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Makes me fart, but good carbs not just sugars. I have always had a hard time putting on weight, this just takes care of the problem on top of my current diet, now above 70kg for the first time in my life.Can't do the recommended 4 scoops, I do half of that blended with a banana and milk / oat milk.Mouth feel is too thick and slimy, and way too sweet compared to the standard ON GS Whey which I prefer in those regards and have much less powder per shake. Would be better with less Sucralose or maybe just some Stevia instead.Tastes a bit like coconut which is nice, the aftertaste isn't good but I do take fish oil before which might affect it.Overall good product, would recommend for someone who struggles to put on weight.Goes down much easier than others I've tried. Mostly good quality vegetable carbs, and not just cheap sugars which you often see in "gainer" shakes.
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I've been taking this stuff for around a week now and honestly I feel great. Before I was taking USN anabolic but after switching to this I'm hooked. Great tasting, a little awkward to mix but I've found using a mesh grill in your shaker makes all the difference. Sure it could contain added vitamins and bcaa's but you can get these relatively cheap on the side. Add semi skimmed milk to add some more quality cals and protein!


Been using this for a while. You have to drink this religously however if you want to see changes. I was quite skinny but drank this nearly everyday or so for a month and have gained weight. Good for muscle mass etc. Tastes decent too, but needs to be shaken thoroughly to remove solid bits at the end of your drink.


Let me be clear - I use this because I love the nutritional ratios but I could not recommend to anyone to take it in the quantities suggested. I usually have 1-2 scoops maximum as a pre-workout. The rest of my calories I take from whole foods. I just don't think my body an process that much powder.


Good size tub for the price, 4 scoops is a lot and makes the shake very thick so I tend to use 2 scoops, tastes better than a lot of other protein shakes


TASTES REALLY NICE EVEN WITH WATER! Great source of cals & mixes well. (Prob will sub to it soon)


I have tried 1,000 different protein. Honestly this tates amazing. And loving the gains


Brilliant price & Super speedy delivery arrived next day Thank you.


Good for post workout and gaining lean weight n not fat


Good product


Very testy.


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