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I ordered these to use on a cross-country domestic round- trip flight, and have since used them 3 times on local weekend driving trips. The large kit provides 3 or so 4oz bottles, which is great when you are sharing products, and for longer- term travel. You will have to check those bottles, as the TSA only allows for 3.5 oz for carry-on toiletries, and all your carry-on toiletries have to fit inside a little quart-size bag, anyway, so unless you split the fully-utilized kit between two carry-on travelers, it would not be possible for one person to carry- on all of the bottles in the medium and large kits, if all for liquids and creams, at least.I had no problems with leaks.I did use the flip-top spouted cap for the body lotion I took, and it did not leak in-flight, or otherwise. Some reviewers said that they had problems with those leaking. I just avoided storing liquids like mouthwash when using those caps, per their warnings, and everything was fine, and those caps actually come as extras, so you have the option to use them, at all.A little disclaimer: I did not fill the larger bottles to the top, so that may have affected their propensity for leaks. However, I filled a smaller bottle almost to the rim with mouthwash and there was still no problem.I like the material; nalgene is pretty tough, easy to clean, and somewhat translucent, so you can easily differentiate between products, Plus, the kit has different colored tops, although I do suggest marking products similar in appearance. A little humorous anecdote: I "gelled" my long hair with my face wash the first day, lol, because I forgot which one was which, since they are both clear and similar in consistency, and neither are very scented!Overall a good product, especially for the price. There is a good variety of sizes in my large kit, and it took care of both me and my boyfriend's needs, especially since we use the same main hair care products, and the heavier-weight plastic bag it comes in is great to use to store your checked toiletries when you are flying.I suggest these for anyone, since they have done well for us so far, and seem very durable, and it saves the hassle and expense of buying so many mini-toiletries. Plus, if you are selective about the products you use everyday, not only will you be able to take them with you in a reasonably- sized container for the duration of your travel and packing weight limits/space in baggage issues, but you do not have the risk of broken jars and bottles that can make a huge waste and mess, you are not required to you pack your whole bathroom, and you can store your leftover products in these seemingly airtight bottles until your next trip when you replenish them. Common sense will show you where this is not advisable for certain products, but, in general, I have just been keeping them in my carry-on toiletry bag, ready when needed. I even have a few in my big purse for when I clean up at the gym, and need to gargle after lunch.Happy pragmatic traveling!
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These jars comes in two flavors. This one is PC jar, the other one is PP jar. They are exactly the same in size and shape but the difference is the material they are made of. I believe the PC is made of polycarbonate while the PP is made of polypropylene. I have both and I like PP better. How you distinguish them is in the bottom of the jar it would say either PC or PP. That's pretty much the only physical difference that exist between the two.PC jars are clear see-through and rather glossy. PP jars are also see-through but somewhat cloudy and gives matte look. If you knock on PC jar it sounds a bit like a glass (shrill). If you knock on PP jar it has a solid/damp response more like real plastic.I haven't weighed them both but just from my personal observation of how they feel in hand I think PP jars are slightly lighter than PC.My understanding is that PP jars are (scientific) lab grade stuff and have higher characteristics like melting point and handling of liquids etc. They feel great in hand too and have a premium look. The PC jars look rather cheap.As for as general use they both should work equally good. I use them for storing spices in kitchen. My favorite is clear though, the PP jar just because how it looks and feels in hand. That's pretty much the only reason I dropped a star from PC because I don't like its glossy looks.
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I got these bottles for a backpacking trip and they are awesome! I needed small bottles for honey, syrup, seasonings and cooking oil. All of which are things that you don't want spilled all over inside your gear bag. These bottles performed flawlessly and never leaked a drop - especially considering more than 5000 feet of elevation change that makes leaks more likely (low air pressure at altitude makes bottles filled at low elevation prone to leak). As a note, I always packed the bottles with the solid caps and only switched to dispensing caps when actually dispensing.The bottles are small, durable and lightweight and come in sizes that worked perfectly for me for a 6 day trip with 3 people.Somenotes:- only round 4 oz bottles are "squeezable"- dispensing caps only fit on round 4 oz bottles- dispensing caps will leak so use the translucent round bottle caps and switch to dispensing caps only when needed- red, white, green and blue lids are interchangeable on 4 oz rectangular, 2 oz square and 1 oz roundIf you are going to use them for air travel you can't carry on the 4 oz bottles (even if filled with only 3 oz of stuff)
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I made a set of Buna seals for the caps and they are now leak proof. Buna is a fairly robust material that withstands most chemicals and it's easy to trim and work with. Amazon sells it by the sheet for a very reasonable price. If you are worried about leaks make some seals and be done with it. I am not using these to hold anything that will be consumed by a human or pet so the use of non-food grade Buna is acceptable. If you are worried about contamination you can use the more expensive food grade Buna.I am using these to haul brake fluid for our mountain bikes. We've got Shimano (mineral oil based) and SRAM (DOT brake fluid based) systems in the family so I have to haul two types of fluid with us on trips.I didn't want to lug around the original jugs and knew there had to be a better way to transport the stuff. The larger Nalgene bottles from this kit fit right into the tool box. Happy Happy Happy. Again, I've tried everything I could to make them leak and with the home made seals they are now leak proof. The bottles and caps on the larger containers are heavy duty and just what you'd expect from Nalgene. Top quality stuff.
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I bought these as I needed leak proof containers for my latest trip. I love travel size bottle so I don't really think you can have two many. In the description it clearly says that the 2 large round and one large rectangular bottle are 4oz and therefore NOT TSA compliant. I have snuck them past the TSA with conditioner (I need a lot) without problems but of course this is a risk you must be willing to take. I find the round bottle to be more sneakable.Now the important stuff. NO LEAKS! I am so happy these have not leaked. I use the smaller bottles to hold liquidy liquids (nail polish remover, baby oil) and so far so good. No leaks and many flights so far. The Tubs are great as well (the main reason I bought these).I use the small pub for Cold Cream Makeup Remover and the Larger one for Raw Shea Butter or Coco Butter lotion and these will last more than 2 weeks. I am sure you can find other uses for these. If you think you wont need the 4oz bottles, then buy the small kit. That one does not have the bigger bottles.All in all this was a good purchase and I am happy I made it. A must for travel bottle fans!
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These containers are non-reactive and perfect for TSA-approved travel. The two larger spout top containers are not TSA-approved sizes.These containers are perfect for all of Rusty’s body lotions and oils, conditioners and vitamins. Older men need to care for their bodies inside and out. That’s why I got these containers for Rusty (imagine an Ernest Hemingway look-alike). These containers hold his lotions to keep his face and bearish hands creamy and soft, his weathered thick hairy arms and legs moist and radiant, and conditioner to keep his thick gray hair free of fraying and split ends. Not to mention, they’re great for holding vitamins and ED meds, or any kind of meds for that matterLet’s face it,prepackaged TSA-approved body care is incredibly expensive. These containers allow me to buy larger sizes from the store then distribute for Rusty in smaller quantities to save lots of money.These containers are perfect for travel or even just bedside for whatever an older man might need... meds, lotion, oil, whatever
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I've been looking high and low for the perfect travel containers, and have finally found them! Every other travel set I've had has leaked, which is a huge pain when you get to your hotel room and see that all of your super expensive product has leaked all over your stuff. The bottles are squishy, so it is easy to squeeze out conditioner, shampoo, etc. The pots are hard plastic, I use them to hold oils without any fear of leakage.I've had these for two months and have put makeup remover, coconut oil, argan oil, conditioner, shampoo, moisturizer, and more with no issues. I do wish the squirt tops fit all of the bottles, but they only fit two. I've brought them along with me on trips,but haven't actually remembered to use them. Some of the containers are bigger than the TSA allowed 3oz, so be careful about which ones you pack in a carry on. For checked bags they are great!
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I travel frequently for work and bought these travel bottle so I could bring my favorite toiletries with me on my trips. I'm saving a ton of money I would have otherwise spent on travel-size toiletries since I started using these six months ago, and not one of them has broken or leaked in my luggage....unlike storebought travel-size toiletries that come in cheap packaging. They're all the perfect size for air travel, and allow me to bring enough shampoo, lotion, and facial cleanser for a week. Since I can still buy less expensive, bulk quantities of everything I need, I couldn't be happier with this purchase.Its saving me a lot of money on all my toiletries...I even use one of the squirt bottles for my contact solution...it never leaks!My only con would be that the caps can be hard to keep up with. Keep all the pieces together in the bag it comes in.
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Great set, good value considering what each individual one would cost on amazon, however considering what we pay to buy Nalgene bottles in bulk at my old job... I should of snatched a bunch from work. Nalgene is a great product though, and the only bottle I trust to not leak.4oz is bigger than I thought it would be, but the 1 and 2 oz are handy for travel and taking sauces and spices camping and backpacking. I suppose if I ever go on a month long trip I might need 4 oz of something but for now I don't see a use for them since they are close in size to the store size bottles of things I need (face wash, sunscreen, hot sauce).They come in a viplock bag that you can reuse to travel with them in as double protection from leaks and the bagging liquids for flight rules, just remove the staples in the paper label carefully if you want to reuse the bag.
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My parents got me a set of these Nalgene travel bottles several years ago when I began traveling a lot as a postgraduate. I have taken them on countless trips and have found them to be essential. I use them for pretty much everything--shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotions, nail polish remover, even toothpaste. All my original ones are still in working order even though I've had them for about a decade; I'm buying more to supplement, not to replace. I previously made the mistake of buying a set of non-Nalgene containers that leak over everything; I should have known better than to purchase anything other than the Nalgene brand. There is a reason why scientists use Nalgene products in the lab--they are sturdy and virtually indestructible.These are an excellent investment.
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The whole of this combination of bottles has yet to be placed into service all around, BUT, having used Nalgene products both in the lab and the "outside" world, I know they will find a use and serve VERY well all their days.The soft.ish rounds with a spout top to swap with the plain lid is a special bonus since that size is difficult to find and the Big Box Stores seriously gouge for "travel" items.Doing the math on my prior Nalgene purchases from The Container Store, et al - this is also a Super Deal on some rather hard to find configurations of containment devices.Recommended for everything use,though I would recommend using a removable label instead of writing on the container themselves; better yet - a label printer!
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The Nalgene Medium Travel Kit offers variety, simplicity, and reliability when you need to pack your trusty toiletries and liquids. We expect these bottles and jars to outlast your longest travel adventure and beyond—possibly into the apocalypse, whenever that may be. Sturdy, recyclable and easy to maintain, this travel kit will help you keep your hygiene game on point.Pros:- Several sizes and colors in the set.- Variety of shapes makes it easier to remember what is what.- Kit includes jars for nonliquid items.Cons:- Limited ability to label the bottles.- Minimal styling, no alternative colors available.- The larger bottles are too large for TSA compliance,at 4 oz each.Full review on Pack Hacker.
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We use these bottle to transport liquids (oils, clarified butter, honey, castille soap, etc.) on backpacking trips. I always pack them into a ziploc bag on trips because there can be a little leakage. We haven't had any problems with more than a few drops of leakage, which I think could be attributed to the changes in elevation while hiking (ex. enough to coat the outside of the bottles in oil). It hasn't been a big enough problem to stop us from using them again and again. I use one of them to transport soap in my work bag on a daily basis and have never had a problem with it leaking, and trust carrying it without a ziploc bag. They are very durable and I would purchase them again.


Lots of options, everything from squeeze bottles to containers for lotions or meds. Got mine @ $10, I wouldn't pay much more than that, but this will carry your toiletries on the road -- so far I have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, mouthwash, aftershave, shaving cream, two weeks' worth of my meds, a container of high-end hand lotion... and I think that's it. One container left over, just looking for something to put in it :-)Do be aware that many toiletry items can remove even permanent marker -- my conditioner took it off immediately, which I thought was funny since it's all-natural & etc. I can also see these coming in handy for spice & etc. on hiking trips.


I needed some pill bottles for my clumsy, arthritic and weak hands. Having first tried and been disappointed in "Easy Open Vials 5 Pack", I decided to order these on the advice of a friend. They work very well for me--both bottle and screw-off lid are just large enough to grasp easily, and the screw-off lids can be put on gently by me, so they are easy to get off with just a couple turns. The bottle with the blue lid, and the one with the white lid, are my favorites.Customer service at the Nalgene company was also very user-friendly in actually measuring the bottles for me so I could get a more accurate idea of their size. Well pleased, I would order again.
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