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After purchasing and trying this product for over a month, I felt ready to give my verdict. I decided to try out My Protein brand of pancake mix as I use their protein powders which taste ok but not great to make pancakes with. I decided to purchase unflavoured pancake mix as I had bought Walden Farm sugar free syrup to add sweetness. The amount of product in the packaging is decent and value for money, so thumbs up here.I tested out different ways to make pancakes including using mashed banana and of course eggs. The best method I've found is as follows:Make batter using milk (of your choice - I use unsweetened almond milk);Depending on how you like your pancake i.e.American style or crepes - the latter requires more milk (I used 1/2 cup milk per scoop as I prefer crepes);Add 10g almond flour/meal per scoop of protein pancake mix;1/2 teaspoon baking powder - this helps to make pancakes fluffy;Mix batter using electric hand mixer (preferably as this gets out all lumps);Fry in non-stick pan using coconut oil;Add desired syrup and/or fruit on top on finished pancakeI gave this brand a 4 star simply because as a first time maker, it's fine to experiment with as this brand is far cheaper than other brands to make mistakes on. However taste wise, I'd like to try out other brands as they seem to have more nicer sounding flavours.
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I honestly can't see why anyone would give this product any less than 4 stars. Quick, easy, filling, high in protein and low in carbs and calories especially with how much you get! I've seen some reviews about the pancakes being blank and flat.. I have bought the unflavoured pancake mix and if you mix a little bit of milkshake powder in with it, then you can have a chocolate/banana/strawberry flavoured pancake. There are also low/0 calorie sauces that you can buy. I mix my pancake powder with 150 ml of red milk and it is 100% not flat.. if anything it rises more than a normal pancake. 10/10 would reccomend.


I was SO amazing how large a serving 2 scoops gave me. I mixed it with 100 ml of water and 2 tbsp cream cheese and got 2 frying pan sized pancakes. Someone had written they taste eggy, yes they do slightly, but what do you expect for something so healthy in disguise of something naughty!! I put zero syrup on mine and pecan nuts. A great start to the day on a Keto diet and filled me up until my main meal of the day 6 hours or so later.


So very yummy - a real staple in my diet. Great way to add some protein to you diet in a tasty way. Myprotein's flavours are always on point, and their pancake mix is no difference.As it is low carb, the pancakes turn out a bit flat as there is no gluten to fluff them up. However you can try different recipes to make them fuller. Although I just treat it as crepes. Very nice with some Zero sugar syrup.


It's not perfect, don't expect the same kind of pancakes like you get if you decide to follow a recipe from Pinterest, however... They are pretty decent. If you are on a diet, or you are counting your calories, this can make a pretty decent dessert with a reasonable amount of calories and protein in it. The are pretty thin though, no matter what you do, even if you add a baking powder.


Tried these for the first time today. Delicious! Love how easy these are to make, two scoops in my shaker with almond milk, cook and job done. Taste great on their own or with peanut butter and banana. I will start using it for breakfast as it contains the protein that i need and they are quick to make


First time for this product. Was what you'd expect. Although i was slightly suprised at amount required which resulted in me using it much quicker. Based on this I couldn't justify using it regularly but it is handy for busy mornings etc.


This is a brilliant breakfast supplement if you can be bothered to spend time making them. How’s very well with most fruits and suitable food items with pancakes. Tastes likes a regular pancake and very enjoyable to eat.


I had been given one before. Didn't get much use out of it but I remembered I loved the taste. I have gotten more use of this one, still tastes great! My protein are reliable and I have and would use again.


Absolutely excellent protein pancake mix. If you're looking for a high protein, low carb, breakfast then you can't do better than this. The macros are great, the method is easy, and the taste is excellent.


It's a good stuff and I like it but this is the first time i amm using this product.Therefore i have to say that it is too early to comment on it.let me see in six months time how i feel about it.


100% would buy again made with semi skimmed milk and took seconds to cook I paired the unflavoured mix with freedom fruit syrup low carb alternative to syrup and they tasted amazing


Whenever I feel like having something sweet I turn to these and supreses any cravings. The unflavoured is really nice as it is but could add blueberries, chia, goji almost anything.


Brilliant product!If you need protein for breakfast get this. 2 scoops with almond milk and some cinnamon and you won't use anything else.


Love it, however, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to the myprotein syrup as it tastes very bland without any syrup...trust me.
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