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Ok so here goes. I'm going to give the long story because my protein powder is not the only thing I have changed. I do believe it is a huge part of what has been working for me.For starters let me say my goal is to lose fat and gain muscle. I have always started my workout by running then lifting after thinking that I get my heart rate up and keep burning fat while I lift. I started eating yo Elliot on YouTube and took his tip to lift then run. I feel like I have so much more energy lifting now. Then I run a bit after the lift. I'm dead by the time I run but I feel the lift so much better.I started eating 5 meals a day with a scoop and a half of this stuff twice a day.I also eat roast beef in lettuce wrap for lunch and chicken for dinner. Protein all over the place. I have also been taking a scoop of pure creative on top of this right after my workout. I did this before so this is not the factor that's changing things for me.It has only been a week with this routine. I got the gym about 4 times this week. My. Gains are huge in this one week. I'm lifting roughly 20-30 lbs more with every lift. I attribute a Large part of what is going on this week to the muscle tech. My arms and legs feel huge. My arms definitely look bigger after one week. It's incredible. This is exactly what I have been looking for and I will be purchasing more. I bought it on sale for 30 bucks but this is worth a lot more. I would say purchase at least once and give it a try. If it works for you like it did me you will be convinced well before you hit the bottom of your first tub!
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I chose getting this stuff because I have an incredibly hard time gaining any weight. I have been around 132lbs(give or take a pound) for a long time. I just got back into lifting weights again and I was slowly seeing some gains, but not the amount I was wanting. I thought I would give this stuff a try and see what would happen. I am about done with my first container and I have gone up about 10 pounds without gaining any fat! That is significant for someone like me. If there was a 4.5 rating; however, I would give it that. The serving size is a heaping 5 scoops with 16 ounces of skim milk. I think that is too much. I use just 3 scoops with milk after my workout and I think that is perfect.A bad thing is that sometimes, you feel a tiny bit queasy after drinking it, but that is rare. The flavor I got, milk chocolate, doesn't taste too bad. I put it in a blender with ice and peanut butter and I love it. I have seen significant strength gains as well. Overall, I would recommend this product, and I would definitely get it again.
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On one hand its the best tasting mass gainer on the market. Im a former powerlifter with a high metabolism, so Im lean, low body fat, and this formula tastes good enough for me to drink it daily without tiring of it, which is important for consistent gain. After 30 days and 2 tubs of this stuff, Ive put on 9 lbs of bodyweight, and appear to be even leaner. I also put 50lbs on my bench press. the weight gain itself only happens when I add a lot of calories and lift hard. Of course 2 or 3 lbs of weight is surely the creatine.On the other hand it has sucralose and acesulfame K. I just wish Muscletech would develop a good tasting weight gainer with no sucralose or ace-K sweeteners.minus 1 star for those additives.
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Extremely thick and I was so bloated and sick at first. Buuuut I didn't give up after the first or second time. I managed to find the perfect milk ratio to make it easier to drink for me. I use a blender so I can't say how it is with a shaker. I put peanut butter, a whole banana, the number of powder scoops recommended (chocolate), soy milk (20-24oz) it's a lot of milk but it's gives results. I drink half in the morning and the other half at night because for me personally it's way too much at once. The instructions are misleading with amounts. Everyone should try to make it work for them. It's not delicious but it's good. I never expect too much from protein powders.


I finished the Mass Tech product in two weeks, so it does not last very long. It was too quick and too small an amount in the container to really find out if it works. The in-store price is pretty ridiculous for the amount of powder you get and the serviing size (5 scoops!). It's also pretty thick so I can't imagine using this product without a blender. I tried to stir it by hand the first day but it was impossible. I used the blender from then out. Overall, I guess I would only recommend this product to the very rich. Too expensive to buy multiple of these and stick it out to see if it really works or not.


I like this product because it tastes good and mixes easily. I feel like it is doing the job it is meant to be, which is helping me during my bulking phase. I mix in some extra bcaa and some creatine hcl to go along with the creatine already present. I feel like it is helping in my recovery between workouts, and feeding the muscle the way it needs to be. I cam definitely tell that I have had better energy levels with this than with other protein supplements.I won't give it 5 stars because it does leave a heavier and harder to clean residue in my shaker bottle than other supplements do.


I'm on my third year of regular weight training and began using this protein about 2 months ago, and began lifting more, and looking more built within a month. I would certainly consider myself a hard gainer, but by the time I was through my first container my friends started asking me about my routine and how I was getting such fast results. The only thing I changed from my previous few years of lifting; where I struggled to put on any weight at all, was the switch to this protein!I only use 2-3 scoops max per serving rather than the recommended 5.


Weighed 165 before I started taking this, went up to about 175 taking this regularly and working out 5/7 days a week. However I also ate A TON while taking this and lost about 3 lbs when I kept taking this and cut "bad foods" out of my diet. I currently sit at 171 and 10.3% body fat after I finished taking this product.Taste isn't bad, not the best but it's still enjoyable to drink it to some extent.It doesn't last very long though. Since it's 5 scoops a serving and I took 2.5 scoops a day (one in the morning, one and a half after working out).


I am waited for one month to write this review...I don't wanna say about originality of this product...I think there is no need...I m taking this product from last one month and from my past month experience I can surely say that you will feel the difference...it's helped me to increase my strength during my workout also I have gained 3 kg in last 30-35 days....there is only one cons with this product that is they didn't supplied serving scoop but it's not a big issue..so I highly recommend you to go for it..only if you are doing hard work..tks


This product does exactly what it claims. The flavor if this gainer is literally some of the best I've ever tried, and I've tried a LOT of different ones. Not only does this product not have a nasty metallic after taste like a lot of protein powders, but it also leaves almost zero mouth feel after you swallow it. That means when you are finished at the gym and you want to down a shake really quick, you won't have the urge to gag because of a horrible residue or flavor left in the back of your mouth. I would definitely buy this product again.


Bulking season is upon us, and this will bring the heat! With 10 grams of creatine, 14 grams of key amino acids, 10 grams of Glutamine for recovery, 63 grams of protein and 132 grams of carbohydrates, this will add the weight you want, and help you recover quicker so you can work out longer and harder. One serving is 5 scoops, so these 7-pound tubs will go quick, but they will help you add the weight. Be sure to use this in conjunction with a good weightlifting program and you will get the results you want.


I am currently on my third container of Muschetech Masstech and have put on 18.5 lbs. in approximately 4 months. I use this product as a supplement and NOT a meal replacement. For the most part, I have been strictly doing strength training and 20 min of cardio 3x a week. I am able to get approximately 30 servings from this one container. I mix two scoops (not 5 as indicated) with milk, ½ banana, egg white, peanut butter, and honey. I have one serving after a workout and one serving after dinner.


People who say it’s too think either didn’t try to mix it or are just weak. You literally just have to shake it up. I use room temperature water so it taste like chocolate water. It doesn’t taste like bad (AT ALL), it isn’t madd sweet, and the consistency with 16oz of water and roughly 5 scoops is like water. You don’t need a blender or to ode with the water you literally just have to shake it ??‍♂️UPDATEI found my scooper and the scoops are HUGE. 5 complete scoops are equal to +/- 16oz


After lot of research n with advice of trainer i bought this gainer,as a beginner i bought this..go for this , finish in 1 month,2 scoops a day,i just finished the whole n writing a review.. good test , High money value , definitely go for the product,if fits in ur budjet this all about product.Now about amzon , original product ,i cross checked the product , authentic ,sealed,watch video in case ,Timely delivery ?? n imp no side effect yet


great product, using for about 3 weeks, already gained 4 pounds, of course with the 4 days a week of workout that helps a little too. but for me im 22 years old. Im skinny and just couldn't gain any weight no matter what I tried. I tried a few products here and their, ate more meals but nothing, and decided to try this product and let me tell you, it works, so far I feel stronger and my scale keeps going up in weight, couldn't be happier.
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