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I had read some of the reviews prior to buying this that made me think twice but i went ahead anyway and i'm glad i did. This powder is definitely alot finer than whey(chalky even) but if i put it in my plastic cup with water and give it a hard shake it mixes ok.I had unflavoured(can you get flavoured casein?) and it tastes fine- abit more like real dairy .Buy without concern-it's for chugging down to get your daily protein anyhow.


I was recommended this by a personal trainer ,it's definitely works. Obviously not straight away but gave me more energy through the day and my training.


Good product. Only disadvantage of this product is when using a shaker the powder turns into foam so instead of shaking I had to stir it.


Take this at night before bed. Helps repair muscles during the night giving more energy and stamina during the day and before exercise


Read a lot of reviews about the taste so was unsure but it actually tastes ok bit like vanilla milkshake


the perfect slow release protein shake.the taste is acceptable, and I think its good value for money


My protein never dissapoint. I use this in cooking quite a no. Thus stuff is so tasty


Lovely protein powder. Smooth when mixed and no lumps


Check labdoor.com


Not bad at all!!
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