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Haven't had the trial by fire yet, but was a little disappointed to see that only the frying pan has the aluminum core. Looking back at the ad, it does technically only say the pan is clad, it's just sort of left out that the rest isn't... Maybe that's on me. The rest of the set is a little on the thin side, and it'll be interesting to see how they hold up to use. The carry bag is higher quality than expected. The leather tabs on all the handles are just dumb though... Leather is essentially an organic sponge, and there's no way at all to wash anything in any way (especially with all the metabolizable food that would obviously be involved) without creating a nasty, stinky,useless little tab so they could put the brand name in just that one additional location... Cut them all off within minutes of opening. Sometimes it's a good idea to let the engineers check the designers' work...
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Almost too sweet to use them. This set is really nice, really well built and well thought out. This is replacing an MSR Alpine set I had. Nothing wrong with MSR just wanted to try something different.The only knock on the set is the bag. It feels like an afterthought, to an otherwise outstanding set, that will no doubt last several years, if not decade.


I was looking for a durable, quality camp cookset and this fit the bill. Build quality is very good. Heavy gauge stainless steel make it a bit heavy for longer hikes, but I'm not hiking so no worries there. I was worried about other cheaper cooksets and the metals/chemicals they may leach into the foods, but no worries here either. Haven't had any issues.


I have given this a 5* rating because it is an excellent piece of equipment it arrived in excellent condition and its lovely also it was the XL size. It is being returned though because the XL size still doesn't mean it was as big as I thought for me. That doesn't change the fact that this item is really good and would be perfect for other people.


This is a pretty fantastic set, well made, and heavy duty. I love how the handles all fold in, it all stacks so compactly, and the lids double as strainers. We bought this for camping and traveling across the country in our VW bus and we don't have a lot of extra room. For just the two of us they are great sizes for everyday use.


I just got it and have not used it yet, but it looks really nice. All very compact and not too heavy. I selected the small because only the large pot is larger in the large set. This will work for me during car camping for 2 to 3 people. I'll provide an update after using it next week!


Over all good quality materials used, but i felt the execution was poor on finished items, primus signs not square to pan/handle and one of the tabs was poorly fitted, shame as its all there(nearly) materials/design! All good just lacking a bit on the manufacture....


We looked at cabelas and found this same product for $40 more. So this saved us a bunch! I was worried it might be a little different than the “small” set we saw in store, but it was just what we hoped for. Seems really durable and good quality.


Very happy with this. Should last forever. And I am delighted to find that the GSI stainless kettle nests perfectly inside the inside pot on the large size set. Like it was made for it!


I wanted this set for a while but the price for a little high in outdoors store's amazon had the best price. My only regret I tough the large good for family it's still pretty small.


I love how compact and durable this set is. Not ultralight but fairly lightweight and beautifully designed. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good car camping set


Great set. Not cheap and flimsy like most. Not recommended for long hikes, but great for camping. Wish the lids doubled as plates. And wish the 3l pan lid fit the fry pan too.


This is the perfect set for our family of four. It is big enough, but small enough to take camping (without lugging your whole kitchen). very nice quality stainless steel.


Quality pots, though a tad expensive. I like the strainer lids. The frying pan handle comes off, and I use it a lot as a plate.


An excellently packaged product.Robust with a quality feel to it.This should last a while.
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