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These are electrolyte tablets so those moaning on here about they taste have bigger issues going on I think. They are not excessively big and in any case you can break them in half. I've bought direct from site for years now as these are the best out there and they are great before the gym or any long run. If you buy these and still get cramp then you more than likely forgot to take them, 2 before exercise and 2 before bed works. As far as causing dizziness I suspect there's other factors at play there as taking electrolytes won't xause dizziness, I know vodka does. Too much magnesium can give you bad guts so I wouldn't go doing 4 of these all at once unless you're used to them.In all they do what they're made for, in a measured dose. Can't say whether they are good for keto diets as on that you're missing out aon more than just electrolytes and would hopefully be covering any shortfalls anyway. Often 2 for one on myprotein site
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If your just starting Keto, and you heart is pounding...you need these!After around 5 days on a keto diet I began to have some real heart palpitations. My heart rate was elevated all the time and pounding.After some research it appears that I may be suffering from low electrolytes due to decreased carbs. These pills seemed to have worked a treat...almost on day one!My heart rate returned to normal within 24 hours and has continued to stay that way whilst I've been taking themThey are pretty large and can leave a funny aftertaste, sometimes feel like they swell up a little if you leave then in your mouth too long as well, but if your quick then they definitely do the trick.Packaging wise they come in a clear plastic no frills bottle,with a white printed label, again no real frills. - so presentation isn't really a priority...but as long as they do their job, who cares!
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I've been training quite a bit more than usual lately and with the heat I'm sweating a lot. I was starting to feel a bit tired and light-headed when standing up and someone suggested I might be losing too many electrolytes. I did some reading about this and it seemed to be a good idea to at least give electrolyte-replenishment a go during the summer months. I thought about the drinks and tablets, but reading up on them the amount you actually gain back through these drinks isn't anywhere near the amount I'd need. So I decided to give these tablets a go (which has a higher-dose) and they seem to have relieved the symptoms I was having. I'm happy with them.They do have a very salty-taste,but you swallow them with water; so this isn't an issue. They are quite large, so keep this in mind if you struggle swallowing tablets. You could easily break them into two if you struggle.
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After a recent spell in hospital my Dad was told his electrolytes were low. My Dad does a lot of exercise and never has anything to replenish him so I wanted to get him something to help. I looked at lots of options and these were on the cheaper side. he didnt want a fancy name. I had these sent to him and when he got his next set of test results his levels were back up to where they should be.He doesn't take them ever day, just on days when he's been exercising and so far his results have been normal since.


Had these because of doing the keto diet and getting palpitations. Did research and it seems quite common to get it as your electrolytes are low. So drank a fair bit of coconut milk, had these come the following day. so far they have eased to the point of no more palpitations. Great product however depending on how much sweat you lose etc you may have to alter the dose. I found that 3 of a morning and three before bed has got rid of cramps at night and helped eradicate the palpitations.


Cures headaches, brain fog, and revitalises.Quality product. Slight salty taste but they are what they are. I alternate between keto and intermittent fasting, so these really help.They also help with keto flu and reduce the effects. When fasting also they prevent energy loss and curb headaches. For those that drink lots of water, a lot of electrolytes get flushed out of your system. This product quickly replaces them and leaves you feeling much better.


I started keto about 6 weeks ago after about 4 days I was in serious trouble I felt weak and quite sick, I normally work out every day but just did not have the energy, a bit of research led me to electrolyte replacement, I ordered these and waited for what seemed like ages but it was only 24 hours when they arrived I took 3 went to bed and woke up feeling 100x better after about 3 days my energy levels returned to almost normal, I've used them ever since.


I started taking these as I'm on a keto diet (recommended BTW - working very well). I wasn't sure that they were doing anything, and gradually I'd forget to take them for a day or two... After it had been a week without any, I strained my arm really badly and had a feeling like it was going to cramp at any second. That's when I remembered about these so I took a couple - 30 minutes later arm was all better and the cramp didn't come.I won't forget again!


I've just started the keto diet and bought these in preperation for the keto flu which I went through for about 8 hours on the 2 Nd day without carbs or sugar and oh boy it was horrendous... Once id stopped being sick I took 2 of these and was right as rain in no time now I take 1 a day 2 was too much for me after the initial 2..jve not had any signs of keto flu since getting these in my system so I highly recommend these


So glad I purchased these tablets, they are on the large side but manageable. I use them whilst following a keto diet (as recommended). I normally suffer with frequent leg cramps which has stopped Worthing a day of taking these, my dr had advised me to use for salt in my food, but I’m not keen on putting salt on everything. I’m yet to see if it will help my muscle pain after a workout. So far so good!


These are great for anyone who needs to sort out their electrolytes!After starting back on the Keto diet, my legs were so painful and restless and I felt so tired. I researched and found these (and cheaper than from the company who makes them). They arrived the next day and I've not had any pains since.I only take one a day (daily dose is 2), and this works absolutely fine for me.


I absolutely love these. I had a serious head injury over 20 years ago and as a result suffer from a variety of difficulties including temperature control, thus I tend to 'perspire ALOT. I eat all the right things to attempt to keep all my essential vitamin and mineral levels correct and I find these tablets a quick and easy solution to assisting in this.


Recently started a keto diet but was getting cramps and light headed. One of these after heavy meals seems to have sorted that right out and overall feeling much better. Easy to swallow and really no taste if you just wash down with some water. Simple, effective and something I now consider an essential in my diet.Will be buying again.


Just started taking these so not sure if they are working already but my fatigue is reduced. Only thing I have noticed is the minute water touches the tablet when its in your mouth it goes a bit slimy so try and be quick. I'm taking 2 per day, one in the morning and one late afternoon. Price is great for a 3 month supply.


I've always been very prone to cramping, usually in my calfs at night, or sometimes in neck, nasty.However since going keto and exercising 6 times a week, I was getting cramp almost every night.I purchased these and within a few days it had stopped, I forgot to take it one day and I got cramp,I thought recommend these
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