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I got the lemon flavour. It tastes OK. Something like cold Lemsip. I don't mind it, it's fine, not amazing, not disgusting.First few times I had it I took it post-gym and that was fine as the bottle was properly washed with soap and water before it was used again. The problem came with I decided to try using it during a workout. It was fine when I was drinking the product, but when I ran out and refilled my bottle with plain water from the gym fountain the taste the residue of the BCAA left behind was foul.Really really disgusting chemical aftertaste they tainted ever sip. It put me off hydrating properly for the rest of my session, and the taste was still there even after emptying and refilling again.So I guess the moral of the story is that this is fine as a post gym drink, but don't try using a bottle you've prepared this in for water without giving it a proper clean. This loses a star for me as it means I can't really use this as a workout drink.
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There are many BCAA products on the market some in capsules(which I don't use) and in powder.Recently I switched from Optimum Nutrition BCAA on Olimp BCAA Xplode and it turns out it's a very decent product. The instruction says to use it before/after workout but to be quite honest Olimp Redweiler is much better for pre workout while BCAA Xplode can be used between sets(someone mentioned that in his review) and after workout since you need BCAA for regeneration. While with most BCAA products I tried,only Optimum/Olimp nutrition products actually worked out for me therefore I can recommend this one for you. As for orange taste it isn't bad but it's not great either so you may try another flavor. I gave 5 stars because it improved my performance during workouts and it really helped me with muscle regeneration.
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I'm so used to being dissapointed by sports products and their promises that to actually have one do what it says on the tin is leaving me suspicious. I bought the lemon, which tasted like lemsip and a bit strange at first, but now I know how much this stuff works its worth it. I had a killer leg session and I had a surprising amount of stamina. I did a good stretch afterwards but I was expecting doms after over 100 reps on the leg press alone (going over 100kg - I'm 60kg).I did glutes and hamstrings and I feel confused because I KNOW I absolutely killed it, but I don't feel like I did. It's very confusing but so good because I'm not left struggling to sit on the loo. But it's weird not having that super sore feeling after such a workout. So I really know this stuff works! I'm going to try the orange next.
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Glad to have purchased this. I feel good taking this and makes me feel positive inside. Furthermore my muscle recover faster and muscle pain reduce really quick... This is not like Jack 3d. Or no xplode , but when I take this I feel much stronger and have more stamina in the gym. I usually just take a t spoon with a glass of water 2 to 3 times a day and feel great . Also makes you feel more hydrated as well. Good product for ppl who train at gym or have a engineering type of job and busy throughout the day.it definitely gives you the extra edge. You can also take this before bed time it won't keep you awake all night .. it's a weird supplement which gives you the extra power without feeling hype up. It's more like a mental booster, and for recovery.
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I really like this product. Obviously its good for exercise to recover your body faster. But I have an other benefit since I have been using it I haven't been sick. Maybe just coincidence but anyway its good product. The taste is okay and the 500g last around 2-3 months.


Flavour taste nice, don't like the smell... but I don't have muscle aches and pains as bads as when I didn't use this product. I take it once at night and after my workout along with a bath with magnesium flakes once every two weeks.


I really like this product. Altho BCAA's are ever present in most protein shakes actually consuming them during a workout is very beneficial. I now take a bottle of water with this mixed in and drink between sets. Tastes good too.


i hate supplement tastes - as they try to replace natural fruits - but they cannot.This cola flavor BCAA is a great replacement for real Cola - which is not so good to drink.Good dissolving, real taste and smell.


Does the job enough said really. The product lasts for a long time when used moderately. the taste is great too. I love pinapple and this isn't one that is over powering


Love the taste, I take during workout. I find without it my recovery is slower and I feel DOMs for longer. I recommend to all my friends if training hard.
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