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Used for 1 weekend (3 day) camping trip, I am only 5'2 so as a short person I have always struggled with being comfy in camping chairs as they tend to be too low or high. This however is the most comfy chair I have ever took camping/fishing. A little wider than most and bulkier in its carry bag, its still easy to fold up and for how comfy it was, well worth any room it takes up in the car. Seems to be durable, hope to get a lot more use for a long time to come.


For the outdoor dining area, we were looking for camping chairs that you don't sink into, but can sit comfortably and not too deeply. This chair fits perfectly: it has a comfortable seat height, a rather tight cover and is still comfortable. It can be assembled and disassembled quickly. It is stowed in the supplied bag so that you don't get stuck anywhere when loading. And a great price too! I can only recommend!


Comfortable,better than those flimsy petrol station bought type chairs,then again they cost more,but you get what you pay for.They are Just right for the next festival.A bit heavier bulky when packed up,but not unreasonably.They do not cut into the back of my legs like the cheap ones I've sat on for years camping/festivals etc.These are higher than the cheap ones as well.Better build quality.


A very comfortable chair with excellent finishes. It has very straight backing and the video does not appreciate how wide it is. It is not a chair to do kilometers with her on her shoulder since it is heavy. As a hit, the case is too thin for a chair so heavy and mine has cracked at the first touch.


Looking for a chair in which one (woman / child) not so low seat and with this a perfect found. The chair is stable and good to build on and back together. The only criticism: he is collapsed but relatively large and difficult when compared with the "Anglerstühlen". But full purchase recommendation!


A very comfortable chair. It remains to be seen for solidity. One of the 2 ordered had a defect (split part) but CAMPZ service is really excellent. Changed in record time! I recommend the chair and especially CAMPZ.


I would have given the chair 5 stars for it's stability and comfort. The only downside is the size and weight in terms of portability. At nearly 5kg I can't imagine carrying this around for very long comfortably.


Super comfortable chair with small packs, which can also be taken in small cars. He has just the right mix of upright and comfortable sitting. Also the processing is first class.


Very comfortable chair and good design. I do not give maximum score since I think the weight and size of transport is somewhat improvable, but very happy with the purchase


These chairs are excellent. They're really comfortable & unfold/fold easily. Only used them once but they seem well built so I am hopeful they'll wear we'll.


Product according to description. The chair looks very good and is very stable. Opens and closes easily and easily transported with its carrying case


Very comfortable chair also made for people around the 100 Kg. Great workmanship very stable for it a little heavier than the cheap parts.


4 chairs purchased from Camz. Have not been on holiday but equally trying. They seem very strong and sit. Let the holidays begin!


Solidly processed and set up very quickly. The chair makes a valuable impression. The accompanying pack sack is very practical.


Ingenious design, glad I selected this particular chair on Amazon, ideal, well made and complete with a handy carrying case.
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