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For the money this is a very sturdy, and well constructed camp bed. It's very easy to put up as the legs come already attached to the sturdy frame, so is ready to go in seconds.The length and width are generous too, so you don't feel like you have your feet and shoulders hanging over the edge. The material is very strong, but also allows for a slight dip so you can get a great comfortable nights sleep.It was a shame the material didn't have more insulation properties, I used it one cold night camping and you could feel the cold coming up through the underneath - this is the only reason I have given the camp bed 4 star review and not a 5 star one.I now used a deflated sleeping mat under my sleeping bag and this gives a very cosy comfortable nights sleep. Great value for money.
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After many camping trips using our blow up mattresses we decided to go for the Outwell Posadas. Best thing we have done!!! They are super comfortable( we used mattress toppers on ours for extra comfort). No more waking up on the floor because your mattress have deflated and space underneath for storage!!One thing I will say is check your tent dimensions as they are high so you may end up with not much room between you and tent sides!


My husband spent a week sleeping on the camping bed, its a single so you can't expect to have loads of space but with a mattress topper he found it very comfortable, I was grateful for the suggestion of putting casters under the legs as they are sharp.(although I only took four, six needed) A well built product and sure to give us years of use. I would recommend this item.


Absolutely brilliant and it doesn't creek when turning over! The bed was a little bigger and heavier when folded than I expected so not suitable for hiking. Easy to put up and away on your own and the built in pillow is useless. It would also make a good bench/beach seat. The build quality and material is excellent and will last me for many years.


Great camp bed. I use it to sleep under the stars and its great. It doubles well as a bed for guests. The bed is comfy - there are no bumps or ridges. It puts up really easily (one person can do it very easily - i don't understand reviews that suggest its easier with two people) and with minimal strength or effort. Feels secure,


I ordered this camp bed on the weekend,delivery was said to be from four to six days it arrived in two, so top marks to the company supplier ,tried the bed out and could not fault it,but l think that was expected with an Outwell product,most of my camp gear is Outwell brand, and all is good gear,so yes quality beds.


Very easy to use, the pillow is quite useful but needs a bit of help. I would say it was perhaps a little narrow, on the other hand it might just be that I am just a bit wide....One thing that is really good is the hight, which is greater than traditional camp beds and it makes getting off and on so much easier.


Really robust - not the lightest, so if you have a long walk with them pay attention. We bought 2 for the latitude festival this year. Wish id bought years ago - best nights sleep under canvas we have ever had. Think they will last long as really solidly built


This is not a cheap camp bed and there is a reason for that. It is well made, well designed and easy to erect and put away again. More than that when folded up it does go back in to its carry bag!


Thank heavens! No assembly at all! 5 secs to open out and you're done - very sturdy and a good size - good quality carry case & once collapsed its only the size of a picnic chair once bagged up.


I already have the original bed, but this new one is half the weight, and a much smaller package when in it's bag, and the bag is now a really thick, strong material.Fabulous!


Had a quick lie down when it arrived and it seemed perfect. We have not been away yet to use it properly, but by going by other reviews am sure we will be very happy with it


Easy to erect and take down. Very solid and sturdy, but also quite weighty. Seems quite comfortable, but not used to sleep on yet as we haven't taken the tent out recently.


This is a very strong camp bed, and really fast to open up, no joke 5 sec and your done!I'm going to buy one more for my wife, as it's a great bed for camping!


Used by our 8 yr old who declared it comfier than her proper bed. Easy to put up and pack away and having tried it out camping myself surprisingly comfortable!
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