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Re: Chocolate Orange flavourThis is my 3rd purchase of PhD whey powder and this flavour is definitely my favourite flavour yet!I'm 46 years old and have tried many 'diets' over the years- I finally feel like I am eating sensibly and getting great results- due in part to this AMAZING product!I'm not a gym bunny but 2 years ago after a year of sheer hard work ( sensible eating and working out 3-6 times a week either spinning, swimming or walking ), I managed to lose 2 stone. However following this, my back went twice in 5 months- I was banned from spinning and I am sorry to say I regained everything I lost due to comfort eating and inactivity.At my lowest ebb,one of the girls I work with recommended PhD shakes- she would bring a shaker and make up a portion for her breakfast.I did a search on Amazon and found it- great value at this price and this size lasts me around a month and a half if used once a day.Using only 1 scoop with skimmed milk this makes a great breakfast- very filling and only 180 calories (using 250ml milk which I top up to about 300ml with water).I dont use a shaker cup, preferring instead to throw the whey powder and skimmed milk/water into my nutribullet with 4 ice cubes- once whizzed there's no lumps and you get a really thick, cool, luxurious shake after about 10 seconds!!I occasionally have one for my evening meal as well if I'm not that hungry.This product has become a massive part of my daily diet- in years gone by I tried the Cambridge diet and only bought the shakes- they were disgusting compared to PhD and cost around £40 for a weeks supply! So at £16 for a 2kg bag, using PhD whey is a really cost effective way of upping your protein and helping weight loss by taking once a day- along with 2 other healthy meals.I use 'my fitness pal' to log my daily meals, (including treats) and exercise and I am losing 1-2 lbs every week!!!!A quick word of warning- try using every other day at first until your body gets used to the extra protein- I found I got a little constipated from the depth of the product, although in fairness I was limiting my carbs at the time. I alternate with a green nutribullet smoothie every other morning and this suites me much better!!As far as flavours go I have tried 3 so far and here are my opinions on them:STRAWBERRY: Quite a subtle flavour- but not unpleasant and easily drinkable.CHERRY BAKEWELL: Avoid! I have a sweet tooth but this was beyond sickly and very difficult to get down- in fact I still have some left!CHOCOLATE ORANGE: I couldn't decide between this or belgian chocolate but picked choc orange on the strength of a few other reviews. I love it so much it feels like a treat now and I'm very impressed!This is my 3rd week of the 'New Me' plan and I'm doing great- 6lbs lost so far! PhD shakes have been a massive part of that journey so I just wanted to add my review for those of us who are not supplementing their diet for gym/muscle gain reasons. I'm sure they are great for this, but for me they are really helping me to control my daily eating and keep the weight loss going at a realistic and steady rate- unlike other 'quick fix' plans which limit calories and make you miserable. I've done that in the past and trust me they DON'T WORK!! You need to find a plan which works for you and being overly strict, even for a few weeks, you will always regain what you've lost in no time.I urge you to try this product and I'm sure you'll agree with my findings- I'm so glad It's become a regular part of my diet!
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I really love this diet whey protein powder. I have been using this brand for 1 month and have only tried the Belgian chocolate flavour which is always my go to flavour, and this has such a great taste but I'm braving it today and have ordered the strawberry. When I was a kid there was a dessert called angel delight which was a powder you whisked with milk and chilled in the fridge and it was a thick pudding and the taste of this shake reminds me of that. It really satisfies my sweet tooth.My advice tips to make this shake its best is start with a good shaker bottle as it makes all the difference. There are a load of shakers but after trying 4 different styles the one to to find is with a sieve thing (it's really a 1/2 centimeter square grid pattern)and it justs clicks in the top (about an inch down the open lip of the cup) I have a very 'cute 700ml black colour shaker (I don't mind it's not clear) and it has a dome lid so it has plenty of room above and below the sieve to shake (hence the 700ml size). It's so so much better than a small shaker and I won't get started on shakers with the ball as they never fully get rid of lumps. I shake it for 90 seconds as not only does it mix it really well it helps dissolve the powder so it is never unmixed and will never leave you with a powdery aftertaste, which for me shows its a bad mixer and not because the powder won't mix properly. I know using a blender will give a great smooth texture but I am rarely near one for day to day use. This powder is also great made into a smoothy with a few berries etc and what's perfect for me is you don't have to use a banana as the smoothy base as the powder has a thickener.The chocolate flavour is so good that it covers the taste of the extra milled flaxseed I add to my shake. At the moment I use this shake mainly for breakfast so I choose to have the 350ml size and use 50% lactose free SS milk and 50% water - I love mine very cold and I drink it within about 10 minutes of it being made so it stays really cold. I think my 50/50 mix gives a great consistency, some reviews have said it's too thick and when it's measured and made perfectly it is a shake on the slightly thicker side but i don't think it's gloopy and honestly just customise it for your own tastes and let it out with more liquid but adding a bit at the time!A good tip if you make yours before the gym/workout to have ready as you finish, make it as you would normally or even slightly thicker and as you leave pop some ice cubes in (you'd have to trial how many) and they'd melt during your workout and by the time you're ready they will have melted, given you the liquid for your preferred consistency, so another few shakes just how you like it and the bonus it will be nicely chilled!I've lost count of how many powders I've tried and this Belgian chocolate really comes out on top by a long shot in flavour, consistency, price, amount of protein, vitamins and the specialised combination of nutrients. It leaves me feeling full for a good 4 hours and I'm loosing weight. Perfect! Definitely recommend.
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Arrived promptly, bag was properly sealed and unmarked/undamaged, and there was a scoop included.27/05/2016 Too soon to say if it produces results but as my first ever whey protein I was surprised. I was expecting it to taste a little chalky or powdery or slightly unpleasant and I had plans and the mindset to just keep taking it and treat it like a medicine, but it tastes sososososo good. I bought the Chocolate Orange 1KG, I've only been taking this since Sunday and it's already my favourite! I already have another two bags in my basket for when I get paid, one cherry bakewell and one white chocolate because I think they would all taste great.I mix one scoop with 600ml semi skimmed milk and it tastes amazing.Mixing with water tastes really good too but I prefer milk and that helps me get more calcium in my diet as well as hit my protein mark :)As a woman I was a little intimidated by trying to find a powder/shake/supplement to help me reach my gym goals and I was recommended this by a personal trainer in my gym, and after the reviews of aiding weight loss and muscle gain, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for, I think this product is fantastic. I will update in another month or two in hopes of seeing some physical results by then. But even if there aren't I will keep buying this product as an extra helping hand in my diet to eat healthier.As with most products like this, you can't take on the negative reviews that say "it didn't work", particularly if it doesn't specify if they took it alongside a controlled diet and exercise program, and also if it's about flavour, because what one person doesn't like another one does.You'll either think it tastes great or disgusting, it'll either work for you or it won't. But you can't expect it to work on its own, it's a supplement, not a magic fix all that kicks in overnight. With a good diet and regular exercise you should be able to reach your goals in time, but sometimes a little extra help is always good, and if this doesn't work for you, just try something else :)UPDATE --04/07/2016 - Have since tried White Chocolate, Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate and Cherry Bakewell.I've also gone from nearly 12st to 11st :) minimal workouts cause I've been busy but working hard on the healthy eating and having one shake a day, with milk.White chocolate - pleasant enough but it's a strange flavour, I find mixing half a scoop of this and half a scoop of vanilla makes a difference to the flavour.Cherry bakewell - Again, pleasant enough to drink but it's not the best.Vanilla - Basic standard flavour and is very nice.Belgian chocolate - After reading reviews of people saying it wasn't nice/very powdery etc I was a bit nervous but I've recently gotten it in a 2Kg tub from Costco, and it tastes very nice.It's been two months and I've lost weight with just the shakes and not much gym use. So I have high hopes and feel very confident with this product :)You get out what you put in, you put in hard work you'll get good results.
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WOW!This stuff is amazing...Have been using for about 3 weeks and have already lost 8lbs. I use as a meal replacement with skimmed milk as I didnt like the taste with water.I have one scoop with 175ml skimmed milk for breakfast and then two scoops with 350ml skimmed milk for lunch. I also have two healthy snacks through the day and a dinner. Has really helped to shrink my stomach so when I do have food I don't over eat. It has also helped me recognise the feeling that I am no longer hungry rather than eating until I feel full and unconfortable....which I used to do.These are really filling and keep me going until next shake/meal. I have realised this because they seem to expand and thicken once made up and the longer you leave them.I found this out cause I tried mixing one the night before for the morning and one in the morning for lunch......not nice like this so I wouldn't recommend.....you want them to expand in your stomach and not in the cup.Another thing I would recommend is mixing in a blender as they are much nicer. I tried in the shaker cup and some flavours mixed better than others, with the majority having a lumps which I couldn't stand.Now to the flavours. Haven't tried them all yet but these are the ones I have so far...1.Strawberry Delight is my absolute favourite...first place (Tastes like strawberries and cream)2.Banana is a close second3.Vanilla Creme coming in third (Tates like custard)4.Belgian Chocolate is fourth5.White Chocolate Deluxe is nice but a bit sickly....I can manage one scoop for breakfast but two scoops at lunch is too much.6.Chocolate Peanut is in last place because although it's not an unpleasent taste it doesn't taste like chocolate peanuts in my opinion. (I couldn't put my finger on what the taste was until a friend tired and she said it tasted like an ice-cream cone)I have just ordered Cherry Bakewell so I'm keep my fingers crossed.One last thing I have been using in conjuction with Mon-Fri 5 minute Bodyblade sessions and tracking using My Fitness Pal, consuming 1500 calories a day. If you can do this with food then great, but for me it's great cause it means I only have to think about one meal a day rather than 3. So if you're like me and can't stand counting points, syns, calories or weighing everything then try this.
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As said by another reviewer, there is no substitute for hard work. Also, nothing more natural than deriving your protein and carbohydrate supply from food but then we all know this is extremely hard to keep up to especially if you have a demanding lifestyle or follow an intensive workout routine, the latter which is me. I only started using protein shakes 2 months ago. After extensive research on something close to natural food, I came up with USN Pure Whey Protein and PhD Diet Whey Protein. I have tried both and consider the latter as far more suitable to my needs, which is growing lean muscles, burning fat without the fake look of muscle gain.In terms of growing lean muscles and not blowing up ridiculously to fool yourself of muscle gain after workout, I find PhD far more ideal. Delivery is quick and helps with recovery just like USN must admit. In terms of mixing, PhD mixes far well than USN in 5-10 seconds of shaking. I also find PhD (only tried Belgian Chocolate) to taste better than USN (only tried chocolate flavor). I also like the thickness of PhD and grainy taste, hmmm... delicious, feels like a proper meal and very filling.In terms of intake, I try not to exceed more than 2 scoops a day as naturally I am of average build and don't have much fat on me to burn. I try to balance this out with proper meal twice a day on an intensive workout routine. On a whole, there is nothing better than hard work... I attain the best shape of my life training natural and hardcore. Pushing close to 40 now and trying to take it easy plus, don't have much appetite for food like I use to 10 years ago. If you're looking to loose weight and gain muscle, embark on an intensive workout routine, plan your diet well, get your jogging gear and hit the road, do the hard work and it will stay with you for longer and forever if you keep to it and its all natural.
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I purchased Cherry Bakewell from Amazon and Chocolate Peanut from another online retailer.The bags are generous for the price, they come with scoops though you may have to dig through some powder to find it.As I'm sure most of you will know, fluids first then powder. I have been doing that since I purchased it but accidentally put powder in first today and now a fair bit is wasted, stuck to the bottom of the cup.I blend it with my nutribullet but I have shaken them up manually and lumps had disappeared. Just like to use ice to make mine ice cold and the nutribullet crushes all!Cherry Bakewell is nice, but not exactly like it's name, I would add that it could be sickening for anyone who doesn't like too much sweetness.I should note that it leaves a strange mildly unpleasant after taste when you use sweet almond milk.Chocolate peanut as someone else here had said, is more like Chocolate Wafer flavouring, but it's enjoyable none the less.I use 175ml Hazelnut milk and 140ml water with some ice cubes to make mine up with 2 scoops of powder.I have been taking them 2 times a day with a low fat dinner. In my first week so far I have lost 5lbs. I've done mild exercise as I've had pain issues. I find them filling and especially satisfying for sweet cravings. I struggle with boredom eating and have found this stuff along with green tea to really tide me over. I love that they're so low in sugar too, a main concern when looking for meal replacements.I've not had many protein powders but this has been the least weird synthetic tasting one for me, and I love that there's a lot to choose from.I'm definitely going to buy more, chocolate mint is in my sights. If only the idea of crisps flavoured protein powder didn't seem so awful, then I'd really be sorted.
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I had been toying with the idea of topping up my protein for some time. Having used a well known food / exercises tracker I knew that I simply wasn't getting anywhere near enough for someone of my size and fitness schedule. So there are a number of things that might help others that I have found since starting with this...1) Taste etc. At first I wasn't impressed. It's grainy and lets face it does not taste of chocolate. However after only a few days I find I now love and crave it. This might be my body associating the taste with the goodness that is about to come from it, I don't know but my advise is to stick with it and you get used to it.2) Hunger.I found that at first a two scoop serving for breakfast meant I literally didn't want to eat for the rest of the day. This was due to the sudden increase in protein basically stopping my digestive system. This wasn't great however after 2-3 days I have got used to it and it digests more quickly now. At under 200 calls this seriously satisfies until lunch (and that is drinking it after a light 200-300 calorie burn morning workout which after a normal breakfast would leave me starving my (9:30 - 10:00 am).3) Energy. I can't say if this was a lack of protein in my previous diet however since taking this for breakfast most days my energy and desire for exercise has increased allot. I am doing 2-3 times as much now partly due to recovery times basically vanishing. Again I want to be careful here as I cannot say if this was my serious need for more protein or if this product is the difference. My real problem now is actively making sure I am taking in enough cals to cover my exercise.Over all its now a staple part of my diet and have just ordered another flavour to keep it interesting.Good luck all.
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I didn't purchase this item from here but thought i'd share my reviews to let people know what i thought of the Phd Diet Whey.A year ago i finally plucked up the courage to buy a set of scales to my astonishment i weighed in at 15stone 6lbs, gutted as you can think but i am a 5'8 girl and don't look as big as the scales tell me.I thought right nows the time to do something and managed to shed 2 stones and 2 dress sizes, then came around family parties, friends parties and a ton of cakes, party food and homemade cooking, my weight flew back upto 14 stone 3lbs. Began a diet again but not all this calorie counting just eating low carbs, low fats and high in protein.i lost 6lbs in 2 weeks and for the next 3 weeks my weight stuck,no matter how hard i tried.So i thought replace my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks with a shake. Into alot of research this fitted the bill, lowest carb, lowest fat protein shake ive found.Received it last week. So Sunday morning i weighed myself at 13st 9lbs, i have had a Phd Diet Whey shake twice a day for 5 days now. Friday Morning weigh in at 13st 2lbs. Ive lost 7lbs since Sunday (two inches off my waist, half inch of my hips and chest)Anyone who intakes a high amount of protein will know that going to the toilet isnt the easiest, i was relieved if i went three times a week and sat there for a while :(.Since taking the shake i have been toilet every single day like clockwork and still eating healthy. So all them lbs of fat gone forever.I am one happy girl and will update this next friday to see how many more lbs i have shifted over the next 7days.
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Recently purchased the banana phd diet whey to aid me with weight loss. It's to early to comment whether it's helped much with this side of things. I wanted to write a review though for those who are unsure about the product based on previous reviews. Personally I love this product already. I purchased this with the shaker which is great for when your out and about and measuring water/milk with powder etc.Mixing the powder with milk I found made the product taste alot sweeter however it mixed lovely together and did taste great.I have also tried mixing the powder with water straight from the tap...This still tasted great but wasn't as sweet which is good if you don't like it really sweet.I then tried it with water that had been in fridge and for me this was the best.Mixed perfectly together not too sweet either and on plus side less calories when mixed with water.There are bits in the shake but it's just one of the ingredients for me it doesn't effect the drink. I have a shake for breakfast and lunch and then eat a healthy meal for tea. I find the shakes filling and they do keep hunger at bay.I do find myself thirsty with this product which is a known side affect looking at other websites however drinking plenty of water as you should anyway solves this.All in all I would certainly recommend the product, don't just go by reviews on here though. It's just one of those things you just got to try yourself.
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I've come to a point where I would like to lose a few pounds. I have no interest in Herbal Life of any other overpriced rubbish as I'm keeping it simple. I am not going crazy starving myself, if I want to eat I will but that said, I am using this as a meal replacement for breakfast which is a meal I'm not too fussed on anyway and lunch which is convenient but like I said, I will eat if needed. Tea is a normal meal as I'm eating what the family are. I am using Grenade Thermo Detonator to add to the effect.I do fitness 4 times a week through work. 7 -8 mile runs, squash for an hour HIT circuit/cross training and a loaded walks so I do plenty. I was 15.5 stone to start,I'm now under 15 stone in 5 days.I see reviews moaning about this product, chin up it might be grainy just a little! But so what it's only 175ml which is nothing, have a drink after and stop moaning. You ain't gaining get or loosing without some element of unpleasantness. This isn't unpleasant though, I index it quite a pleasure to drink and I'm slightly picky! I have vanilla cream very nice tasting not too sweet. I have my shake with green top milk never had it with water. I chose vanilla by the reviews.Bottom line, I like it, it's cheap on here almost £40 in tesco. Yes I'd buy it again, people need to stop moaning about silly things as it's protein powder. strong recommendation from me!
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I haven't used any protein product before but after reading mostly good reviews and it being recommended by my brother who is a personal trainer, I decided to give it a try as he said it would be a good product to aid with my weight loss and protein intake.I decided to go with the Strawberry flavour to start off with and was surprised how nice tasting it was with just water! After reading reviews that it tasted horrible I was slightly apprehensive I wouldn't like it but it really was lovely and did not struggle to chug it down at all, yes you cant shake all the bits out so its 100% smooth but thats due to the flax seed which in my case doesn't bothet me or hinder the shake at all.I use thisprotein as a meal replacement for breakfast with skimmed milk so it fills me up until lunch and then after I workout with water. It definately keeps me satisfied until my next meal and have found it very beneficial to my workouts as I have more energy and feel I perform better. After only using this product for 2 weeks alongside healthy eating and regular exercise I have lost 6 pounds so far aswell as having a flatter stomach and having a less bloated feeling.I am very happy with this product and will continue to buy more whilst working on my weight loss journey and would definately recommend it to anyone who wants to kick start their healthy lifestyle :)
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First of all, delivery was spot on, came in 2 days over a weekend. no complaints.I have tried strawberry, banana, chocolate orange and Belgian chocolate. now when it comes to flavours, its really each to their own. If youtr interested, my ratings would beBanana 9.5strawberry 9.4chocolate orange 7Belgian chocolate 6.9I've been using 0% (new yellow top) milk which gives its a thicker consistency and helps fill me up. I've been feeling really good using these and I'm mainly using as a meal replacement. I've not been working out so my weight hasn't changed much but these really aren't for that, they're to help you before and after workouts.Now I personally love the taste and consistency and don't find them bitty at all.However my girlfriend hates them and prefers that slim 5000 stuff (sorry, full name escapes me) she says it is bitty but like I said, I thinks she's wrong (shhhh, don't tell her I said that) I've always liked PhD stuff, I found it when I was in the forces and tried many other brands which I thought WERE really bitty. this is smooth as. I also make waffles out of this powder too. Go onto the PhD website for the recipe, its dead easy to make.If you're unsure whether to get this or not, they do tester sachets, just have a search around for these. I always suggest using milk with shakes, water's just wrong!!
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I have really enjoyed this whey powder, which I bought in Vanilla Creme flavour. I've got fibromyalgia and my osteopath suggested I started doing a gentle workout routine, to help strengthen and heal my muscles. He felt that also taking whey powder would help in a number of ways. I was AGES trying to work out which one to buy, and was completely befuddled by all the different brands and types of powders available. In the end, I plumped for this one because so many other people had said it was good and because it is low in calories and VERY high in protein (with two scoops). I've found I'm best to give it a whizz with the electric hand blender, to help with the mixing,although it wasn't very lumpy if I just shook the mixer bottle I bought after adding it to water. I particularly like it mixed with milk and like other reviewers, I've found it easily makes a delicious milkshake if mixed with a banana. I've also added in strawberries and raspberries and it was delicious with those, too. In short, I'd really recommend it, particularly if (like me) you are new to all these protein drinks. My second pack has arrived today and I've also been using the PhD Casein Peptide 900g Milk Chocolate flavour in the evenings sometimes, because that takes eight hours to work properly and helps cell renewal while I sleep.
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Purchased the Chocolate Peanut and Vanilla Creme flavours after using the Belgium Chocolate version for about 6 weeks. As a product I think it's great. Initially purchased to help increase lean muscle mass alongside an intensive 3 day weight training session a week/ 2-3 cardio sessions weekly programme set by a PT. Really helps to deliver the amount of protein needed, also fills you up and I've found it has stopped me craving sweet food during the day (seriously sweet tooth fiend!). Results are I have become stronger, with more energy since using the product. Flavour wise I was disappointed with the Chocolate Peanut and Vanilla Creme compared to the Belgium Chocolate version.~The Belgiumchocolate version I think tastes great whether with water or milk - a smoother taste- Chocolate Peanut is a lot grainier with flaxseed I find. Also unpalatable to me just with water, yet too sickly with milk as a bit too heavy - I wouldn't recommend this flavour personally- Vanilla Creme - this is OK, but again I find it a bit too sickly with milk, have yet to test just with water though. A nicer flavour than the Chocolate Peanut although again grainier than the Belguim chocolate I have found. Perhaps just my personal taste.All in all I a great product that I'll definitely continue using.
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My girlfriend bought some this stuff and she gave me a glass. I love it! It genuinely tastes great, I lot people say their protein and mass shakes taste great but just plain don't, whey especially. I imagine that this Deluxe White Chocolate flavour shake is what the Mia's five dollar milkshake tastes like in Pulp Fiction. I've had cravings for the stuff!!The nutritional value aren't bad either, I believe it's 70% protein PhD also do a 80% version. I like to cut it with a Whey Isolate (plain purified whey) which is 92%. I buy that from a good eBay shop called "Proteins 4 You". I recommend this shop and their products. If you trying to lose weight you want as higher protein value as possible in your shake.EASY DIET TIPS :1)Drinking lots of water will help you lose weight2) Eat lots of vegetables3) Avoid carbs during working days and eat as usual at weekends (this known as carb cycling)4) Take Green Tea and Fish Oil for the antioxidants5) Take Chromium to balance the insulin levels in your blood. this can reduce the production fat in the body (if you're diatbetic I'd leave this)6) Sprinkle some Cayenne Pepper on your everyday which will help your body oxidize(burn) fatI hope this helps, good luck!
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