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I am working from during the Corona lockdown. So far I have been managing indoors but as we creep closer to July and August I suspect it's going to be very comfortable working at home and I will miss my air conditioned environment. I therefore wanted to start setting up outside. I needed a strong, reliable table to support my laptop and probably a second screen. It also had to be portable so I could move to any part of the garden depending on the wind, shade, loud neighbors, glare on the laptop screen etc. I don't want to be rooted to one place or have to go through an ordeal each time I set up somewhere.The table is very portable.I can put it up or take it down in about minute and a half.It has a handle on it for easy carrying when folded up.I like the dark grey classy look. It works well with an optical mouse. It would look fine indoors and the colour would hide any marks, scratches or stains that will no doubt build up over time.The table can be set at one of two heights.The taller height is needed to sit at it with a laptop.It is sturdy and comfortably takes the weight of a laptop and second screen.It does not have a hole for a parasol but I knew that I would buy one separately.I wanted a portable combination and a separate base and parasol would be much easier to move about than apicnic table or larger patio set.It's not a cheap item but you get what you pay for and it does everything I want it to do.I recommend it.
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I purchased two of these to make a quick office due to time pressures as they would arrive faster than the eventual permanent desks.They were fine to work on (working on a floor, or a desk made of cardboard boxes is not fun) but have a maximum weight of 25kg which wasn't a problem. They aren't super study but I didn't have wobble problems once it had a laptop etc on it.Since then I now use these as quick transportable pop up desks around the home, like if I'm working in the garden, or need some desk-space in the garage for a project.If you're just leaning on it, using a laptop, painting on it, or using it as a champing point table it's fine. Don't use it for really heavy stuff however (no car engines)as it's just a lightweight camping table.
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this product was ordered for a work table for my wife to do sewing and the likes on she is very pleased with it and would like to say it is a very strong table that takes the weight of her sewing machine could not be more pleased would highly recommend any one looking for table,


It's easy for a woman to move around, I experienced lift brokendown on the day I received it, I managed to move it to 8th floor by stairs. Good quality so far, most of time very stable when using a laptop on it.


Very nice useful table both for indoor and outdoor use. Once folded takes very little room. Have found it extremely useful.


Great table folds down nicely but would have been better with a cover for the price!


Great colour, easy to put up and very sturdy. Looks good too. A great purchase.


OK, but not quite as sturdy as I was expecting


Quick delivery very good value for money.


Fast delivery sturdy table well pleases


A bit flimsy but otherwise great.


Good product
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