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Addnature has 3 customer reviews and the average score is 4.7. Go to this seller.
Amazon has 27 customer reviews and the average score is 3.7. Go to this seller.
Ebay has 3 customer reviews and the average score is 5. Go to this seller.
Trekkinn has 4 customer reviews and the average score is 4. Go to this seller.

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It is not often that a product impresses me. I was surprised that the packaging is marked made in Sweden. It is a substantial valve. It fits my Coleman brand OD butane/ propane canister very well. It also fits the Snow Peak CB to OD canister adapter as well. No leakage as of yet and the needle portion handles the internal spring without deflection.One star off for not having the lanyard, ring, or even a hole for a ring. The knurling could be a little deeper to help grip.Overall a good value to use that last little bit of butane that my Snow Peak GigaPower stove doesn't like to use and for refillable butane lighters.
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It works and will fill quite a lot of refillable devices but it can be difficult to know whether it has done the job or not if there is no visible check on the thing to be filled. I have a couple of gas burner lighters that it doesn't like. The adapter needs to be screwed to the container very tightly, otherwise it doesn't open the container valve. But it works: not sure it is value for money but that's why it got 4 stars


I got this from Ebay:"butane nozzle adapter for screw type gas stove between gas canister and burner"[...]Item number: 150776712964Ebay seller: konextJust got it and works great.It adapts the GasOne canister to Lindal screw valve that this screws onto.Screw this adapter onto the Ebay adapter and refill your lighters etc.


This little item is super handy if you use a pressurized butane lighter in the woods. It allows the small canisters used for your light weight stove to fill your lighter. No need to carry the smaller more expensive lighter fuel containers.


Super, I have a Primus Sturfeuerzeug added. First is this is the first which is my expectations is fair and I can fill with this primus filling adapter (Has my girlfriend gift) without problems it to my Kochkatusche ...... Top ** ***


My local wal mart only stocks the large fuel canisters that dont "nest" inside my cook kit....i use this to refill my small fuel canisters before backpacking trips. It works great...


I'm not sure why this cost the amount that it did, but it allows me to fill my kitchen blowtorch with those leftover bottles of camping isobutane that I have lying around the house.


I have this adapter for a few months and must say, the purchase was worth it. So I can refill my Jet Flame Lighters cost-effectively. I can recommend this adapter to everyone.


Funciona perfecto. Es de buena calidad.Es igual al de la imagen. Es un modelo anterior que no incluye el cordel para tomarlo que trae el modelo nuevo.


I purchased this to fill the butane tank on a live steam train engine.This allows me much more time to run at a cheaper cost.
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