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The Primus LiTech Trek is definitely a great hiking kettle. It is very light and, to my surprise, very easy to clean! I took it on a 3-day hike on the Shawnee National Forest where it served to boil water, heat up sauce, and cook pasta. On the trail I take a bit of coarse salt to do my cleaning, and the inside of it got cleaned up with minimum scrubbing (no matter if it was a bit of tomato sauce or burned spaghetti). We used it both on top of a pocket rocket (it fits perfectly) and placing it directly on the fire. When on the fire the outside of it got extremely burned to a point I thought my new kettle would gather some "personality marks" already,but as soon as I got back home I let it sit on soapy water for a few hours and that was it! Everything came right off and it looks like new again.The lid is convenient to sauté some small stuff or simply to use it to keep the spaghetti in the kettle while pouring the water out.As another reviewer pointed out, a cottage cheese or margarine container will fit in the kettle, providing a lightweight secondary container (or if you simply want to put something inside the kettle but want to avoid scratching the coating).All and all it is perfect for my needs: very lightweight, durable (I did drop it a few times), easy to clean, and Primus has more than a few accessories available for it. A great buy!
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this trek kettle is GREAT! my stove,fuel,bowl,sponge,fork and wind-guard all fit within the kettle.the top acts not only as a lid to the pot but also a great single serving frying pan, great for meats or eggs.there is a small pour spout on the kettle that acts as a great strainer when combined with the lid. there is only a small space for the water to escape so you wont have to worry about losing noodles when dumping your water.TRULY NON STICK! make sure you never use metal utensils as it with scratch the coating.*THE BADthe only reason i did not give this 5 stars is because the lid has nothing to hold in place. i plan on buying a small tie down strap to hold it all in place.so keep in mind that even though they include a bag you are going to want to secure the pot because the half mesh bag they include is of mediocre at best quality and i do not see it lasting longi will be using the bag for clothes or other light supplies that will not put stress on the seams of the bag.If they would have found a way to make the frying pan lid lock onto the kettle i would have given this product 5/5
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It's functional, performs its duty (for a small pot and pan) accordingly, and hasn't let me down yet. I'm back in school this semester and brought this with me--I use the pot to make soup mixes, pasta sides, rice, couscous, and oatmeal on the stove and the pan to cook eggs, bake cornbread, and muffin mixes in the toaster oven.You can use the pan as a lid for the pot. You can remove the handle on the pan and use as a bowl. It handles fire well. It handles baking well. I cook with it primarily on the original MSR Pocket Rocket. No problems with the non-stick surface. Really the only thing I can see people complaining about is the size, to which I say: buy a bigger set. I'm a small woman,this makes enough food for me. I hope to fry fresh-caught blue gills on this in the summer. Side of rice, maybe... Hot green tea... God, I wish winter was over.
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If you want a set of pans for camping, these are fantastic. Light weight too.Well built, going to last, and easy to clean too - ideal when the kids are on washing up duty!The non stick is the best I have seen. Scarily effective. Quite spooky really. Why can't all pans be this good?So why only 4 stars?Two reasons:1) the handle / grabber sratches the outsides of the pans where it grips them - not something I've ever seen on a trangia cooker, so the clearances need looking at2) you need to keep the little sleeves / plastic discs to protect the non stick when the pans and the handles are packed away again, not a major issue,but you can see these small items getting lost over time - or blowing away if not careful
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I always buy Primus for camping. The non-stick is tough and the products are thoughtfully designed. This pan set includes a lid which can be used on the pans but is too small to be used on the frying pan. I personally wouldn't use a lid on a frying pan but I know some people do like to use one so if you are one of these people I suggest you use a plate to cover it. As ever with Primus the design is spot on. The frying pan handle folds away under the plan for stowing and it locks in place at a comfortable angle when in use. The pan handle has rubber grips on it so the non-stick surface of pans you use it on do not get damaged when you are using it. All in all a top set of Primus products.


This cookset is light and durable, distributes heat well and is well balanced which is necessary as it's on the larger side. Both pots and the fry pan are non-stick and cleans up easily.I have used all three pieces and they can handle just about anything you throw at it. I have made pancakes, stir frys, and even stew on an alcohol burner. All delicious.Although it spreads the heat well, you may need to stir your food while cooking a little more often as it may burn in spots due to the thinner gauge of the metal used in order to keep the weight down.Perfect for camp cooking, or car camping but light enough for backpacking. They are 3-4 person size.


This is a nice little backpacking kettle. Ample size for a couple of people. The lid secures tightly and I can fit an MSR Pocket Rocket and large fuel canister / wind shield with ease. The non-stick coating works well and looks like it will last with good care. Whats neat is not having to deal with a separate pot holder or losing that device altogether.Powdered eggs cooked up nicely with some summer sausage mixed in using the lid / skillet. Delish. I plan to use the pot portion to boil a good portion of pasta and see how fast that is. I would recommend this to people not wanting to pay a very high premium for Titanium products.


This cook set is almost perfect. If you do your homework you should already know it is not the smallest or lightest cook set. BUT, for what it is, its almost perfect. I wish they would have a line to determine how much liquid is inside the pot, you have to measure first (i.e. nalgene bottle). I took it on a few trips backpacking in the Everglades this past winter. My fuel and stove fit inside and theres even room for conveinece items, extra matches, salt and pepper, hot sauce, etc. I just wish they would put measurements on the inside of the kettle.


Used for a week family camping holiday. Good pans, the non stick makes them very easy to clean. The two pans are big enough for good old spaghetti bolognaise for I would say 3 adults, you would struggle to cook enough for 4 hungry people. Plenty for us two adults and our 3 year old.Could do with another lid, one that fits on either of the pans or the frying pan somehow?When you stack them away for storage I'm paranoid about the bases scratching the non stick as they have ridges underneath, so I use a small square of cloth to go inbetween.


Have used it for several backpacking trips - it is light and easy to carry (with room inside for a small isopar fuel tank and burner. The "lid" which doubles as a small skillet doesn't seem to have any means to lock it to the pot during storage or carry, so I use a pair of rubber bands to keep it together in the provided mesh carry bag. I also put sheets of paper towel inside to protect the surface from scratching by the fuel can or burner - can use those while camping to clean up or just as padding.


This is a great little system. I recently purchased and used it for a weekend trip. There is plenty of room to fit a small mess kit and stove inside to make a compact kitchen. I was able to easily make a dinner for myself, and could have made a meal for 2 with this system. The non stick surface was great for pancakes in the morning with the little fry pan. I'm not too much of a weight weenie, but this seems to be pretty good combination of lightweight and affordable.I also purchased the


I purchased this along with the Primus coffee press. this is a great 2 person water boiler. goes well with my brunton raptor with or without the stove stand and windscreen. you can fit a large jetboil gas canister, brunton raptor, REI folding titanium spork and a tea/fire kit all inside comfortably. i suggest using a different stuff sack, the one included did not last very long. Still a 5 star kettle for price and weight and functionality.


Great for the solo hiker, preparer or as part of a larger kit.A solo stove (wood burning stove) in it's bag, or a small canister of fuel and a MSR Pocket Rocket fit in the large pot. perfectly, still leaving the lid for a few items.The large pot holds just under 4 cups of water. The fry-pan/lid barely holds one cup of water when filled to the brim.Nice little stuff sack to hold everything together.


This product pairs perfectly with the solo stove and solo alcohol burner. You'll see the same thing in many other reviews on these products. The only thing I would have liked is if the top and bottom pot & pan would lock together when closed not in use. The carrying case is a little flimsy as well. I use a crown royal bag because I'm cool. As far as the stove itself, it's durable and works great!


I bought this because I thought it would be a good deal with the kit and the coffee press together. Well, it does NOT come with the frying pan lid. Amazon was great about returning it though, so I will be buying the pot/frying pan and coffee press seperatly. I would give 5 stars because I do think this is a quality product, but the description could be more helpful, so I took off 1 star.
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