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After another successful workout, I can confirm that this supplement is a difference maker when it comes to performance. Over the past year of weight-lifting, every time I've taken this pre-workout on occasion 30 minutes before a workout, I have felt positive benefits in both focus and assertiveness especially.From my experience, the effectiveness of this supplement is improved when taken on an empty stomach as opposed to being taken with food which will still work regardless. During a workout, the time I feel I need in between sets or exercises is reduced, and I've also found stays on track with the workout at hand. As not a big caffeine consumer, the product for me has a morning coffee type effect,only more effective and lasts into the day without feeling unnecessarily strong which is a great feeling in general.As of for the flavour and mixability, the product is great in this aspect too. The powder mixes very easily with some water (350ml) in a shaker bottle, and comes pretty close to pink lemonade flavour only more artificial tasting which is to be expected in a supplement, however it's not unpleasant at all in my opinion.Additionally, the price is rather good for 30 servings especially if you are not going take the supplement before every single workout, so one tub could potentially last a while. The only small con I have would be the slight tingly sensation you can get from this. For me, this can happen when taken without food, but it's not a big issue and common in many similar products.In conclusion, if you are wanting to improve your intensity and focus in the gym, then this product will definitely do the trick. However, don't expect this product to solve all of your tiredness or lack of energy problems as it will not out-do bad nutrition and lack of sleep. But if these things are in check then you're good to go. Out of five stars, I would give this supplement a solid four and a half out of five.
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I`ve been on a bit of a health/self-improvement kick since June last year - lose weight then gain muscle and be fitter as the basic goal. I`ve easily achieved the weight loss part, but gaining muscle and becoming the shape I want to be has been a slower process, and I know the main reason is that I simply don`t have the energy after my day job to do enough training to get the results I want. I`ve also been caffeine-free for about nine months. That made me cautious about this kind of product. Also, I get up very early each day and don`t want to be wide awake till the small hours, so I had to weigh up whether this would suit me personally.Firstly, it mixes well with water, and tastes pretty good.It`s full of good stuff (or at least, it looks like it, the ingredients look like they`re straight from the science lab). I had a small amount - I didn`t feel going from 0 to 175mg of caffeine would be a good idea. I`ll build up the amount. I`ve only tried it quite early in the day, as I was concerned about being up all night or excessively hyperactive if I had it in the evening! The immediate effect was noticeable, and importantly for me I didn`t get a stinking headache or any side effects. As the hours went by I did feel more buzzed. Even seven/eight hours later, if not fully energised, I felt I was more switched on; more focused and less tempted to give up when I got tired I`m simply not strong enough to do what I want but I could do more repetitions and I wanted to do more reps! And that was what I wanted. Maybe this effect was psychosomatic, but I don`t think so.I`ll be interested to see more reviews from people who have tried it later in the day, and whether it really affected their sleep patterns. I`ll definitely keep using this, and the other flavours too, as they`re all perfectly acceptable, but I`m not sure about drinking it in the evening...
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I've given this 4 stars because it does do something, you do feel a boost but not quite as much as others. This could be because of the dosage which is half what it is of most or could be because its not as good, I can't be sure.I have used three now and I would put them in the order of being Sci-mx X-plode Hardcore as the best, Gold standard Pre-Work Out in second place and My Protein's MyPre in third place as the worst one I have used. I found the My Protein one made me feel ill later in the evening and didn't make a noticeable difference.Around 15 mins after taking it you will start to feel strange but this is normal. There is a chemical in it which is in most pre workouts that makes you feel itchy and hot.I have found working out hard makes you not notice this so much. For people who haven't done any pre workout before I would recommend a smaller dose to start with, I know people who have had to run for the toilet soon after taking it!Like everything you take you gradually get used to it so it is best to alternate between a few and also have days off from them completely.One thing that I found and I'm sure others will too is that you have to be in the right mood for any pre workout to have an effect. If you are up for the gym and want an extra boost then this will give that extra lift, if you are tired and can't be bothered then it won't do anything. I can't just be me who has found that!Overall this is a good mid strength powder, the taste is surprisingly good as it doesn't have as many sweeteners in and will last a long time if you alternate and have days off.I tend to go to the gym 3 times a week and use a pre workout 2 - 3 times a week, alternating between this and the Sci-MX one.
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Personally I was never a fan of pre workout because I never thought I needed it. Take what I say which a pinch of salt, this is my anecdotal experience.After taking a 2 year long break from working out due to injury, I decided to take some of this pre workout. I previously peaked at 200kg deadlift without the aid of pre workout supplements and boy did they work.I figured that it would help me lift a bit more and enable myself to push harder in the gym without burning myself out too quickly.Little did I know, that half way throughout my workout I would be pulling 10 plates on the row machine when I was only used to 6 and deadlifting 160kg within the 4th week of my gym routine.I honestly felt like I was never fatiguing.If you’re in need of a kick and require the energy to get through your workout, this will help you achieve that goal. It contains various amino acids which contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle and prevents the body muscle break down.The creatine in this will help provide your muscles with ATP, the energy required to lift more in the gym and you will start to fatigue less quickly.The caffeine is 175mg and has an effect on the central nervous system, providing you with the energy you need to lift.The supplement is “gold standard” so you know you’re getting the ingredients listed on the tub.I advise that you do not use pre workout too often for every workout as its easy to build a tolerance to caffeine, meaning you won’t get the same effect every time you workout.The pre workout also tastes pretty good, quite sweet and chemically but it doesn’t taste too bad, you get used to it.I highly recommend this.
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I have tried many pre workouts over the past 7 years of serious training and I can confirm this is a great product and arrived and performed as advertised.After consuming the recommended portion I got the classic "pre work out tingling sensation" throughout my lips, this subsided after 20 minutes and reappeared once I was running when I temporarily could feel this sensation across my entire face. This is normal for pre workouts. I believe and don't quote me on this, but I am almost sure this is due to a sudden high dose in caffeine so it is nothing to be scared of.Could the taste be better? Yes. Is it perfect? No. Are other competitor products as good if not better? Yes, however at a cost.My favourite pre workout is probably Cellular C4; due to the taste, it tastes like an over the counter energy drink (especially the watermelon flavor, my favorite and go to pre workout). Where as this particular drink tastes somewhat "chemically" however on amazon cellular C4 is almost 50% more in price at the time of purchase. This product is a great alternative to the more expensive brands.All in all I would recommend this product. Gave me the boost in motivation and focus I was looking for. The product is by no means a placebo (as some people in the reviews are saying!) - therefore closely follow the guidance on dosage as I have physically witnessed people take to much pre workout and seen the results first hand...it isn't pretty...que: up set stomach, migraines, anxiety and even a panic attack as I once saw at a local gym in which I had to intervene and help the teenager.
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I was initially unsure of watermelon, but this is a nice flavour. This powder doesn't mix quite as well as it could, so I would recommend a good blender bottle. More importantly, it delivers a decent dose of a number of active ingredients the effectiveness of which is well documented, so this does make a good addition to anyone's workout routine (provided you really are putting the work in at the gym or wherever).However, this is currently priced at around 80p per serving, so you might want to consider mixing your own pre-workout drink. Before using this, I had been taking a serving of Green Tea Extract Powder, roughly equivalent to 140mg of caffeine compared with this product's 175mg and 750mg of Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR) compared with this product's 375mg of L Carnitine.Together they cost me about 7p per serving. This product also includes 3.4g of Creatine Monohydrate, which is good stuff. I tend to add 5g of Creatine Monohydrate to my post-workout drink at around 10p per serving. There are additional vitamins and amino acids that I don't usually supplement with but if they're important to you, you can find them quite cheaply too. My homemade mix doesn't taste so good (and mixes less well), but that's because I use no sweeteners or flavourings that tend to bring unwanted calories with them. If taste is important, try adding a sugar free squash (lemon is best as it complements, rather than clashes with, the flavour of the active ingredients).Whatever route you go down, don't forget Amazon's Subscribe and Save can get 15 percent off.
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Right, where to start...I have been training for a little over two years now, and have tried just about every popular pre-workout there is, from the original DS Sports Craze (which got banned) to Marc Lobliner's MTS Clash (which is still my favourite when Stacked with Hemavol, but availability in the UK can be tricky).Got ON PW just this week, and before taking my 3 month cycle off pre-workouts which I am due, I thought I would give it a quick try, and I have to say I am extremely impressed. The energy and focus received from this during my morning workouts is superb.Positives:- Mixes well- Tastes Delicious- Real energy and focus- Price, I am used to getting MTS Clash shipped over from Tiger Fitness in the US,so this is relatively cheap compared to that.Negatives:- It does cause me to slightly crash about 3 to 4 hours after consumption- This isn't a pump product, or at least it certainly doesn't have the same effect on me as Hemavol- As with all pre workouts, dont consume this after 3pm otherwise you will find getting to sleep a bit of an issueAs always, ON may be slightly more pricey than other brands on the market, but you get what you pay for, and that is always a quality product. Please remember though, everyone reacts differently to pre workout's, some peoples bodies are good with stimulant's and some peoples aren't, so honestly, if you're looking for a pre workout its all about finding something that reacts the way you want it to with your body. But this is most certainly worth giving a try...
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I'm a fan of ON's products, and use their whey protein regularly. This pre-workout contains a number of active ingredients with some science behind them (particularly beta alanine and creatine), together with a stimulant (caffeine) and some vitamins (probably not necessary if you have a decent diet or take a good quality multi-vitamin). Unlike some pre-workout formulae, it does not contain a "pump" or NO element, so depending on whether you consider that important or not, there may be better choices for you elsewhere.Although billed as a pre-workout, aside from the caffeine, the timing of taking the main active ingredients during the day makes almost no difference to their benefits,and if this is your source of creatine and beta alanine, which depend on gradual build up of concentration in the body, you will want to take it even on days you do not work out to see the maximum effect.The apple flavour is not totally unpleasant but not great either. To be honest though, if you want a nice apple drink to enjoy in the sun, pour yourself a nice cider or apple juice. If you want a pre-workout, mix it with some water, get it down you and move on. As a final brief word of warning to those who have not previously taken beta-alanine, some people (me included) get tingly fingers (paresthesia) which is a little odd, but nothing to be concerned about.
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This is my first ever pre-workout supplement and it worked miracles. The first day I used it I started with just a short time on the exercise bikes (I know it is not recommenced to take this before cardio but it was freezing outside so I had to have a short warm-up) and I could straight away see the affects. I could easily breeze through a higher difficulty on the bike than I normally use whilst keeping the same speed going; I even had to check that the bike was not broken - this is how much of an affect it had!When using this product I find I can up the weights that I am lifting and still get through those last few hard pumps without my muscles giving up on me.You can also go for longer and get through more sets and be able to successfully do more different workouts for of your muscles without you running out of energy to push.The taste of this product is not nice at all but just about bearable, however from what I have read no pre-workouts have a very good taste. The powder mixes relatively well but I tend to use more water than specified to help with this process. When using this product I have only encountered the jitters once which was only short lived.Overall I would defiantly recommend people to use this product - just ignore the taste and thing of the benefits which you are getting from it!
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I've not used a pre-workout drink before. I generally stay away from booster products while working out. I usually just take a diet coke or a Pepsi Max to my workouts for a caffeine boost. Gym workouts are anaerobic so fizzy drinks sipped during a workout is actually more stimulating than detrimental. So I was curious about this drink.I needed to get myself a sports drink bottle as this drink is in powdered form. It has a full quota of amino acids, b6, b12 , folic acid, L-carnitine at 375 mg, caffeine 175mg.The flavour is grapefruit and is a pink colour.The taste is acceptable. I still take a diet coke along. I would say my energy is high during the workout,and having a normal non-fizzy proper workout drink feels good and I am drawn to drinking it during my workout.For the price it's actually very reasonable. I don't go to the gym more than 2 times a week so 30 servings per container lasts quite a while.I will try some of their other flavours they have.update 09-06-2015I tried the Apple flavour and I prefer it. So therefore, it's only fair that it cost £3.50 more than the others as it tastes better and its a good reason to squeeze out a few more pounds.update 13-09-2015Prices more reasonable now for Apple flavour
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I've only used this once so far, but I wanted to write an initial review.The product itself is packaged well. It's in a plastic tub with moisture absorbers inside to stop the powder clumping, and the tub seals well so you don't need to worry about spilling any.The powder itself (apple) mixes quite well, and tastes great. ON has a reputation for good tasting products and it seems this is no exception. I took it around 15 minutes before starting my workout, and the effects were definitely apparent. I don't drink coffee so I'd imagine it's going to have a more prominent effect on those that don't, but I definitely had more energy and more focus during my session.I found I was able to keep pushing myself,and I didn't start flagging like I normally do. I was more focused on what I was doing instead of getting distracted, and was able to set a few PB's as well so I'd definitely say it was worth the money.I didn't feel particularly hot or tingly, although I did get a slight lightheaded feeling but it was nothing uncomfortable or concerning.All in all, i'd recommend this to anybody looking to add an extra kick to their workout, and it definitely works as advertised (for me, anyway).
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This product is ideal when taken prior to explosive workouts. I don't just lift weights - as some other reviewers do - but do so as part of a circuit training program for my cycling. I have used other brands and this is more than a match for any of them. First, the taste of the sample product I was given was Apple, which had a nice tang and almost, almost, tasted non-artificial.After taking the requisite measure I felt totally buzzing and energised by the product after ten, or so, minutes. My focus and urge to do a quick but strenuous workout was maximised. The effect lasted for about the length of one of my sessions of general gym work consisting of sit-ups, press-ups and squat thrusts,followed by weight training for the legs and arms, and finally on to hyper-quick sprint work on the stationary gym-cycle.I also do 2-3 lengthy cycle rides during the week - but don't take this product prior to doing that as it's not compatible with stamina work.The level of fun during exercise was definitely enhanced by using Optimum Nutrition's product, and that's where the £1-odd cost per serving becomes a bargain.Great stuff!
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I have just finished working my way through the tub so I've given it a good test.If you compare what's in this with No xplode then you get more for your money with this pre workout and I have had no crashing or feeling rough afterwards at all.... In a strange way it all feels kind of natural, I don't feel like I've just swallowed a load of chemicals. I've been using Fruit punch and it tastes great, mixes well and genuinely quite nice to drink.If you're up for the gym then it gives you a really nice boost and I find myself pacing in between sets dying to crack on with the next, I feel really wired! However if you're tired..... You're tired. It can't give you're muscles energy that just isn't there in the first place...and I don't actually think this is a bad thing, it seems to give you more of a mental boost than tricking your body in to thinking it has more energy than it actually does and you end up over straining and doing yourself an injury, possibly putting you out for weeks and nobody wants that!Overall I recommend this and personally will be reordering
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Optimum nutrition is always a good brand to go with when buying supplements, as they are a well renowned brand known for their credibility.Pre workouts are always going to have mixed reviews as everyone reacts to them differently. Some people are simply either more sensitive or more tolerant to the ingredients that give you energy and a pump during your workout. So it's up to you to check out the ingredients, see what ingredients you are looking for in a pre workout, and just give it a try. Eventually you'll find a pre workout that works for you as an individual.In terms of this working for myself, I did find myself getting a good amount of energy and focus in the gym with a good pump.I tried the watermelon as I heard good things about the taste, however it is hit and miss as I liked it but my friend didn't. So, again, try a flavour and see if you like it yourself. All in all this is a good pre workout which works for me so I've given it 5 stars, but, someone else's review might not mean you like it. It's all down to individual preference.
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Optimum Nutrition Watermelon Gold Standard Pre-Workout Supplement is actually a watermelon flavoured caffeine drink that gives you a unique burst of energy with a blend of vitamins. I love to use it before exercising when doing resistance exercise training. I also find it comes in quite handy when working a long shift and I need something to just keep me going. More focused. More with it! Long working hours have really drained me of energy lately. This is a great pick-me-up, but obviously used in moderation as ordinarily this is a product that when combined with exercising (like weight lifting) it helps increase muscle mass. No more than once a day usage is recommended.Besides vitamins,this also contains 3 g of Creatine to reduce fatigue by transporting extra energy into your cells , L-citrulline, 250 mg of N-Acetyl L-tyrosine & 375 mg of L-carnitine and of course a very high dose of caffeine (175 mg per scoop).Tastes nice, but not deliciously tasty, if you know what I mean. It does, however, taste very much like watermelon.
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