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I was recommended BCAA by my personal trainer as I do a lot of cardio alongside my resistance training and have recently found it difficult to reduce body fat. The theory is that BCAA will help reduce muscle mass loss by providing a boost of the amino acids that the body normally has to get from food. Well, I'm a couple of weeks in and I can't honestly say that I've noticed a vast difference with results after using the Berry Blast BCAA powder dissolved in water pre and during workouts. However, I've noticed an improvement in recovery from intense resistance workouts although I don't get the 'buzz' that a lot of people talk about. I dissolve 5g in water to drink as I wake up,then another 5g with water to drink during my morning training sessions. I also take a 5g BCAA capsule in the evenings to top my levels up.Taste wise it's similar to weak squash or those electrolyte drinks where you dissolve the tablet in water. I add a scoop to my Camelbak Podium drinks bottle and give it a good shake up and it dissolves completely. I wouldn't choose to drink it for fun, but as hydration during a workout it's just fine and after the first few days of using it you become accustomed to the taste anyway.Will update if my body fat suddenly starts melting away, but it's a long, slow process so I don't think there are any magic potions.
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The first unflavoured BCAAs I've ever tried that doesn't make any juice taste horrific. It's not undrinkable without adding juice in, but it's much better with juice. It does what it's supposed to. 8:1:1 formulation is optimal, but if you dont want to pay that much then this one will do just fine. I've never really noticed a difference between them, but some people do.It isn't the best at mixing, but I find that when I mix it at work and shake it up, by the time I get to the gym (5min walk) it's all mixed in. I think it just takes a little while to soak in.


Nice tasting product .I bought the berry Cant fault it for the price .Easily dissolves after shaking in a pro cup/bottle.It also can be added to juices and mixed in well .I bought for my son in law for muscle growth and seems to be doing the job ! Although he did inform me that after a cardio work out he drinks after to replace amino acids .I have also been told by him that the flavoured ones are alot nicer than the plain and after having a sip i agree ,I found the plain bitter but like everything a personal choice.


It definitely works. My muscle recovery is brilliant when I use this which means fewer down days between workouts. In a glass it really doesn't mix well and it is also hands down the worst tasting supplement I've ever used. Normally I'm not phased by the taste of things like this but this really is very bitter which is a bit of a struggle first thing in the morning. Maybe opt for a flavoured one to ease yourself into it.


Excellent supplement for filling in a lack of leucine in your diet for muscle growth and recovery. Normally you'd get leucine from other food sources such as eggs, but if like me you're not too keen on eggs, add this to your porridge oats and whey protein. Recommend the berry flavour over unflavoured. Trust me, the unflavoured tastes more like it was flavoured with bad feet.


It's one of the best BCAA product out there and the price is very reasonable, after 3days of start using it, you'll feel a lot different ,more pump and energy with a quick recovery for the muscles... this is my second time I order it from Amazon, arrived within 2 working days , excellent service.


Great product, I did actually recently buy the BCAA 4:1:1 from the actual myprotein store. I dont know what to say, the flavour of that one was rubbish and not nearly as strong! This one directly from amazon was hands down loads better than it! Definitely get this one over the 4:1:1


This BCAA os perfect for during my work out. The tropical flavour is quite sweet but tastes very good. I would say that if you like very strong tropical flavour/orange squash you will get along with this flavour just fine. I add one scoop to my water bottle while I am at the gym.


Great product, so much cheaper than buying from shops ect. Cost me £35 from a local shop where as this was £15 with delivery both 500g! Would definitely recommend buying this!! And don't buy the unflavoured one. Make sure you get a flavoured one.


This tastes great to be honest. If you want a low/no calorie relatively inexpensive health drink that doesn't taste like nonsense this is the one to go for. Tastes like squash and it's better than having a coke or other overly sugary drink.


MyProtein always have really nice products and this one didn't disappoint.Tastes nice and my mix it with Creatine.Loses one star as it can be a tad difficult to mix, so have to mix it in boiled water, tastes nice though.


Does the job, as it's got leucine in it doesn't mix too well in a normal glass and you get floating scum. In a shaker or bottle it's much better and virtually mixes all up. Add some orange cordial to make a better taste.


Been using this for over a year and a half.Tastes great. Everyone always comments positively on the enticing flavour and smell also.More importantly great in aiding recovery between rolling rounds in Jiu-jitsu.


I use it to up my proteine intake but this one has a slight taste of bitterness like in caffeine so I mix it into peanut butter and use it as a spread on rice or corn cakes to mask the flavour and then it's ok.


Seems to help me with my running times and certainly helps with the longer runs.Only bad point is that it tastes disgusting! A little like a warm, flat red bull would taste.Overall a good product
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