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This is a fab chair, love it. It's a folding moon chair, which comes with it's own bag, with a handle for carrying. The whole surface is padded with a good level of cushioning, so that it's very comfortable, and you don't feel the frame of the chair through the material when you are sitting in it. The material is a good quality, seems very durable. I owned the predecessor to this Outwell chair - which wasn't cushioned, and I left it outside on my roof top terrace over a summer - and the color faded somewhat, but the material was still unscathed (I had another moon chair (not Outwell) that was left out in the sun also for a summer, and the material decomposed / deteriorated in the sun. So,I won't be leaving this chair out in the sun to potentially fade. It is very easy, a one step movement to fold it up, and the bag is large enough to put the chair back into. I would have to say though, that I don't get to sit in often, because my cats love it even more than me, and they have claimed it as their own. Good product and worth the money. Not very heavy, although as a female, I wouldn't want to carry it myself for long distances.
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Had loads of previous camping chairs and moon seats and most have been ok. This is a whole new level. Yes it's big. It states XL! Perfect for a big lad like me. Supports up to 150kg and is super comfy. Alot of people always moan about the bar that goes under your legs (in alot of moon seats) but there really is loads of padding and is simply a perfect slouch chair..... Very sturdy, comes in a good bag and its so simple to open.... Now the wife wants one!


Arrived a day earlier than expected well packaged. Really nice chair and so easy to open and fold up again some moonchairs family members have had in the past have been very differcult this is simple. Well padded and material is nice and of good quality. Is a bit on the heavy side wouldnt want to carry far but the bag is good. For the price very happy with it.


The Best Camping Chair out there, do not look any further I now have 4 of these chairs. Just bought another 2 as needed 4. Well built and the other 2 have lasted us 5 years and still going strong so fingers crossed these will last the same time.


The chair is more comfortable than most camping chairs but it looks more comfortable than it is. He is not high enough for me to lean my head. Even better are probably only the big Oztent chairs. Too bad the Campz does not lead.


This is an excellent chair, Folds out and then back again easily, padded for comfort, and I am 6ft, and it swallows me up, and still has room for a child. It feels sturdy and well made. Best chair I have bought in a long time.


Hammer part. Is currently in my living room. Ultraschnell built up and very convenient. Only the pack size is not the smallest. But you know that before and the seat comfort makes it my opinion:


Brilliant! Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. We have bought these Outwell chairs before. So comfy and sturdy. We bought these two for our kitchen instead of a sofa. Highly recommended.


Really very pleased with this chair. Its a great size and even offers some shelter if its a bit breezy. Very comfortable. just dropped off to sleep in my first try out. Excellent


Its a big chair but it is super comfortable. Everyone makes a beeline for this chair on camping trips (even the dog). You can curl up in it. Easy to fold up. Good quality.


A dream, comfortable and great. Stabilber Packsack thereby, but one needs but also since the chair is not really small. Quickly built up and down and stable.


Chair is very comfortable ,very well padded, my sons uses it in his bed room sits on it while playing xbox,so for ages then, no complaints he loves it


These chairs are everything we hoped they would be. Large, comfortable, good quality materials, extremely sturdy. Not cheap, but worth the price.


good price / quality ratio, clear ordering process and quick delivery with good opportunity to follow the progress of the order and delivery.


Very comfortable chair. Makes a solid impression. So far, I regret that Do not buy, quite the opposite. You can really loll in this chair.
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