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I was looking for trustworthy brand to get some supplements aiding weight loss, energy management and help with performance during exercising. I remember that this is make I used to buy from pharmacy over 10 years ago- also l-carnitine, but also other supplements supporting joints - as was training karate at the time, that was adding to wear and tear.Price in not really higher that all other makes (most of them I never heard of and it can be anything in that bag), considering you taking 1 a day. Also I prefer capsules - they are rather big, but I don’t really mind that much. You can also open them and add to sport drinks or shakes,but thats what I like about capsules - that you can take them without fuss when you don’t mix your own shake (ie drinking ready made at the gym), and you can still turn it into powder when you want to make your own mixture. Other powders you just have to mix, so sometimes its much less convenient than taking capsule with you (lets say you want to go straight to the gym after 10 hours work - on your way back, without going home first - your shake would have to be prepared about 12 hours before use - I don’t know about anyone else - but my “mixtures” (pineapple pressed juice, banana, protein powder, bcaa’s, c8 MTC oil, flax seeds, chia seeds etc) separated into few layers just after 1 hour.I do notice that I can exercise just that little bit linger as well, and Im not as tired afterwards.
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This is a Long String Fat Fat Burner, so basically the difficult Fat that your body struggles to burn naturally. It converts the stubborn Fat into easy fats that your body can burn whilst excercising. If you do nothing besides swallow some pills, you wont loose weight. This product I find is quite good as it is working quietly in the background all day long and when at Gym it really kicks in! You Sweat like a beast whilst on yoru work out! Less than 1 week in at the recomended dose and I feel fine. No strange side effects like constantly being Hot or Sweating all the time. My weight has dropped almost a whole Kilo, so I'm pleased so far.


This is one of the strongest I have come across. Whilst L-Carnitine can play a supporting role in helping to reduce fat, for anyone who exercises, L-Carnitine and is more effective if taken alongside Alpha lipoic Acid (ALA)is best taken AFTER your gym session ideally with carbs and fat. For those who want extra energy, then you need to be taken Acetyl L-Carnitine, which stacks well with Creatine, Alanine, Taurine and Caffeine


The pills themselves on the large side but because it is coated I didn't have trouble taking them. I really did feel more energised in general though one thing I have noticed that I should say as a negative point is that it has a really strong not very nice smell to it. You really need to take a deep breath before you take it to not smell it otherwise it can be off putting :/


These are very good for value / mobility. I can take some around when I travel with no concerns of mess. I have better energy to exercise after I've taken them but not as much as other brands I've tried. Make sure to take them 2 hours before/after meal!


Only just started using the L Carnitne supplement as i amdoing some fitness weight training currently; i understandits important for enhancing fat metabolism to ensureleaner physique. So for me its a trial run , time willtell .


Been using these with CLA as a fat burning tool with intermittent fasting and very pleased with the results,a few side effects ,your perspiration does not smell pleasant,but the fats melting away.


I have only been taking for a little while in conjunction with raspberry keytones, seems to be working well, product is good quality and was shipped promptly.


Nice parcel and quickly get themThe remaining 3 days will be 2 weeks for fit and firmerFatty gone then...I'll more orderingHighly recommended


Horse sized pills, good however as you only need one and it gives you a large dose of L-Carn. Daily absorption is 2g


This product is sensational. It accelerates fat burning very quickly. This is my third pack. Recommend!!!


Having read about the product I thought I'd give it a try - found this to be the best price and quality


This product met my expectation - with diet and excersises this is a great stuff to loose weight


great deal for L-Carnitie Tartarate. Each pill is 1500mg, 1000 of which L-Carnitine Tartarate.


It’s the most effective one I’ve tried so far. Added an extra 30 minutes to my cardio. Magic!
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