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Generally this is an excellent stove and easy to use. It is compact and light enough for a multifuel stove. The heat output is very good boiling water quickly and although I would recommend using a windshield it fairs reasonably in a breeze if no windshield is used. There have been a couple of minor problems with my stove, the flat washer supplied to seal the pump to the fuel bottle (I use an Optimus bottle) had a tendency to leak so I replaced it with an old style MSR pump washer and it has worked perfectly since, when using gas there has been a tendency for gas to very slowly leak out of the jet as the control lever doesn't quite shut the valve.Practically this hasn't been a problem but wouldn't be wise to leave a gas cartridge connected if the stove is off for any long period of time. I have found it easier to prime than say the whisperlite and it is ok to light when using liquid fuels, especially if the priming flame is still alight when you turn it on. I have found it harder to light when using gas (surprisingly) although you can use a drop or so of meths to light the priming wick before lighting the stove. This is much easier than trying to light the stove with a lighter or match when using gas (in my opinion). Overall it is one of my favourite stoves, the easy to use jet cleaning needle and the fact that you only need one jet for any fuel makes a big difference. The stove is suitable and stable for fairly large pots but you can also use smaller pots quite easily too. It would appear that the pulsing sound with liquid fuel is quite normal. To sum up the stove is highly recommended if you want a ruggedly built quality stove for using multiple fuels with the added benefit that simmering is easy with any of the recommended fuels. I took away one star because of the above minor flaws.
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Had my last cooker as a student 20 years ago, which is why my opinion may not really be relevant. But I was absolutely thrilled by this stove! One and a half liters of water in about 7 minutes with gas - this is great. The construction is absolutely sensational, intuitively operated and can be used universally by 1-valve technology. The thing is worth its price!


Simply superb. I have now used the stove a few times, and could not recommend it high enough. Light, powerful, reliable, extremely stable, and good looking. The stove creates an impression of a hand-built item, which it probably is, and of Swiss-manufacturing attention to detail, where nothing is left to chance.


Top of the range multifuel stove. Expensive but works very well. Solid, well made, safe in operation, light weight.Only slight gripe is that it's hard to light when using camping gas, as the force of the gas tends to blow out the lighter flame before ignition!


Awesome product, keep finding excuses to use it wherever possible! Upgraded mine with the Polar Dawg 2, would highly recommend this upgrade, drastically reduces noise.


just great
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