it looks like a spicy boi from titanfall 2. The being said, I also do a bit of camping, and the fact it collapses down to save space is a big plus. Not the brightest light, but I've had it clipped to my pack as a lantern a few times and it's helped the people behind me keep and eye on the trail underfoot.


The lamp was smaller than I expected, but that wasn't really based on anything other than my assumptions, and I actually prefer it as it packs down super small. It gives off great light, and is one of the few lamps I could find that is made in the USA, so actually do something to make America great again, and support domestic manufacturing!


I love this light. The light it casts is bright enough to see in a 2-3 person tent, but what I like is that it’s a soft white light that is easier to read by than most LED lanterns. Also love the red mode for avoiding waking my tent mates. Only problem is that it’s a bit on the heavy side. Wouldn’t take it backpacking, due to the weight.


I was extremely happy I got this. This replaced my made-in-China Coleman battery lantern that fell apart shortly after I got it. A lot of folk wondered about the lantern and were surprised it was made in the USA. It is very versatile and bright for having 3 small batteries.


Lasting quite a while on one set of batteries. Love the red, save your eyes feature that is bright and the dimmer feature works well. Glow in the dark rubber diffuser makes the light easier to find in a dark tent. Multiple ways to hang and seems of good quality materials.


Excellent product . Works really well on the hills or at home . A bit bulky to carry if on your own but if in a group or even 2 , why not ? I would suggest going for the rechargeable one over this one ( as it saves cash on batteries ) but is more expensive . Recommend ..


Princeton Tec is a good innovator in outdoor lighting. Every product they make is about how to make more effective lighting in the outdoors. They got creative with this unit and it works. I would have liked to see it put out more light, but its sufficient as it is.


Awesome little lantern. I purchased two of these. Lit a large cabin extremely well. If you are looking for a lightweight, packable, battery operated lantern, this would be a good choice.
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