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I first used nitric oxide supplements a couple of years ago with excellent instant and lasting pump results. Problem was it had cost me around £30 for a 2 months supply and the tablets turned to powder (nightmare to swallow) because of air moisture, so I didn't buy another batch.I'm a big fan of olimp amoks, been using those regularly as a good pre workout booster, so decided to try out another olimp product and seen the nitric oxide label of their argi power. The best thing was the price for the amount of capsules you get, which I assumed would be about a 6 month supply.That was my next big pleasing surprise when I opened the box, you only have to take 1 tablet immediately before workout,I had assumed it would be 2, which means it's more like a years supply, absolute bargain.It's important to know that any nitric oxide supplement should be done in 2 week cycles (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off). I read that the effects of the amino acids reduce if taken constantly, so be strict with this for best results.Just finished my 2 week cycle of these and the results are as good as the other tablets that turned to mush. In fact coz they are olimp, they come in big white capsules each individually stored in foil + plastic packaging, so the air moisture problem I'm not going to have.The results I get are a boost in motivation, energy and endurance during the workout, they compliment the amok tablets well. I notice better muscle definition and swell, it's like the results I'd get after 2 weight seshs without taking anything. They're also great for cardio, although I've only done light cardio.Basically nitric oxide products are boosters to the bodies ability to produce nitric oxide in the blood and l-arginine is one of the main amino acids, so apparently having a high intake of it will improve blood flow to the muscles and the building blocks for muscle, meaning better nourished muscles. That's what I researched on it and I have to say that I will be making nitric oxide boosters a regular in my training 2 weeks out of every month. Will stick to olimps for now, glad I found these
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Great product. Felt the effects within just days of using this brand. Only 'negative' if I can call it that is the fact that it could leave you with a prolonged massive erection several times a day. Not bad if you're locked up in doors with the Mrs but out shopping in Sainsburys... Will definitely keep using but will invest in baggier trousers.


Since I started to use this product I have much more energy in the gym and also I can Do much moe..I’m taking 3 caps 30 min before going to the gym .Works perfectly..


Seem good 3 before bed and stamina definitely increased. Don't take straight after a big meal leave for an hour after eating seems to aid performance


This is an excellent product, although the tabs are a little large. I get excellent pump from these showing they are as described.


Amazing stuff. Works very well, take before sleep or before workout, but dont use with pre-workout together. Highly recommend!


Excellent product. Works extremely well at relaxing arteries, especially relieving pain in my legs when I go for long walks.


Very good product, fast delivery and definitely does what it claims, would use again .


These seem to be pretty damned effective, good value for money also


Excellent service!! Excellent product will by again.


Olimp best one ☝️! Quality of products is amazing.


Highly effective item ?


Works for me.


Great stuff.


works good
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