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After getting to our camp site much later than we anticipated, we ended up putting our camping gear up by torchlight and so we decided a proper light was needed. As we have an Outwell tent we opted for an Outwell light. It arrived quickly (although I told there would be a delay) and is really nice, much better than in the photo. I've used a soft-light low-engery bulb (small screw-in kind) and it's great. There is a switch, so need to unplug if you want to turn it off. Excellent service and contact with the supplier (Camping World UK).


We are just back from a week's camping trip. Looks great and provides nice light and it you want to read you just sit closer to the centre of the tent. It serves its purpose perfectly and is far better than any of the led lights etc that we used before. This works like any light in a room in your house. Its great.


Very pleased with this purchase, lamp has a nice simple design, but is also robust and of practical size. We have quite a large 6 birth family tent, yet this lamp provided enough light to brighten the living area at night, whilst not shining into the bedroom pods. Great length of cord and easy hanging fixture.


Neat and tidy little lamp. Light in weight. Played up a little when I was screwing and unscrewing the light bulb - other bits started to unscrew. A bit of tightening and consideration and all was well.


Excellent light for the tent. Much better than LEDs which are so harsh. Gives a good light to surrounding area and easily adjustable to length of cable required. Really good product and I recommend it.


Adds just the right amount of light to our camping trips without being too in your face and the extra long cable makes it easy to adjust the height.


This is brilliant, lovely long cable, you can choose your bulb but ours was a low energy one and gave off plenty of light.Brilliant!


Does what it should. Plenty of light. Not a lot to add really. A good buy. Warmer tones than a stark LED light. A good buy.


Just used this light for camping. The light was nice and warm and made our tent feel cosy. The lead is really long too.


We have used this light twice now when camping and worked perfectly and gave good light. Delighted with it


Really pleased with this. Great lighting and long enough lead. Used a 7 watt energy saving bulb in it. :)


Very good light, easy to use, looks good. Arrived quickly and will not be with us on all camping trips


Good little lamp, fitted with a 28 watt quartz halagen bulb gives a good light


Gave good lighting in my Outwell Montana 6 and looked good as well


Excellent lamp. Gives far more light tan I expected. Very pleased.
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