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I've taken these for a couple of weeks now. I've noticed it improves my energy levels.The pills are quite large.Makes your pee abnormally saturated. Like the brightest yellow/ green pee I've seen.I don't know the science behind it but it's pretty cool. Just make sure you don't miss the bowl and get it anywhere cos it will be really obvious.For that reason alone, I recommend these vitamins.


These had the highest Vitamin and Mineral content of all the products I looked at in this price range. They are big, but soft so they don't really get stuck in the throat. I'm happy with these and will buy them again as they are excellent value and hopefully contain all what the label say's it does.


I got exactly what I ordered. One pack of 60 capsules will last for 30 days, so with 2 boxes you have a 2 month supply of vitamins. Pretty good deal. The shipping is not as fast because it comes from far away. Just order ahead of time.


I’ve been using those for a while now. They are great, give you all nutrient body need. No need to take it every day , but it’s to give yourself vitamin boost when you start feeling a bit down. After 2 weeks take a break.


These vitamins really work. And they help me to deal with everyday training. Seems they manage to energize and help to rest.Using these for several months - they've great value.


Very good quality vitamins and minerals after using just for few days can straight feel a difference in energy levels. Only strange thing after using a pee becomes greenish?


Brilliant product have been using these for over a year now and my recovery from the heavy gym sessions every time have been greatly aided by these


Bought these in poland last year and now a load off here awesome chelated minerals and pure vitamins for this price cant get better quality....


It's a really good vitamins. I'm using this Olimp vitamins every winter time and it's THE BEST vitamins for me with really good price.


I have been using these for a while and they have more than enough of most of the vitamins you gonna need so thwy are perfect for me


Probably the best price/quality vitamin product on amazon.I aslo use other Olimp products and they're all good quality.


Very quick delivery, came out without original package but with leaflet and all necessary information.


ÓTIMO polivitaminico ,indico a todos que praticam esportes ,ou trabalhem com serviços pesados .


Very good quality for reasonable price. If you like go to gym, I recommend it 100%


I felt the effects straightaway. Health improved and I was able to get up all day.
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