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Absolutely delighted with this stove, which is well designed and of high quality. It is easy to set up and very stable.Gas is the simplest fuel to use, but priming liquid fuels is not that hard with practice. Kerosene (heating oil) is my favourite so far; very cheap, less volatile than unleaded, and burns with a fierce heat once primed. And I have 1000 litres of it in my tank! Didn't get on so well with unleaded; maybe more practice needed. I'll update this review as I try out more fuels.I haven't done any timed boiling tests as there are too many variables, but the stove has a high output and boils water quickly.I particularly like the second control valve on the side of the stove; this is easy to operate and makes it possible to turn down the heat for simmering.Cleaning and changing the jets is easy enough with the tool provided, once you unscrew the burner cup. My only gripe here is storage of the spare jets - these are tiny and I would imagine that it would be all too easy to lose them when camping. My solution was to make a holder out of a strip of soft plastic, drilled with 6.5mm holes, into which I threaded the spare jets. I store the jets, multitool, silicone grease and a lighter in a small zipped neoprene bag.The storage bag provided is of high quality but is a bit cumbersome for backpacking, especially if you want to store the stove inside a small cooking pot. The dimensions of the stove when folded are approximately 93mm x 113mm.Highly recommended.
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I've been using this stove now,for some time.It's paying for itself.Been running it on unleaded.Burns better on the cheaper unleaded n all.Costing me nothing to run.I make sure,I clean the jet in between uses.It's compactable,tough,contollable.If you wanna see it in use.Go to kilburnicus on utube.You will see it there.Havn't been bothering,with the tagging and what have ya.So,I wouldn't imagine it would pop up on a search.Low profile,that's me.Because.That's where it's at.


I have used the heavier version the omnifuel. This is significantly lighter and still has the same functionality. They are great multi-fuel stoves but are very expensive. The omnilite is very thin and not as durable as omnifuel so if you don't need to save the weight get the omnifuel. Great Primus quality


Reliable, lightweight, economical stove. Used it in five or six campaigns, no complaints! A liter of water at home boiled for 3m: 30s. Maintenance comes down to cleaning the nozzle and that’s it. Thanks to the store for an incredibly low price!


I had the stove on a multi-month bicycle tour with and must say, simply great, practical and always run the part. Water boiled very quickly and also very wind resistant. From now on faithful companion for the great hunger


An excellent burner! With great pleasure and without problems. Only thing is the noise that makes the burner, but that can be solved with the silencer (unfortunately expensive option)


Came with an omnifuel storage bag instead of omnilite ti bag?Too much hassle to rectify,so check your contents are what they should be when you get it!


This is a very light and compact stove, indeed. It works very stable and consumes considerably less fuel than other (previous) models of Primus.


Uzun zamandır araştırdığım bir üründü, kısmen uygun fiyatla başarılı bir alışveriş oldu. Tek eleştirebileceğim konu teslimat süresi olabilir.


This is a great stove well made, great packaging and it’s made even more awesome if your get the widget to make it burn a little quieter.


I love it - looks like a good quality product (haven't actually used it yet) - one star deducted because of the high price


Fantastic stove bit noisy but boils water in no time .And burns almost anything.Only negative thing is the price .


Good cooker: Light and versatile. Very powerful, one of the best cookers on the market.


Great stove and price fast shipping and a pleasure to buy from many thanks.


Neat and very versatile stove for when I'm out cycling in winter.
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