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This is an excellent camping stove, very stable and lightweight for a hose mounted stove, it has a pre-heat coil which means that the gas is pre-heated before leaving the jet. The pre-heat tube makes the stove perform better in cold weather and although the stove is not specifically designed to use inverted gas canisters it is possible to do so on stoves with a pre-heat tube. You can also buy an upgrade kit to allow the stove to be used with white spirit/petrol and kerosene. I have used the stove with white spirit and tried it with kerosene. It works well with both but perhaps slightly better on white spirit. Liquid fuels are better at very low temperatures although it is more difficult to get a simmering flame with liquid fuels on stoves without a regulator at the jet end.The pot support works well and will accept slightly narrower pots than older models, I also have a 2012 version which is still going strong. The stove is very good quality as you would expect from Primus.,
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The best bit of kit I got. Very sturdy, very well made, just what you would expect from Primus.


A smart, lightweight, multi-purpose camping stove. High quality familiar brand.
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