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I am still relatively new to the gym and buying protein powders, but from what I have ordered, this is the best tasting powder by far. I have tried Optimum Nutrition's Cake Batter flavored Whey, Body Fortress's chocolate Whey, and XTend's vanilla ice cream Whey, and this one beats all of them buy a mile.I'm not a huge fan of making protein shakes, so instead, I like to find other ways to use protein powder. I start every day with a mug of coffee from my Keurig and add in a scoop of powder. Body Fortress's chocolate protein powder produced a lot of clumps of stubborn powder at the top of the coffee, and underneath, it didn't really do much to make the coffee taste like a mocha. It was alright,but it definitely didn't improve taste much. Nitro Tech, on the other hand, mixes perfectly into the coffee when stirred. There is still some of the froth at the top like Body Fortress, but it isn't nearly as much protein powder. On top of that, it tastes amazing! After passing through the frothy layer, it tastes like I mixed 50% hot chocolate with 50% coffee! For someone who doesn't like the taste of straight black coffee, this is an absolute win!Another use I like is to make protein pancakes! It's easy: add half a cup of milk, two eggs, and one scoop of your desired protein powder to a shaker bottle and shake until homogenous. Then, pour onto a pan on medium heat until they are ready to flip for three light, medium sized pancakes (or one large one if you're like me :) ). Again, this powder comes out on top! The chocolate taste is a little subtle, but sweet! And it doesn't have the clumping problem other powders have.If you are sitting on the fence about picking up this brand, I urge you: give it a try! Getting my daily protein isn't a chore anymore thanks to this stuff, and now I can focus on more important things, like getting these gains!
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I tried Muscletech Nitrotech for 2 months and resulst were amazing. I liked the flavor Milk Chocoltae - tastes really good. Contains contains 30g of protein per serving, 3g creatine, low on fat and carbs. If you want to lose weight and gain lean muscle. Nitrotech is the best product out there in the market.Hope this helps you guys.Here are few ways to check if the Muscletech product is authentic or not :1. Importer Label on the box (these are the only authorized importers of on products in India right now others are fake - Taken from official website of Muscletech) :* Muscle Pro Nutrition (www.musclepronutrition.com)* Neulife Nutrition India PLC / Neuvera Wellness Ventures PLC (www.neulife.in)* Vitamin Planet (www.vitaminplanet.in)2.QR or Bar code (scanning it through bar code/QR reader app should take you to the products website and not show invalid page)3. Expiry date of the product should be 3 years from the manufacturing date and should be printed in yellow.4. MuscleTech logo engraved on the cap or bottom.5. Lot numbers and expiry dates stamped at the shoulder or bottom of the bottle
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This is one of the best protein on the market, because given me excellent results. I am a person who has trouble gaining weight, but I do not like eating gainers, since I do not hurry to reach my goal, I like to go step by step, finally, the formula nitro tech helps to have optimal performance in your workouts, as it comes with 3g creatine, BCAA 6.9g, 5.3g of glutamine, gathering various supplements in one product.but attention, before you ask verify well as there are two versions of the protein, since muscletech modify the formula so that this will provide better performance in the gym, the above formula brings less amino and has no sugar, so this formula apart that the scoop is larger it is sweeter and has a more artificial flavor,if you prefer another formula is the one that says zero sugar, the scoop is smaller and the product brings more services per container, 50 to 55 approximately. You can also use the platinum version whey, which is a cleaner formula.
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I’ve been using MuscleTech NitroTech Protein Powder for a month. I love the flavor; Cookies and Cream, and I can’t wait to try one of the many other flavors this brand comes in. The powder mixes very easily in a shaker cup or blender. It has a smooth texture, absolutely no grittiness!I love the versatility of MuscleTech NitroTech Protein Powder; the cookies and cream flavor tastes really good blended with any kind of fruit and or your choice of nuts / nut butter, or you can just mix it with water and it tastes great.I have my protein drink immediately after I exercise but I also use it in my hot and cold cereal as a sweetener and I love it as a creamer in my morning coffee.I bought this brand because it came out on top of the list of best protein powders when I was searching online.I’ve been very pleased with MuscleTech NitroTech Protein Powder and I feel like it is a great addition to my daily health regimen. I highly recommend it.
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Purchased the 3.97 pound Strawberry flavor. With water is ok, with milk and ice (soy in my case) is much better, but I also blend in blueberries. Product arrived very quickly. Was previously using another brand of protein, but that didn't have creatine in it.A quick tip on this, when taking creatine you should be drinking extra water. Many of us already drink a lot of water a day, but for those that haven't used creatine before please be sure you're drinking extra water.I read other reviews stating that the seal wasn't there after unscrewing the lid, or was damaged. Personally when I unscrewed the lid it took the inner seal with it, stuck underneath/inside the lid itself.Not sure if this what others were experiencing but figured I'd give a heads up on that.
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It's been okay. It's got some great nutritious benefits, it's amazing that creatine is included in the mix and an additional creatine supplement isn't required. However on the cookies and cream taste, it's not great. I came from using Chocolate Muscle Milk, which I loved. I actually enjoyed drinking it. But this cookies and cream isn't very good. It tastes like really watery kinda gross cookies and cream imitation stuff. One friend likened it to taking out the middle cream of an oreo, and blending it in a cup of water. Not that great. I'll probably try Chocolate next time. You're not really drinking it for the taste, but other people said that it tasted great.. it's only okay.But the formula of protein and muscle building nutrients is great.
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I would like to say that, people who are posting negative reviews and saying product is not genuine they are seriously dumb a..holes.They don't even know anything about supplements and posting that its fake and did'nt working. Haha come on guys grow up , supplements are not magic pills which will give you results in just few days or months. First you need to work really hard in gym than you have to eat proper food if you want results.My request to all those who don't know the difference bw fake and original and posting that there product is fake and even though its genuine,plz don't spread negativity and false information.I think guys who are spreading negativity are just beginners,and don't know about supplements much.
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I've been using muscle tech products for about 12 years. I've used everything from cell tech to meso- tech, (a no longer available meal replacement shake) to nitro tech bars. I have to say I love nitro tech the best. I've used other protein shakes such as isopure and muscle milk. What I believe sets nitro tech apart is the added creatine. You will notice a difference in your strength gains in about a week of taking it. The company will tell you to stack it with cell tech to increase gains which I actually used to do. I don't think it's necessary. I see it more as a money making ploy. I would say try the 2lb container and see if it works for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gains.See what I did there...
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Received original product.. Very good mixability, taste is really good. What I loved about nitrotech is it's protein quality. The formula that they use and the quality of protein is of top notch. I have used most of the top protein products but nitrotech protein quality and formula is best out of all. Quality of protein is what really defines protein supplements and nitrotech have nailed it in that department. I would recommend it to those guys who are not looking to bulk up much, but wants the size along with muscularity. This is due to the fact that this formula has high calories and cholesterol level.. protein content is also good. I used 1 scoop daily.Go for it guys,I got to see the results in just 1 month.
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I have used Nitro-Tech for a very long time. I should clarify that I am not a fitness buff. I go through phases of working out and when I am in one of those phases I like to supplement protein. I had a tub of the old "Hardcore Pro Series" and despite questionable tasted seemed to be a good product so I went with this one. I bought the cookies and cream flavor and mixed it with vanilla soy milk to give it a try. I WAS FLOORED BY THE TASTE! IT WAS DELICIOUS. I know most people with mix it with either regular milk or water and I have not tried it that way, but in my experience tasted is not an issue at all. Trusted name, quality ingredients, and great taste.I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone.
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Mixes well and tastes great, this protein powder is easier to drink than many on the market. While not having the lowest fat content out there, it is lower than many offering an alternative to traditional whey protein powders. The enriched concentration of BCAAs is also nice to see as well. I take specific BCAA supplements alongside protein powder normally as most products don't offer these key amino acids for muscle growth.The product also contains creatine monohydrate, a supplement which helps to build strength. I personally prefer not to have this and to add this separately so that I can better control my dose, but for those looking for a quick all-in-one product this is a good choice.


First protein I ever started out with back when I started lifting weights at the age of 15, 150 lbs. Saw significant (noobie) gains and recovered quickly, thanks to my youth, proper warmup routine and diet, and especially the NitroTech smoothie I would make after each workout! Tastes AWESOME, and definitely felt like I was making progress. After I finished my first tub of NitroTech (was a gift from my sister), I could not purchase it again due to the price. Fast forward 4 years, 40 lbs of later, 3 inches taller, and I can see why this protein still holds a great name in the sports nutrition industry. Is now a permanent addition to my pantry for late-night smoothies and post-workout shakes.


I started my fitness journey back in 2010 and a year later I decided to give protein supplements a try, NitroTech stood out due to it's high protein and fully- dosed profile. Needless to say, I was blown away by the difference this product made in my workouts and muscular gains. I was able to double my bench press and squat one-rep-max in just under a year. My deadlift and powerclean max also increased by about 50%. The difference this product makes in recovery is also astounding, I'm quite the fan of high-intensity workouts and would not be able to make it through the day without taking this product. If you're looking for an all-purpose quality protein, look no further, this is for you!


I took this with cell tech in my mid-late 20's back in ely naughties and my body went wild, undoubtedly the most effective combo i ever took. i tried it again in my ely 40's as i was struggling to make any gains. Not too surprisingly its was all a bit of a damp squib. But hey I think we can blame that on my waning testosterone and rather lack luster 3 hrs a week in the gym compared to 6 or 8 back in the day. I can only assume this product has gotten better with the passing years in line with the sports nutrition evolution. Summary: Awsome Awsome product if you are in the zone and doing the work. (not a miracle potion) I've just settled for a no thrills maintenance protein. Hey ho!


The regular NitroTech Performance Series (with artificial flavors) gave me great lean muscle gains over the years and is my favorite protein to use. I tried the new "Naturally Flavored" version because sucralose (in the original version) is known to cause inflammation and I wanted to see how my body might respond. No noticeable changes regarding inflammation. I'd rate the taste of the original a 9/10 and the taste of the Naturally Flavored 7/10. It is significantly less sweet, and generally tastes bland. But it's acceptable and the more I drink it the less of a problem the flavor is. Note this about the Milk Chocolate flavor only, haven't tried any others.
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