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I bought this stove to replace an MSR multifuel. The reason being that this stove will also operate with standard screw on gas canisters. The stove is used mainly for motorcycle touring and I use gas for convenience but the ability to use petrol from the bike's tank if I run out of gas is a big plus. This is especially useful in mainland Europe as the gas cylinders we find eveywhere in UK can be hard to find. The stove has been used on a number of trips using both gas and petrol and I have been very happy with the results.The manufacturing quality is very good with all parts withstanding rough use on campsites. It is easy to maintain using the supplied tool and it only takes a few seconds to swap between the jets needed for different fuels (all provided).The complete kit, including fuel bottle fit into the provided bag which has separate compartments for tools and jets making them easier to find. Maintenance is very easy as well as the stove does not have a conventional burner. The heat comes from a ball of flame that burns in an open cup in the centre of the stove. Sounds odd but works really well.One of the features I really like is the ease of reducing pressure after use. The pick up tube inside the fuel bottle is angled to the bottom corner so it always stays under the fuel level when the bottle is laid down. That's the same as other stoves but the clever bit is that the hose connection can rotate while in use so the bottle can easily be turned over so the pick up tube is at the top of the bottle when it is laid down. Turning the bottle over while it's alight moves the tube from bottom to top and burns off all the vaporised fuel and lowers the pressure in the bottle. The only very small downside of this stove is that flat out on petrol it sounds like a 747 taking off.
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Just got this today and I'm super impressed. First thing I noticed was how well-made it is. The quality of materials and the machining are really fantastic. Doesn't feel flimsy whatsoever. It's quite small but easily supports large, heavy pans without any problems, without worrying about them tipping. It was easy to set up and get going. The thing that impressed me the most was how great the temperature control is and how hot it can get. With many stoves it feels like they're either on or off because you can barely control the temperature. But with this, you can control the temperature even better than some kitchen hobs I've used. Perhaps what's even more impressive is that this Omnifuel Stove running on Coleman Fuel (petrol)is actually hotter on its hottest setting than my gas hob in my kitchen on its highest setting. It was able to boil 500ml of water in under 2 minutes and heat up a heavy pan to smoking hot in less than 1 minute. I was able to cook 3 thick rashers of bacon to crispy in about 2 and a half minutes. I'm very impressed and can't wait to use it in the field.
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Absolutely fantastic lifetime kitThe stainless steel build is bombproof and will without doubt last a lifetimeI've got through three Coleman sportsters over past twenty years, and although they are good stoves their build quality and performance can't match the omnifuel 2The pan support is big and doesn't rock around as the Coleman did, much saferThe simmer control is good but very criticalThis stove boiled a Litre of water in under two minutes in a strong wind so I'm impressedThe only thing I don't like is the stove has to be pre heated using white gas or petrol, this takes some practice to avoid a big sooty yellow flameI advise watching the primus how-to video on YouTubeAll in all aninvestmentVery pleased
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Bought to replace Trangia multi fuel burner which gave up the ghost after 2 and a half years. (This was branded Primus, no idea of model) Had to use the Trangia converter but this stove is much better. Boils quicker, has simmer control and does not "soot up". Only downside is that due to the simmer control it will not fit into the Trangia kettle when packing away, but does fit into the bag provided and costs about the same as the Trangia version. Win win situation. It is used for two days per week most weeks of the year.


This model has three advantages: - The preheating system is efficient, fast; - The flame power adjustment is good; - Everything is provided in a single purchase: the burner, the bottle, the windscreen, the transport bag, the different jets for different fuels, including gas. Used with purified gasoline, there is no soot under the pan at all. The burner is made of quality materials, well machined. It is certainly expensive, but compared to the American competitor model, it is another world!


Very pleased with this stove. Beautiful construction, flawless performance and although not the lightest of stoves, will certainly become a great travelling companion or even something to cook on at home. Highly recommended indeed!


perfect. fast delivery. 10/10 would buy again, were it not for the fact that these things hold for life




Product delivered on time, in perfect condition. Fully satisfied with product.


I can't fault this product. Really good bit of kit


Excellent stove!


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