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I love these drops! I have ordered supplements from myprotein already and really enjoyed them so was aware of the quality of myprotein products, so with thinking that, I thought I’d try these drops to add a little flavour to bland meals and drinks, these are perfect! This vanilla favour is really nice! I use these drops to add to my gym jugs, 6/7 drops to my 2 litres gives it a really nice vanilla water flavour really yummy and makes drinking water tolerable as I normally hate drinking water! A little goes a long way with these drops as they do pack a punch! The drops have a dropper built in the lid which makes distribution idiot proof! I feel like this bottle will last a while considering I use it everyday.Would recommend!
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This stuff is absolutely fantastic, it makes unflavoured whey protein pleasant and the best thing about this item is that it goes a long way. When using it between 2-3 times a day I found that even at the end of the month I had plenty left. Another good thing about this product is that it doesn't just 'stop' with protein flavouring, I sometimes put a few drops in my oats or full-fat Greek yoghurt! it only takes a few drops and is great at masking or giving something more flavour. The cap on the bottom is very handy, it allows you tap the bottle on the side and it'll trigger a drop without having to squeeze.


At first I made the mistake of trying the flavouring straight from the bottle and it was disgusting. However I added 2 drops to my porridge and to my plain soya yoghurt and it made both more enjoyable to eat. I have a very sweet tooth and I found two drops enough. I have tried the chocolate peanut butter one as well and there is no peanut butter taste and the chocolate falvouring does remind me of the cheap chocolate you can buy so personally I wouldn't recommend that one. I am however looking forward to buying and trying the white chocolate!


A little goes a long way with no after- taste as I've found with other brands....unless you are a little heavy-handed with the drops.I bought vanilla and use it in yoghurt, porridge and with fruit desserts....gorgeous!!Comments have been made about the dropper facility - no pipette, but if you hold the bottle over your plate and let it patiently do its thing, the drops start falling out steadily. Squeezing will cause too much flavouring which results in a bitter taste.


This stuff is incredible! Makes my soy protein and almond milk shake taste delicious and enjoyable, instead of another post-workout chore along with stretching and early nights. Very rare that I find something artificially sweetened that I enjoy - compared to something like Huel sweeteners which contain Stevia, this is great. I am going to try it with my unflavoured Huel as well next.


This is a godsend for all low carbers! I love to mix it with quark and a bit of cream cheese - you get a cool cheesecakey dessert with lots of protein and no sugar! Works in any plain yogurt too or to spruce up a protein shake. Be very careful with the amount you use though - can get pretty overwhelming. Good news is this means that the 50ml bottle lasts FOREVER.


Very impressed with this product.The flavdrops have a good strong Maple flavour and a nice sweetness that has no bitter aftertaste.I wish I'd stuck with this My Protein brand and not wasted my money buying three bottles of different flavours from another brand.From now on I will be buying my flavours from this brand.


Used to flavour water to drink at work. Just a few drops needed per 500mls, refreshing and not too overpowering. Have also used in natural yogurt which makes a lovely smooth strawberry yogurt. Expensive for the size, but I imagine it will last a very long time!


Fairly good value for the size.The drops are very concentrated so a little goes a long way. Overuse can give a funny after-taste but overall a good purchase for use in desserts, drinks, fruit compotes etc..


So far have added 4 drops to porridge, 3 to coffee and used for cheese cake therefore decreased my sugar intake a lot as I have a sweet tooth. I have not found any after taste, colour or texture change.


only one thing to say about these they are FANTASTIC. good service as well, I have about 5 flavors and like them all, I use them in plain yoghurt, porridge , pancakes, cakes, all sorts, great product.


Taste great! I put a few drops in my protein shakes . It totally changes the game! Protein shakes notoriously taste horrid but adding a few of these to the mix makes it a pleasurable experience


works extremely well to mask the taste of the protein, combined with a good protein shake it allows you to take the protein without worrying about flavour (as much as before).


Love this flavour, add to crumble, banana pancakes, cookies, adds excellent flavour, good value as little goes long way, plus zero points on weight watchers !


Excellent product for those wanting to cut down sugar intake but still need the sweet fix! Taste lovely , in coffee only 7 drops needed or can be too sweet
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