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We got fed up of tying little bags to the side of things to put rubbish in while camping, so we splashed out on this. My other half was skeptical about how useful it would be, but she changed her mind within a couple of days. It makes such a difference being able to just drop something into a decent-sized bin without needing to use two hands.The product folds completely flat (to a height of about 2cm) - it consists of the metal ring with the sturdy black cloth attached to it securely.On the inside of the cloth, sleeves have been stitched with velcro flaps. All you do is insert a little plastic leg into the sleeve and pop the velcro flap down - rinse and repeat for all four corners and you're done. The legs themselves split into two parts (attached by elastic cord just like a tent pole).A few cons to consider though:- The little legs aren't the sturdiest things in the world. I wouldn't advise filling the bin with too much heavy stuff (like loads of bottles), as it's likely to collapse.- There's nothing to attach the edges of the bin bag onto. So either find a type of bag that fits perfectly around the rim, or use some kind of clips to clip the bag on.We had large bags, and didn't really have any problems with the bag being so big.
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If you're camping and taking a lot of stuff with you, you're going to want something to keep it in. This is where the Outwell Folding Storage Basket comes in. It comes folded up so therefore is easy to carry, but has plenty of room to store lots of things when folded out. To keep the basket secure, the basket is supported with 4 sets of poles. I timed myself and from the item being folded up to completely up with all poles in, plus 2 items in it took exactly 1 minute.And then I timed myself how long it took from up with items in, to poles out and completely folded up - 19 seconds.A very convenient storage method, I highly reccomend it.
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We bought this to use as a bin when camping, we were fed up of having to tie bin bags to the stove stand!It's just the right size for a black bin bag (but not too tall that the bag won't fold over the top) and is sturdy too, it's made of very thick canvas type material. It's held up with 4 elasticated poles (like fibreglass tent poles), there are 4 slots in the internal corners that the poles slide down and it takes seconds to erect and put down again. It's very compact when folded up,taking up hardly any room at all.I'm very happy with our purchase and would recommend this to any other campers/caravanners
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Arrived on time well packaged. Sets up easily and was stable even when full. A means of securing the bag at the top would have made this perfect as we found the bag had a tendency to slip down inside, easily solved with a couple of pegs or a bungy strap but it would have been nice if this was part of the original design. Hence 4 not 5 stars


I really like this product. It folds very flat when packed away. When assembled by putting the unfolded poles in each corner makes it a very good bin for rubbish or laundry (currently we use it for the laundry). The only wish list for this would be to have a lid or zip-able top. Otherwise a very good product from Outwell.


Cool piece of kit. We use it as a bin in our Outwell Richmond kitchen table stand. Fits perfectly by height - the roll back top of the Richmond table acts as a lid. I also use a couple of bulldog clips to clip in the bin liner.


Bought for my son, who wanted a laundry bin for his bedroom. He's very pleased with it. There aren't many laundry bins available in black so we were particularly pleased to find this one.




Love this folding laundry bin, great for camping and out of season use it at home. Good quality, sturdy when put together could have lots of uses


excellent product would recommend to all. useful for storage or as a bin bag holder. Have bought more than one
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