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The product works as advertised. There's not really too much one can add to such a simple product. I don't necessarily like the color scheme, but when I'm out in the wilderness I'm not there for a color coordinated fashion show. The heat pouch does meet a legitimate need for helping to retain heat while re-hydrating a dehydrated meal with boiling water. And even after hydration, the pouch keeps the food bag from burning your hand(s) and keeps the food warm longer. And I mean really longer. All my other packing buddies are done eating, and I'm still waiting for mine to cool off enough to not burn my mouth. :-)Frankly it's overpriced - but when there is no competition the vendor can pretty much charge what the market will bear.It is well constructed - perhaps overly so - with thoughtful straps and slots where you can slip your hand in for holding and even for keeping your hands warm while stiring the food and eating. If that extra layer were stripped off, the pouch would be even lighter. (more on weight follows)For backpackers who are ultra-lights, this 2.7 ounce device would be crazy. I made a small trade off and when not is use for meals I use it as a sort-of stuff sack for other things that are in my pack - eliminating a different stuff sack. It was a net gain, but at least it's for a product that is getting multiple uses and I do like that my meals re-hydrate better. I'm aware of the weight I'm adding to my load, but at least I'm being creative and I do like this heat pouch.
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Never thought I'd need this or I should say want. It isn't needed. However, I've found myself doing so much to prepare for the night during my winter camping trips that sometimes I forget to revisit my meal after the suggested 10 minutes has past and found the meal to be on the warm side and not hot. I just used this during a trip to Freel Peak in the Sierras in temps in the teens and it really is a neat item. I was shivering and needed hot food. The Mountain House meal fit nicely in the pouch and even better when I added water. It stands up even better. After preparing hot cocoa, a hot water bottle, cleaning up the stove/kitchen/snow pit, I slid my hand in the holders and immediately liked the warmth.My meal even had spoonfuls that were too hot to taste. It lays flat enough to fit almost anywhere in my pack and I doubled its use and put a fuel canister in it to store. I figured you can store other items in it during cold weather like electronics and simply place it next to your sleeping bag. I'll continue to use it when temps reach into the teens and below.
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I had previously made my own backpacker meal cozy out of that shiny bubble insulation stuff... it worked OK. But, I decided to get one of the Optimus Heat Pouches, since I had recently purchased an Optimus Crux Lite stove. I haven't used the stove, yet, but on two recent multi-day trips I have used the pouch with great results. I had originally thought that the pouch would come in handy for winter camping, by keeping the meal warm/hot longer. Actually, it is ideal for warm/hot weather, as well, since the pouch material makes it more comfortable to handle the hot meal/bag when the weather is hot and gloves are not available. During the winter, the meal is insulated by the pouch from the weather,while in the summer, your hands are insulated from the heat of the meal. The velcro opening on the side makes it a breeze to insert the food bag. While in my pack, I use the pouch to store plastic bags, paper towels, and other things that I use in my camp kitchen. This thing is a winner.
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This item is a little more expensive than it should be, but it sure does work. It keeps your food nice and warm all the way through the meal. If you've ever had to eat your free dried food in temps below freezing you know the bummer of luke warm or cold food. Winds or snow start to kick up and its a race against the clock to get to that food while its still mind and body nourishingly warm. Ive used pack towels or clothes to do the same thing as this product, and they work too, but theres something to be said for just slipping this thing on (or leaving it on to begin with and not having to worry about boiling water anywhere near your hands) and then just cupping this in your hands like a hand warmer or hot bottle holder.It gets the job done. I haven't used this for a stove, and I think if you're camping in temperatures where this set up is needed you should just do yourself a favor and get an MSR Reactor.
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I have used the heat pouch several times on backpacking trips for rehydrating freezer bag meals. I know that you can make similar cozies out of fleece or even car window sunshields, but frankly I was lazy and ordered this instead. It works great! It is basically a neoprene sleeve with pockets. It's very lightweight and packs pretty flat. I didn't give it 5 stars for two reasons: 1. The first heat pouch I ordered was coming apart at the seams right out of the package, so I had to send it back for a replacement; 2. I wish it had a velcro closure along the top to keep in even more heat. I suppose I could add my own, but right now I just clip it closed with a carabiner.


I love this device. Size is very good (at least for Mountain House regular size bags) - you do need to "coax" the bags in but you want a tight fit and the "pro" size bags are a little smaller. Retains heat; allows for more comfortable handling of meals; helps protect you from getting burned. I end up folding bag tops over one of the edges and then using clothes pins to clamp the bag shut which retains heat more - this is about the only feature I might recommend adding as an improvement but not significant. We are fortunate to have an REI store where I live and I got mine there for about 20% less than the Prime price.


This thing really holds in the heat! Nice for people like me who make dehydrated meals then often get distracted by some other camp task before coming back to eat. You might have to take your pouch back out to cool a little before you can dig in, even on a cold day - it is very effective. It's nice to have your food be hot to your mouth without your hands being even hotter, and the slip-in "handle" is a nice touch. For next to nothing in added weight you get a product that when combined with a long-handled titanium spoon makes backcountry dining quite civilized.


Does what it supposed to do: keep your freeze dried food hot long enough to eat it - without burning your hands. I had the chance to try it a few weeks ago. Was 17 degrees without windchill with wind was around zero degrees (yup freezing my butt off trying to be Less Stround) but fired up the stove, make some Mountain House - and shoved it in this pouch. Kept the food warm until i finished. Worked great. I use it to carry the stove in my pack so works double duty. Got that idea from someone else's review.


Good morning, The Optimus Heat Pouch works great for finished and trekking meals from the bag. The dishes remain beautifully warm and you do not burn your fingers during the pouring and stirring. You can also use the Optimus Heat Pouch as an assistant and pot holders, but you should practice a bit, because it has a slight slanting position as a coaster and is a little chunky as a pot holder. Best regards, Sebastian


always a problem in the outdoors with freeze dried food keeping it warm enough to eat and stopping it going cold before it has thoughly absorted all the water cooked itself off. in the past you could use a item of spare clothing but with the risk of a spill knowing that would lose both your dinner and put the clothing out of use it was always a rock and a hard place decision. this now resolves this


Works great! There are pockets on both the front and back. Since most of the meals require you to stir the ingredients before you let it sit, you end up with a dirty spoon or spork. While the meal is sitting, I like to stick the handle of the dirty utensil in one of the pockets. That way, I don't have to hold the utensil (or set it down somewhere dirty) while my food is cooking.


I bought this so I could keep my food warm and keep my hands warm in the side pouches. It is great for the food (which is what it is primarily made for). But the hand pouches (one on each side) barely fits my four fingers up to the knuckles. I wear XL gloves, so someone who wears Medium or Small might get the full benefit, but my big hands make that feature useless.


I really like this pouch! Keeps my food hot longer in my pot. Keeps my food hot longer in the "boil in the bag" dehydrated pouches. In cold weather it doesn't take long for liquids or food to get cold in "camp-size" quantities. This really helps keep it hot longer. No more "add 1 cup of boiling water and wait 8-10 minutes" just to wind up eating cold food......


Does a great job of keeping Mountain House and similarly packaged foodd hot. It stands by itself well on a fairly flat surface and the side pockets make it easy to hold. When in my pack I store my collapsable bowl and spoon in it. I would have given it 5 stars but the pouch's material can absorb smells if food spills on it and can be difficult to wash out.


Been using this for the last 4 months now. I work away from home and use it every day at work. Spme of the stitching frayed a bit but nothing to cause concern, i used a lighter to singe the ends and its been fine since. I work in security with dogs and everything I had gets abused and has a tough life and I'm very impressed with how this heat pouch!
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