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We bought the Tim XL chair as an accompaniment to the Ava sun lounger from the same range. The design is great and it's so lovely to have a seamless finish across all products. First impressions are that it's a big chair! This is not your standard foldable chair! It is a little on the heavier side for a camp chair but the carry case with long strap makes it a breeze to carry down to your pitch / back to the car. It unfolds like a dream, smooth and not stiff at all. It's wide, high backed and sturdy. It would make it comfortable for all day fishing trips too, without causing any numbness!The high back is a real game changer, it just brings an extra comfort to the outdoor adventure.Sadly it doesn't have a cup holder in the arm which i thought was pretty standard in camping chairs and would make a great camping chair into a perfect one in this instance! The fabric seems to be waterproof which would be great for any mishaps or spills and it’s thickly padded which only adds to the comfort. Overall it’s a strong four out of five stars and could so easily be upgraded to a five star product by adding a cup holder in the arm or on the side. Maybe if they made it recline ever so slightly it would be the absolute cherry on top! I would recommend this chair to any body, even if you just want something comfortable in the garden that folds away neatly and easily!
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I brought this as a present for the boyfriend to watch the air show in! He’s a tall lad at 6.ft 5 so I wanted a chair that didn’t make it look like he had stolen it from a child! This one fit the bill perfectly! It is so comfy and very sturdy! The padding makes it feel like you’re in an armchair not a camping chair. There is enough room on it that you don’t feel squished or like the chair is folding in on you. There were no complaints from him the whole weekend!It’s a little heavy to carry for long distances but at least once you’d set up camp it would more than make up for it! The carry bag does help making it more mobile and means you could tie it to your ruck sack or just keep it more compactwhile carrying it around.The chair seems to be made of a waterproof material and is double lined! The construction on the folding mechanism seems strong and water resistant but may need occasional oiling to make sure it stays tip top. The neck support is always helpful especially after looking up at planes all day. The only thing I would add would be a cup holder but nothings perfect and with the arm rests being quite wide as well as adjustable, it’s not the end of the world and you can comfortably rest your arms. Would recommend to anyone whose looking for a luxury camping chair.9.8 out of 10
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I brought this chair for my dad, he goes on numerous camping trips during the summer. Although a little on the heavy side(but not much more than a standard camping chair) and obviously a bit bigger than usual this chair is definitely the most comfortable folding chair for camping he has tried. It has double layer of fabric with padding. And I reckon it will get even more comfortable once it is worn in and the fabric has relaxed and softened. Its got a nice height on it too, unlike usual folding camping chairs so you can rest your head back as well. The arm rests are adjustable- they slide up and down the pole so you can choose the height according to you.It comes in a draw string bag which fits the chair well when folded so you can carry it on your shoulder if needed. Being a large chair it is definitely enough room, my dad didn't feel squashed like he usually does in a camping chair. This chair is perfect for longer camping trips, days out or even just for the garden if your lacking on storage space.
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This chair is extremely comfortable even with my bad back! The most important thing when camping for long periods is making sure you have a good chair. The chair is padded all over and doesn't sink down when you sit in it making it easy to get out of. The chair is worth every penny and I am so glad with my purchase I am planning on buying another.
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