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*** (Updated review from 20/09/17. I've now been using this product on an as required basis for a year. It continues to be of help & I'm certainly happy with it.) ***Due to extreme pain, disability, long term chronic health issues & the awful side effects of the required prescription meds involved; a normal healthy/balanced diet became exceptionally difficult to maintain. Obviously this is FAR from ideal & the situation as a whole was, & still is a concern. I often have to resort to using different types of supplements as substitutes to important dietary requirements which is not a good place to be at all, however, a whey protein powder was the logical option to cover that particular aspect.Importantly, any weight gain also needed to be avoided or better still, a protein supplement that could actively aid weight loss. (Thankfully this product has helped in that regard.) I very quickly settled upon this "PhD nutrition diet whey protein powder" after a short trial period, & after months testing multiple competing products. All things considered it's pretty good stuff. I still have a couple of minor niggles but they're observations more than criticisms to be fair, (many possibly won't even notice them at all)!! I generally mix up a double serving more as a brunch in place of any breakfast or lunch. This keeps me feeling full right through to the evenings & it helps to stop me snacking in the interim. (I really can't comment on it giving any additional energy, etc., my situation as a whole frequently causes significant fatigue making it incredibly difficult to gauge any such benefit.) Ordering via Amazon Prime works out at roughly £15 per kg which is a very good deal. I also purchased a "600ml PhD mix-ball shaker" as part of a package deal with a 2kg tub & it was a lot better than a shaker I already had. (Well worth the deal if you don't already have a shaker, or if you don't own, want or need a blender.)1) Flavour. (Whilst obviously ALWAYS completely subjective), I wasn't expecting anything exceptional following the other products I had previously tried out, (especially with this being more of a "diet" option too). However, it certainly surpassed my expectations & it's not unpleasant at all, (I particularly like the Belgian choc or vanilla flavours). When mixed with water alone the shakes can taste just a little powdery but they're still perfectly acceptable as such. (ALL of the other powders I tried were far worse.) Ergo, I often make my shakes using (50/50) water & semi skimmed milk respectively, or 100% SS milk. Either option using milk completely removes the powdery flavour. Adding in any spare fruits or a touch of Greek yoghurt helps too if you blend.2). Texture. It can also be a little gritty when mixed with water alone, even more so if consumed immediately after mixing. Using milk, or a mix of water & milk (as above) eliminates this issue, however, using milk can make the shakes quite a bit thicker. If mixed with water alone I leave my shakes to stand for 20 mins before consumption which also helps to minimise any grittiness. Again, It's not a huge issue & it remains more than acceptable to me in comparison to competitors products. Inevitably, I get a few tiny lumps that just won't break down when mixing using a shaker too, although they're not large enough to be a problem. Whatever the case, my shakes or blends still go straight down the hatch with no complaints.3). Storage & longevity. The shelf life of the goods I've continually received directly from Amazon have always been a minimum of 22 months, (previous smaller batches sourced elsewhere barely had 4 months shelf life). It's a fresh product that will certainly last if (for example) you're alternating between 2 or more flavours purchased in bulk. A VERY thin external plastic anti-tamper seal is applied but there's no seal under the lids. The 2 kg tubs really are quite sizeable & some may well struggle with sufficient storage space. (I've included a photo of the 2 kg tub next to a universally sized 1 litre bottle for reference should it be of use.) On the plus side, the tubs are incredibly tough & robust. Once empty they're ideal for repeated reuse such as transferring in powders sourced in cheaper refill bags. The lids form a good seal to keep the powder within dry & fresh. A "single serving" sized plastic scoop IS INCLUDED, (you may just need to use something to fish around for it in the tubs as they can become well & truly buried from transit, etc.).All in all, it's a decent product despite some minor observations. To my mind it's a whole lot better than competing products of a similar price & it's certainly as good or better than some more expensive whey powders too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, (just ensure you order a flavour you REALLY like if you're going to buy in bulk as 2 kg can go a long way depending on individual usage). Despite the observations I still rate it 5/5 & I'll certainly be continuing to purchase it.
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I've only recently just started using this product, so I can't give it a full 5 stars yet! I ordered it in both Banana and Chocolate Mint; I've yet to try the Chocolate mint.This was my first time using PhD, and I was wary that like a lot of shake mixes, that it would be very watery and thin with just water - I was pleasantly surprised to find it very creamy and thick! I use 1 scoop to 175-200ml of water, or occasionally soy milk which makes it very thick. The taste of the banana one I cannot recommend enough; it tastes like bananas and custard to me, which is a nice change to the usual very artificial banana taste I've experienced with previous products. I'm not too sure how the Chocolate Mint will turn out with water,hopefully just as thick as the Banana flavour but once I try it I'll let you know!Another great thing is the amount of servings per tub; I wanted a tub that would last me a long time and be value for money, which replacing one meal a day with the one-scoop mix I'm certainly getting! This is down to only needing a single small scoop, in comparison to similar products which use a scoop of 50g so you can certainly get double the amount of servings from the same size tub.Something I particularly love, other than the pleasant flavour, is that it certainly curbs my appetite - I used to want to snack a lot, but this seems to cut right through that! As anyone prone to snacking knows, it's one of the threats to your weight loss or diet plan if you feel hungry and are tempted to snack throughout the day. I've lost a couple of pounds in a week (I was 9st 6lbs, now 9st 3lb) just by simply switching out one meal for a shake for 5 days, with no change in exercise, so I'm hoping with increased exercise and overall healthier diet in the evening and drinking just water and green tea, that I'll see some good results even more - those results were even with two naughty share bags of chocolate in between! I really can't wait to see how that will affect me, as I'm trying to shed the fat now and convert to muscle/tone up, which it seems to be helping with.I'll update once I've finished my first tub :)
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Review for Belgian Chocolate flavourThree things I look for in protein shakes are price per serving, how does it mix with water and what is it like to consume.At 39p per scoop this is a very good price range, many other brands such as Maxi and USN usually come in the 70p - £1+ range per scoop (comparing similar protein quantities i.e some USN products claim 40-50g protein per serving but it is actually 2-3 scoops so I take that as a double serving, I'm comparing scoop for scoop prices) so you're getting much more for your money.Protein powder this cheap is usually of a very low quality, it'll have a bland flavor, be lumpy as it doesn't mix well, cause irritation to your lips,tongue and bloat your stomach.Positives - This product mixes good with water, no lumps if you mix it well, it has it's own unique taste, many protein powders taste the same but this is more akin to a ready made bottled protein shake admittedly it's not quite on that taste level. Contains glutamine, CLA, L-Carnatine, Flaxseed and green tea so you're getting more than just your protein (google them if you need more info)Neutral - It contains waxy barley starch which does give the shake a bitty texture, it's not enough that it puts me off but you will notice it on your first few shakes. The labels serving suggestion is to use one scoop with 175ml of water, this not enough I'd recommend AT LEAST 250ml, other wise it's very thick and probably won't leave the side of your shaker.Negatives - Irritation to lips and tongue can happen but it is considerably milder than cheap protein brands and even some premium brands I've tried. It's not to the level that would ever put me off using this in the future but I have to be honest about my experience and it's the only thing that stops this from being a 5 star product.
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First off, my personal situation:* Trying to loose weight* Reducing calorie intake* Going to the gym for 3 - 5 hours per week doing a mix of cardio, weights and floor exercisesWhat I love about this protein mix:* My first order was £20 for 2kg, the best price I could find for this amount of protein powder (although I have since reordered at £30)* Mixes very well with water, the taste and texture is very palatable and quite nice, much to my surprise with my preconceived ideas of protein shakes. (I bought the belgian chocolate flavour)* A serving contains about 1.5 grams of Leucine. I have since learnt that this is what triggers "muscle protein synthesis" (according to a "ClimbSCi podcast,about 1.5 grams to 2.0 grams is required) . In my interpretation means that each serving will trigger your body to start repairing muscle. My experience of having a 33 gram serving two to three times a day has been that my muscles haven't been achey the next day. (perhaps I'm just not pushing very hard in the gym though...)* It doesn't provide too many calories for a calorie reduced diet, I can easily fit it in around my mealsThe annoying thing about this is that the "serving scoop" typically serves about 33 grams to 35 grams, so I had to weigh each serving with scales. However, I have recenlty started to just use a 33 grams to up the protein serving and make sure I get the Leucine level mentioned above.I have lost about 3-4 kg over the last month whilst using this, and whilst I would attribute this more to the lifestyle change of reduced calorie intake and increased exercise, I feel that the protein powder has helped my body not to ache as much after the gym. Once I get to my target weight I will see if I can begin to put on some lean muscle with help from this protein powder.
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I have been working out for about 4 years now and have never taken any protein supplement so thought I would try some PhD protein shakes as the brand was recommended. I've been taking this protein powder for about a month now and I've noticed amazing results; my waist/wrists have become smaller and some muscles have become considerably larger. To be fair I have been going to the gym hard over this period which just goes to show that this stuff really does help a lot if you put in the work.So far I have tried strawberry and vanilla flavour and they both taste great. I'm gonna get white chocolate and milk chocolate flavours next time to try as the PhD pharma whey+ cookie dough flavour tastes amazing!I actually use that to make my own protein bars.I am aware that this powder mainly contains protein concentrates but that certainly doesn't knock down the effectiveness of this protein powder. PhD seem to use far less unnecessary ingredients in their entire range too, which I like. This blend also contains additional supplements that help you burn and utilise fat, and increase muscular growth, and even some mild stimulants that help to increase your metabolic rate and wisely chosen amino acids.Ultimately I have found this product helped me gain excellent results in a short period of time! It tastes great and is easy on the stomach. I will most certainly be buying it again (from Amazon), don't even step into a high street health store as they are a massive rip off; just be careful when purchasing over the internet. Definitely recommend to those who wish to gain lean muscle mass!!!
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I have been substituting this diet whey for my lunchtime meal for two years now. I am 72 yrs old and must keep my weight in check because of a family hereditary condition of stroke. In my photo I have included the shaker I use because it is crucial to use a wire coil when mixing the powder with water and it is also crucial that you put the water in first before the powder. This stops any lumpiness. I make my single portion up with water and add about 200ml of milk in the morning and put it in the fridge until lunchtime. As long as it is very cold, I enjoy it. This brand of diet whey is thicker than others although you can vary the thickness according to preference by adding more water, of course.The taste? I stick to Belgian Chocolate and find it quite palatable. I haven't tried other flavours because I can't find the individual sachets they used to do and anyway, it gives me a chocolate treat which I'd miss when cutting down my carb intake. I buy it in 2kg bags. These are sturdy and have an efficient zip closure but I keep a food container filled with powder for quick access. I started using diet whey to ensure I had the correct nutrition for my age and height and am maintaining a mid point in my BMI range. I read lots of reviews of other powdered wheys before choosing PHD and this seemed the most popular. It seems quite costly but when it is used as a meal substitute I think it's good value. I can get 2kg on Amazon for around £32 which gives me approx 40 servings. That works out at less than £1 per lunch!
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Like another reviewer, I'm a disabled person who takes protein -enhanced products as a way of maintaining a healthy weight with maximum nutrition, This genuinely is the best protein powder I've found, and I've tried a number of brands, including those advertised expensively.I tried the Belgian Chocolate flavour, and was pleasantly surprised. Mixing a scoopful with 175ml of water gives you a thick, filling drink. I like to have something solid to eat as well, first thing in the morning, so I use it instead of milk on breakfast cereal. The rest of the 175ml makes a gorgeous protein enhanced mocha coffee. I've also used it to make chocolate flavoured pancakes instead of milk -it worked beautifully.It makes breakfast a real treat.I just use this twice a day at most, which means that my 2kg bag is very economical. I got this on a Prime Day offer for an incredible price, but I would be more than happy to purchase it at the regular price. No need to use expensive plant milks, or even fresh milk. Using a 'removable grid' style shaker, I was able to shake a drink ready in thirty seconds.The bag is also easy to store, much easier than a bulky circular plastic drum that fills up the recycling bin, and it's easily re-sealable.I've used it as meal replacement too, when I've had a main meal at lunchtime, and needed something light for the evening. I've experienced no loss of energy, but I have maintained small weight losses, which is something I've needed to do. Recommended.
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This is a perfectly nice protein, particularly if you're cutting or just looking to slim down. It's definitely not the right choice if you're looking bulk up, and I wouldn't advise it as a meal replacement either. One of the best options on the market if you're looking for a low sugar/carbs option.Taste (Chocolate Peanut Butter): Pretty average. About on par with the Optimum Protein "Gold Standard" stuff. Nothing to write home about, but perfectly drinkable, even with water.Texture: Here's where it's get's tricky. The protein dissolves pretty well, but it is by far the stickiest stuff I've ever used! If you're like me and don't like to have to scrub your shaker with soap after every single shake,forget about that. No matter what you do, there'll be protein residue stuck to all parts of your shaker that simply won't come off with only a good rinse.Quality: As mentioned in the intro, this is just about as good a ratio of protein to carbs/sugar as you can find. Perfect protein for cutting/dieting. No caffeine overdoses or anything like that either, so no sweats or jitters that you get with some other "diet" products.Summary: Long story short, this is a nearly perfect product, with the exception of the extreme stickiness and average taste. I'll be going back to Syntha 6 after I finish this tub, because it has similarly good stats with better taste and less stickiness.
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I'm a protein shake virgin. I've always been wary of supplements drinks of any kind when looking to lose weight, but have to say that using this product has reassured me. I'm currently following Diane Kress's Metabolism plan which is very low-carb to begin with and this product suits me perfectly being 4g net carb ( after subtracting fibre) per 2 scoop serving. I've had this as the bulk of my breakfast and was impressed that it satisfied me until lunchtime. Plus, when I am on the hoof in London, it also proves to be a great mobile lunchshake too, taking the stress out of hunting for something that fits my bill. I am also impressed at the nutrient breakdown and pleased to find it contains green tea which is great for stoking the metabolism.Having a sluggish thyroid this drink has been helpful in kick-starting my weight loss. I'm using it sensibly and am delighted that as an added bonus that the drink also satisfies my sweet tooth and deals with my chocolate cravings! It tastes genuinely good especially if you're tastebuds miss sugar and I enjoy the texture of the hemp seeds. I use a shaker with a metal wire ball to ensure it blends well. There are no lumps if you add the water first and the powder second. Have already purchased my second tub. I reckon I'll grow flowers in the first one when I've finished its contents. Grateful this product exists.
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If you need high protein/low sugar diet this is great (I needed it short term pre and post op as could not have much to eat). Having used it a while I have a few tips that I think may help others(1). The milk/powder ratio in my opinion makes it too thick. Make one scoop with 3/400 mls of skimmed milk this makes it much less 'gloopy' and easier to drink (2) Don't bother with a blender; a jug and balloon whisk works just as well and easier to clean! (3) After mixing, put it in the fridge for an hour or so - any residue will sink to the bottom/float to the top and can be skimmed off (top). You can make it the night before it it's easier! (4) Pour it through a through a tea strainer into the glass to avoid the last few 'bits'Trust me, this improves the taste and texture A LOT (4) If you do not have a dishwasher don't use a cup/sports bottle/blender that you cannot FULLY dismantle, Why? Because ANY residue left anywhere smells really bad after a few hours and puts you off. My blender smelt awful even after washing it (I don't have a dishwasher) (4) The Supermarket ready made high protein smoothies have far too much sugar in them, half or less of the protein this product has and have that UHT taste that many don't like. Because you make this with fresh milk it tastes better overall. It is also cheaper by a mile than buying ready made stuff.
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UPDATE - I tried this shake again with water rather than milk and added more liquid and it dissolved much better. It doesn't taste as nice as the Optimum Nutrition but it is a lot cheaper and actually not that bad. Therefore I revised my 1 star review up to 4 as it's pretty good value for money if you like the taste and don't mind the extra consistency.I am obviously going against the majority of opinion on here, as most seem to love this product, but personally I found it disgusting. It tastes, and has the texture of cake mixture. It's less a drink, and more of a McDonald's thickshake in terms of consistency and I couldn't get it to mix properly with my bottle shaker alone so there was loads still stuck in the bottom of the bottle.I had previously being buying the Optimum Nutrition double chocolate but this was much cheaper so thought I'd try it. Fair to say I won't be buying again. To Amazon's credit they refunded me immediately and I've gone back to the ON brand as their drink blends easily just by shaking, tastes better and can be sprinkled easily on to raw porridge oats and mixed with milk for an instant snack. This PHD product is for those who enjoy licking caked mixture from the bowel, but personally for me it was just too gloopy and didn't feel healthy to me.
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Never sure if we are writing a review of the supplier, or the product.Supplier - came quickly, easy, cheapest price around. No issues. Emails confirming delivery and progress so thumbs up.Product, giant tub, high 34g of protein - which yeah normally your body can only absorb 20g of protein in a hour. But remember gym bros thats fast absorbing Whey. This has a nice mix of fast and slow release so you will get that 34g inside the system. Perfect for essentially a low carb / low calorie diet and sustaining your protein needs. It also works. I have used before and found FAT loss. Weight ws static but really helped removed some stubborn belly fat that was hard to shift (especially when I normally use Maximuscle Cyclone,which is great for power, but high dextrose for an insulin spike so only really effective pre and post workout. Where as this is good just to take throughout the day). Flaxseed is a nice touch also.Only reason for the 4, I took belgium Chocolate, I have to really force this rather thick substance down. Hey, its diet, no sugar. but for me that flavour was pure nasty. Again supplier 5/5, product loses out but thats more Belgium Chocolate.
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I've been testing out different flavours of this protein and have come up with this list to help others choose. Not only is this brand really tasty and low cal, but its also so much cheaper to get it on Amazon then it is in stores (like Holland and Barrat).So here is my list of favourite flavours so far: (NOTE- i drink all my protein, 2 scoops, with only water so that its as low calorie as possible so these results are based on that)1- Chocolate Orange- It tastes so good, mixes really well, and tastes like dessert.2- Strawberry- Sweet and like a normal strawberry milkshake (no surprises).3- Belgium Choc- Not the strongest chocolate taste but still really nice.4- Chocolate Peanut- Whoever made this confused peanuts with coffee,cause it tastes nothing like peanuts but still a really pleasant taste.5- Vanilla- Really odd/artificial/unpleasant smell and taste. I can imagine it could be nice with almond milk or something but personally I didn't enjoy it much.6- White Chocolate- Tastes like eggs or some kind of batter, its weird and not good.I have yet to try Banana, Mint chocolate and Cherry Bakewell but once I have I'll post.
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Having used supplements / meal replacements from several manufacturers for a long time, I must say that the PhD Diet Whey Protein Powder range have impressed me the most. The taste of all the product range has been superb (well considering you're eating protein powder :P) even compared to a more famous brand, of whom I used to be an idoliser. They actually taste like what they purport to be on the tin and mix well even if you're in a hurry and only shake it, as opposed to using the blender.I've been much happier buying a 2 kg tub, knowing that it will actually last me more or less a month (2 portions x 5 days a week) rather than the 1.2 kg tub made by another brand, this has worked out to be far more economical.Plus if you calculate the amount of protein you're getting per 50g serving, it is actually proportionally higher than that provided by the other brand Diet range. I've rarely felt hungry after using PhD Diet Whey Protein Powder and I find it a great way to cut down the fat levels!All in all, a fantastic product made by an up-and-coming professional-level sports product manufacturer. Give it a go :)
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Does this shake taste delicious? - No. Does it taste as well as can be expected and do what it is supposed to do? -Yep!Let's be realistic; if you want a fantastic, creamy, flavour-filled milkshake then you go to McDonalds (or somewhere that actually sells good milkshakes). If you want something that assists with fat loss and muscle tissue retention/building while not tasting like vomit, then you could do a lot worse than this product.I have been using it for a couple of months now, and in that time I have consistently lost body fat whilst gaining weight via lean muscle. This is also due to hard graft in my workouts but I can feel that the PHD Diet Whey is playing its part.That's the main difference between this and other products I have tried actually, it 'FEELS' different. I'm fuller for longer without becoming bloated and I get a sense of instant relief when I slurp a shaker-full after a workout.Hope this helps. And good luck to you all.P.S Personal preference BUT Vanilla tasted like what I imagine the inside of a slightly damp handbag might taste like. The Belgian chocolate is pretty good though.
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