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As a hard gainer I use mass gainers just to maintain weight for Greco Roman wrestling and now to gain weight for rugby. I have previously used boditronics mass attack, kinetica oat gain and optimum nutrition's serious mass, all of them for over 4 months each. They all helped me gain weight with expanding density training. My greatest size increase was with Optimum Nutrition serious mass but it came with sacrifices, going to the toilet over five times a day, feeling gassier than Jupiter and having to sleep sitting up. On this PhD advanced mass I've gained 2kg in three months with body fat percentage only going up 0.2% which is slower than serious mass but it is gentle on the stomach,I have no gas attacks, less frequent trips to the loo and don't have to go to sleep sitting up if I take it right before bed.This mixes terribly, but It tastes great so I will accept the trade off of having 5 seconds of disgust while downing the shake but having a very happy stomach afterwards. I feel good enough to have a strong coffee straight after taking this, that's how gentle on the stomach it is.It gets the job done
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Not the easiest to mix. I personally found the taste acceptable - tastes very similar to other strawberries flavoured shake powers I've had previously.The mixture is very thick: I never managed to have 3 scoops, the maximum I had in one serving was 2 - although the scoop is very large! It has definitely helped me bulk up slightly, gaining around 8lbs (combined with regular exercise).This is the second time I've purchased this. I would definitely recommend it.


I've tried many protein/mass gainers over the years but they always make me feel sick. I had pretty much given up until I found a few samples of this in a local shop. They taste great (I have strawberry) and don't leave me feeling bloated or sick.I absolutely recommend this stuff, it's the best I've ever had and I'm currently chowing through my third bag.


Saw a lot of the reviews and yes it doesn't mix the best however simple solution just blend it for about 1-2 Minute.I did have high expectations on the flavour reading the reviews but personally its the best flavoured protien shake i've ever had tasted like vanilla ice cream when blended with milk make sure to put in a lot of ice cubes though.


Brought this for my husband, he has only just started using this brand & flavour. It's very thick and sweet tasting.....it has a gritty cake mix consistancy!Can't say too much else about it at the moment, but it was packed well and arrived the next day! Bonus!


Very thick. Delicious if mixed with milk. I gained 2.5kgs after finishing one packet. However its not that good for recovery. Your muscles will not recover quickly compared to optimum nutrition serious mass or muscle tech advanced mass gainer.


Probably the best tasting and the best mass gainer for results for me. Strawberry and creams taste aswesome. I had put over a stone on after a month while using this mass gainer. Mix with milk


Chocolate peanut butter and Luxury vanilla are the best flavours .. especially for the smooth non bitty shake lovers like me.


Always using PhD as I find their flavours to be the best I've tried... Sweet but I like it that way... Mixes pretty well too


Realy good for gaining gained around 3 pounds a week wile using this product and the taste was excellent realy injoy able.


great taste but you need a blender as with a shaker its really thick.


great product and good service and very good price very pleased


I liked it a lot easy to drink..great results


Thanks brilliant package n tastes good


The best protein I've ever tried
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