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To any potential buyer of the Outwell Camper sleeping bagI have been in scouts most of my life and when I left in 2012 to study I then started playing Airsoft...it now 2020!Now due to this I have slept in all manner of situations, on the floor, rollmat, camp bed...Canvas tent, nylon tent, tarp lean too list goes on.Now in thease situations I have tried a lot of sleeping bags from the cheep £10 decathlon budget sleeping bag to the £200+ summit sleeping bag I used for DofE.This Otwell Camper is thesecond best sleeping bag I have ever used!The best one being a zip up quilt like thing that was really old and had it since I was young but tragically lost it in a fire recently so now I have this one!This sleeping bag is warm, but not too much, I sleep in boxes as is normal for those of a scouting origin pre 2010 and this is temperature perfect!Unlike a mummy bag (the Baine of my life) this is also roomy, I can fold my legs inside it and it!It's also soft like my standard bed blanket thanks to the lining, the bilt in pillow is a nice but little pointless unless you wedge a bag or coat underneath your bag like I do to give me height when I sleep.5 star bag for a good price!weWould recommend to a friend and would buy again myself.Read full review...
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I love its design. It is very very wide, it measures about 90cm. and I don't feel at all overwhelmed inside the bag. The headboard of the bag can be removed and the bag becomes a duvet with a pleasant touch.
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