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I bought a couple of these after seeing a friend with a similar product. Fed up of lugging our heavy camping seats around with us (yes, the ubiquitous fabric/metal chair that break after a few uses), I was really interested to see how much more compact the design could be whilst still functioning as a chair.This item was a little cheaper than my friend's, so initially I had some reservations about the quality of the product that would arrive. Upon opening, however, I was relieved to find that the materials used looked to be of really high quality, the frame had a nice finish and everything fit together well. The cloth, too, looks to be very durable and I expect it will long outlive that of our previous chairs.Comfort-wise,it's not really comparable to a higher camping chair. It's unquestionably better for "sitting around" and, if you're drinking, it's conveniently close to the ground when you fall off. But on the downside, it's a little harder to get up out of, so maybe less preferable for an older user, and you probably wouldn't want to eat your dinner from it...The moment it really shined, though, was at a recent festival we went to. Watching a band in the early afternoon from the back of the crowd, my girlfriend and I were able to get these out of my bag and set them up in a few moments, providing us with an extremely comforatble viewing spot while our friends stood or sat on the picnic rug.In summary, I miss having my dinner at the table(!) but that's a worthwhile sacrifice for having less to carry and for being able to fit a couple of comfy seats into a rucksack.
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Bought this chair to try it out since I have a trip planned for camping in Scotland with my family and friends, I have already tested its quality, and I loved it! I needed something that wouldn't occupy much space once folded and it has been just what I was looking for.What I most like is that it is going to let me relax both in the countryside and on the beach. I have decided to buy 2 more for my husband and son since I have loved how comfortable it is and I have already recommended it to my friends also with those who we will be making the trip in few weeks.The Chair is very good quality, very comfortable, great finishes, resistant, ideal for a pleasant time, weighs very little and closes type umbrellas,occupying very little space. It is super useful for camping, going to the beach or even for the backyard of the house, it is more of a chair to relax because for eating are not ideal, it turned out to be a little lower than I expected, but still so very comfortable and spacious. It comes with a waterproof packaging, very resistant, which has meant an added value and you can hang it on your shoulder like a normal backpack.I find the price very affordable as the material looks durable and of very good qualityJust great, at least for the use that I want to give to it, which is relaxing.Thanks to its size and height it is also perfect to sit around a bonfire.Expectations more than fulfilled!
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I got my hands on this chair today.So I went straight away outside to the park and try this, the sun was out and it was the end of the week..nothing better.This Item revealed itself to be extremely good.. to be honest when I saw the picture online I though it look good, but how good?Now after testing it I can say, It looks very good and it is extremely comfortable and easy to use.This came on a very safe and strong packaging box, I would say very appropriate for the size and weight of the item. It was delivered in time and in good condition.This Chair is perfect for sitting down on the beach /Forest.. to be honest anywhere.. and its has a fantastic carrier bag, that makes the transport very comfortable and easy.Resuming,believe me this product is worth every pound you spend, so there fore I strongly advise to buy it.Thank you Portal for the excellent product.
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Amy Chair is lightweight and in it's carry bag is easy to take with you wherever needed. My previous versions of these type of chairs had a much cheaper feeling to the arm rest area and this one has a soft touch type of material which gives the impression of quality. I got this low chair mainly for the beach and I'm pretty sure when seated in front of a portable BBQ watching the sun go down it will be perfect. I gave it 4 stars as when I first get it out and unfold it the material stays with all the crease marks until I've sat in it a while, I know it's not a big deal but it would look better if it was crease free quickly.Overall though it really is worth the money and with a bit of looking after will last me a fair few sunsets...
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Most comfortable chair ever. Just love it. Its amazing and I wouldnt hesitate recommending it. I took it camping and enjoyed many hrs in in drinking tea, star gazing and even sleeping. Its the best design. Very stury. A little heavier but its a great piece of kit.Unfortunately mine arrived with dirt on the orange webbing. Front and back. I had no option of return as I needed it for trip. No time to return or recieve new one. I was dissapointed that I couldnt relay this issue of grubby new chair to company. Im sure its a one off as I ordererd a 2nd one as a gift and it was perfect! Shame you cant give feed back even though you are firced to keep due to immediate camping trip.


A bit pricey but seems like really good quality, looks nice and very comfortable. Not the lightest, but not ridiculously heavy either, probably about the same as my computer backpack, and it doesn’t matter to me anyway as I am not planning to carry it for miles. I am actually going to buy two more of these before they sell out.


These are comfortable, robust, well made, excellent chairs and have a high enough back to lean your head against when relaxing. Easy to put up & fold down & get into its carry bag.Heavy than expected which was disappointing, but still not too heavy to carry to beach & back with all the other beach things!


Comfortable and sturdy. Great for camping and beach. Folds neatly into a bag with shoulder strap and doesn’t take too much room in car’s boot.I know there are cheaper options, but for a few £ more you will get a good quality item that will last and serve you well.


I purchased two Amy chairs for our beach holiday, they are really light to carry and very very comfortable, very pleased with our purchase and think we may buy a couple more, expect to have a good few years use as the quality is so good.


Used for sitting in our garden and being at a good height to play with the toddler. Comfortable. Very easy to set up, just folds up or down. Carry bag is sturdy.


I went to a the 'Underneath the Stars' Folk Festival in early AUgust and was so pleased with this purchase. Comfortable, light weight and perfect for the job.


A great low down chair. Seems sturdy enough to take my weight and I'm not skinny. Just eight for the money. Can't wait to use it when we next go camping


Comfey once your in it! Getting out is tricky as it's so low. Nice and lightweight and easy to carry in the bag it comes with. Sturdy and well made.


Good but but bit expensive(I paid £35) and heavy compared with competition.but at least with strap and bag you can put it over your shoulder.


Amazing little chair! Take 100kg easily and they are incredibly comfortable. A great find. Easy to carry with the carry bag.
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