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Last year I bought a folding camping chair from a supermarket, which was big, cheap and comfortable. In reality, it was bigger and heavier than I needed, and it didn’t even last until the end of the summer before the frame broke and I was left with an unusable chair.This year I decided to buy something lighter and stronger, and found the Portal Outdoor Malta. It’s not cheap, but I bought it because of the size and the weight. Folded up, this chair weighs just over one kilogram, and fits into a tiny 12cm x 12cm x 34cm bag. It takes about 30 seconds to assemble, and is very comfortable not only for adults, but also for children as it has quite a small seat.The leg sections are all held together with elastic,so to assemble the chair, you just push the legs together and into the frame. Once that’s done, you fit the seat. Super simple and you can’t go wrong.I was going to leave this seat in the car, but have just strapped it to my rucksack. It’s so light I don’t notice the weight, and it’s great to have a comfortable chair with me during long walks. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a small lightweight, strong outdoor chair.
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I brought this chair for a one night camping trip for myself, we didn't have much space in the car so was perfectly compact to take with limited space available. The chair comes in very small bag and is easy to carry around-very light weight, it would be perfect for a day trip. (The box it came in was small too so there was no waisted space and you could keep it for storage. It is easy to assemble with poles that slot into each other and then the canvas material slots onto the corners of the frame, the last pole was a little tricky to slot into the last canvas pocket but this meant the canvas material would not slip out once assembled!It Was comfortable enough to sit on for the evening and felt nice and supportive on my back considering it is in a slouched position. It was pretty sturdy and didn’t feel like you were going to fall over whilst sitting in it. All well made and really nice print on the chair- nice and modern. Overall it is a good quality light weight, compact and portable chair perfect for a day trip like a picnic or to the beach or even a short camping trip.
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Nice looking chair, great as an extra in the garden. Heavier than i thought it would be, originally bought it for my elderly mum, too heavy for her to carry into her garden as she lives in a first floor flat. We liked it so decided to keep it.


Great product! It is light to carry and just the right size for comfort. Very easy to set up but takes a few minutes. The frame and fabric seem very strong and well made. I recommend it, I'm very happy with mine.


I love my camping chair it’s lovely to sit in so comfy


Very pleased ticks all the boxes
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