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Mixes well and tastes great, this protein powder is easier to drink than many on the market. While not having the lowest fat content out there, it is lower than many offering an alternative to traditional whey protein powders. The enriched concentration of BCAAs is also nice to see as well. I take specific BCAA supplements alongside protein powder normally as most products don't offer these key amino acids for muscle growth.The product also contains creatine monohydrate, a supplement which helps to build strength. I personally prefer not to have this and to add this separately so that I can better control my dose, but for those looking for a quick all-in-one product this is a good choice.


I took this with cell tech in my mid-late 20's back in ely naughties and my body went wild, undoubtedly the most effective combo i ever took. i tried it again in my ely 40's as i was struggling to make any gains. Not too surprisingly its was all a bit of a damp squib. But hey I think we can blame that on my waning testosterone and rather lack luster 3 hrs a week in the gym compared to 6 or 8 back in the day. I can only assume this product has gotten better with the passing years in line with the sports nutrition evolution. Summary: Awsome Awsome product if you are in the zone and doing the work. (not a miracle potion) I've just settled for a no thrills maintenance protein. Hey ho!


Wow! This product is real. I've never taken any kind of whey or any kind of performance products but I bought this for my son. Since he's under 18 (& it's not recommended for kids under 18) I decided to try it myself. I only use it on days when I've lifted weights (I do daily cardio & alternate between upper body weights, lower body weights & sauna). I don't use NEARLY the recommended dose & I've noticed a dramatic increase in my muscle tone. I can lift more of ALL my weights (I felt like I'd reached a plateau). This product is great! I bought it as a "lightning deal" but I'll buy it again.


Hands down, this is the best/most complete protein powder I’ve ever used. Not the best tasting, but in terms of results I’m super happy. Thought I’d hit a plateau until I found this stuff, now I’m training more frequently, lifting heavier with more volume, and recovering better. If you’re getting your sleep, training and nutrition right, this stuff really does help you push to the next level. I’d say the chocolate flavour tastes better overall, but vanilla ain’t too bad, better for adding to oatmeal etc. Fantastic stuff.


This stuff is awesome. I stopped using it after a few tubs last year because its $25/lb at Vitamin Shoppe. Tried hemp protein (nasty). Tried stricly greek yogurt, its not bad but doesnt have the recovery aspect of this stuff. Tried the Six Star w/creatine from Walmart and it just didnt feel (or taste) the same. Bought three tubs from here and I'm gonna need more in a week or so.


This is a little thin in the mix for my personal preference, but in terms of the ingredients and taste it is very good. High quality protein content and low in sugar and carbs, and with a genuine flavour of Cookies and Cream... but the ludicrous container size... it really does not need to be this size, when it`s only half-filled with powder when new.


Great tasting and really effective. Used it over the summer and saw major differences compared to using other whey proteins on the market.Would definitely recommend to any beginners or even just for someone wanting to try something new.The flavour is rich and still tastes good even if you mix other stuff in like berries.


The only negative is the taste. I ordered the vanilla and it is very artificial. Actually made me feel nauseous. I will order this product again because I like the ingredients and the fact that it was listed at one of the top 10. Next time I will order chocolate.


Although I’m not a fan of vanilla powders (unless in a smoothie), I was surpised at the mixability of the powder especially considering the size of the scoop (which is larger than the average scoop). The taste is not bad for vanilla and there were no clumps


An effective enough whey. Portions and blends fine into skimmed milk and ice. It's better with ice, and with most, smoothest in a blender. It doesn't mix too well with oats for me. Overly sweet of artificial sweeteners for me, hence the dropped star.


I never tried any pre or post workout before this one, this was the first one I got and I don't regret it, my lifting went up faster than I thought, I don't regret this one, plus the flavor is awesome and it is not aggressive to my system in any way.


Tastes really good. Especially with a little milk. I just started taking this protein and within a month or so I will be able to comment on its effectiveness in terms of weight and muscle mass.


Great tasting powder that delivers more than your average whey powder. Recommended if you don't want to start drinking loads of different shakes to get the repair nutrients. Arrived quickly.


Best protien I ever used. I can feel and see difference in my body. I was using gold standard but that was not as much effective as this one.


Love this stuff!! Great taste, nice consistency and like the fact that it has everything I need in the one shake. Tasty with milk or water.
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