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I was over the moon with this basin,it was a special treat to myself for my new kitchen,perfectly matched my newly painted walls. No problem with any dishes fitting it it as it is flexible... HOWEVER... Washing up after a plate of beans on toast, I was disappointed to discover that the tomato sauce has stained my beautiful bowl around the top edges! No amount of scrubbing or cleanser will remove it,it looks like it has sunk into the material. Very disappointed that an innocent plate of baked bean sauce could do this to such an expensive bowl. Surely it should be stain resistant for the price of it?!!!


I am looking on Amazon for a replacement black Normann bowl,I have had mine for around 8 years!!! It is still totally black ( regardless of bleaching cloths etc in it ),perfect shape, but its sort of peeling a little around the waterline area. I have a Belfast sink and the rubber bowl protects both the sink itself and crocks and glassware that may be mis-handled when washing up. I disagree about the small size because its flexiblity allows the bowls side to move.I think its cost is totally justified-have never used the brush though!


This is my second Norman bowl - the first lasted 6 years and was only replaced because it was pale blue and developed white marks presumably from over vigorous cleaning! Expensive but worth the money give the quality and durability. Unfortunately Amazon delivered a grey bowl rather than the black ordered. It was marked as being black but I returned it and got a refund. As couldn't face going through the process with Amazon for a second time I ordered a black version (which was black and not grey) from a different supplier.


This is a great product, and although expensive I am returning to buy a replacement after about 4 years. At first sight it appears small, but because it is flexible this is not a problem. It protects both my sink and my crockery, is quiet to use, stays really clean, and looks great. My original bowl is still going strong, but is showing a small patch of surface wear - not surprising as we have no dishwasher so it gets very heavy use. I would recommend this to anyone (but the brush is a waste of space).


I am so so delighted with this washing up bowl, firstly the size is perfect for modern sinks and I wish I had seen this site a long time ago because the quality is undeniably the best I have ever seen. I didnt realise that the wooden brush came with the bowl and that was an extra surprise for me. Why arent all washing up bowls made of rubber, no scratches on stainless steel I just love love love this product. Well done!!!!


The only reason why i had to purchase another bowl was my only stupidity by melting the corners with a 200 degree baking tray ! Despite this, the original was purchased x5 years ago, never discoloured, ( bought the red one ) & was a talking point when in the kitchen. The original was still functional, but decided on a new bowl, for the new year.Although a tad pricy, it's a return on investment, i'm converted !


We had our kitchen re-fitted with a nice new alomost-Belfast style sink, which unfortunately had a shape that defied any washing up bowl fitting in it. This bowl, though expensive for a washing up bowl, fits perfectly adaptong to the strange contours of our new sink. Love the red colour and have treated myself to the new purple one for the utility. Not keen on the brush that comes with it smells awful.


I have had my eye on one of these for a number of years,but didn't feel I could justify such a lot of money on a washing-up bowl.However,it is worth every penny.I hate washing-up,but the simple pleasure that this lovely red bowl brings,makes it just about bearable!!!!!


I've had mine for 5 years and is not ready to give up yet! It may be expensive but it lasts and looks good with everyday use even after many years! I've had many compliments on my unusual bowl, and, When this one finally goes I shall be buying another one. Great product!


it may be one pricey bowl and one bright red colour but im telling u now a year on it still looks brand new and i still love it and am very glad i own it and althou its price is know secret to family and freinds im very pleased to own it as no one els i know has one lol


I bought this red Rubber Washing Up Bowl when I needed a replacement.It is a fantastic strong item,friends who have seen it think it isa great item and I get all my servent duties out of the way a lotquicker since buying it.I cannot recommend it highly enough.


I bought this for a friend, whose original one died, after several years of constant use, she loves beautifully designed, simple, products. She is delighted with it, as she has no room for a dishwasher and she has asked me to give it a five star review !


A beautiful shape. This is my third Normann Copenhagen washing up bowl! My one problem is that eventually the rubber perishes, and irremovable grime sticks under the rim. Care instructions would be helpful.


This is the second bowl I have purchased - the other one was six years old and had started to leech some colour slightly. Get lots of comments as it is really unusual.


Excellent flexible product. I want a new one because I put a puncture in one of these after 8 years of use. I have several flats and have them in every one.
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