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I'm a 42 year old male. I'm 6'1" 200lbs at around 10% body fat. I've been working out 3-4 times a week for the past 20 years. Needless to say, After trying many different products over a period of 20 years I can say with absolute certainty that the three products that work and work on a consistent basis FOR ME are Creatine (pre & post workout), Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein (pre & post workout) and Pro Lab Caffeine (pre workout) - these have become staples for me because I can actually feel and see results that I know are not placebo based.Although I got great results when I first used Cell Tech in 2002, I stopped using it after a few months and tried a few other brands to try and save some money. I tried it again in 2007 and once again, I got great results but financially I wasn't able to continue taking it so I switched to a much less expensive brand with OK results. Finally in 2010 I switched back to Cell Tech once again (this time for good) and have been taking it ever since. I don't even cycle off of it as there's really no need to. What Cell Tech does for me specifically is allow me to put on about 8-10 lbs which amounts to about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch in muscle size all around. If I stop taking Cell Tech, after about 2-3 weeks my muscles seem to shrink and I lose strength. I realize that this means that the extra weight I put on when I'm on Cell Tech is partially water weight but I don't mind because I don't have that soft look like I'm retaining water. Bottom line...when I'm taking Cell Tech I'm able to put up more weight. I feel stronger and I look stronger. So long as I can continue to afford it, Cell Tech has a customer for life.
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As a hard gainer; I enjoyed everything about this product. All the hype behind this product was completely true. It increased my lifts, weight, and muscle fullness. It recommends taking 2 scoops after your workout, but personally my body couldn't handle it. It tastes great and goes down easy, but the product does have a lot of carbs in each scoop. My stomach would be so bloated when taking 2 scoops. I barely had room to drink my protein shake as well. It definitely works though like it's advertised.Mainly because of it's high carb and creatine quantity in each scoop. I also like the fact that it contained BCAAs to help further in muscle growth and recovery. I haven't tried any other flavors besides Fruit Punch, but I've heard a lot of good things about the grape flavor. Also concerning my body weight. I did have a little bit of bloating even when taking just one scoop after my workouts, but after one container of this. I was able to gain 6-8 pounds. I noticed a huge difference in my arm size. I've taken creatine before, but never had such a drastic improvement like this before. For anyone looking to gain some weight/size I would recommend this. It's a little expensive, but I felt like it was worth it.
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I have used this since it came out in the 90's, and despite all the newer whizz bang supplements, I keep going back.This is The most effective, no Jitters, no spike and crash, no BS performance enhancer supplement I have used, and I have tried a lot.Pro: During and after the loading phase of 2 servings a day for a week, it will prolong aerobic and anaerobic performance. You will notice strength and endurance gains, and shorter recovery time.I do residential construction for Habitat,and when we build 6 houses completely in 7 days, this keeps me going the 10-12 hour days it takes to get them done.You will notice power increases, but be realistic about your expectations. You will not be the Hulk on this.Flavor, mixability and texture have improved over the years, and thanks to Amazon, so has the price. I can't find it cheaper anywhere.Cons:You have to drink it, and sometimes it overloads your bladder or bowels if you don't have anything on your stomach to aid with absorption, so eat something when you drink, or you might just flush it.
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At this point, I would think this product needs no review.If you want to get big and strong and the for the rest of your life whenever you enter the gym get big and strong again, buy this thing.I bought it 3 years ago. I have always been fit and strong, but after I had this, my body was never the same. I got supper muscular and strong and I wasn't taking anything else. 1 year, 2 years later, if I feel like I'm out of shape again, I go to the gym and I regain my form super fast.That's something that didn't happen to me before I had the Muscletech.I bought some for my brother (he is 17, very athletic and ripped) and he's been taking it for a month. He has become a monster, his stamina has actually double and his physique is becoming impressive, the amount of lean muscle he is growing is something nowhere to be found on his friends that are doing the same workout and that had bigger muscles before.Extremely satified. Highly recommended!
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Product does exactly what it's intended to do. You will put weight on, and it will happen quickly. You will also notice strength increase as well as better lubricated joints.Cell tech is mainly sugar and creatine. Sugar raises your insulin levels making you body much more receptive to the creatine dosage. The sugar also doesn't hurt in the way of putting weight on, despite it maybe not being the best weight.But if you take this directly after your workout when your glycogen are depleted then you shouldn't notice much of a bad affect here.I would probably not jump right into two scoops of the cell tech as your stomach may not be ready for all the sugar and creatine at once. Also, I wouldn't use this product chronically. I would cycle this product on and off and use it to break through weight barriers. While not using the cell tech I would use a normal creatine mono or hcl to maintain weight and strength for a much cheaper price.
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I've been working out for years and I've tried all different kinds of Creatine. Nothing works like Muscletech Cell-Tech. I mean nothing. I'm not saying I believe the hype of putting on tons of muscle because I don't. This product helps with my recovery and it does increase my strength a bit. I use it more for motivation to keep me going in the gym. I also notice that I always gain about 10lbs of water weight while I'm on it. I'll take the water weight and sugar if I can get the recovery and strength gains.Muscletech has a tried and true product here. I keep coming back to it after exploring other brands. I would only recommend something like this for serious lifters. I take two scoops mixed in with my chocolate Whey Protein after my workouts. I work out 4x's a week. The taste is fantastic. I never do a loading phase and I still get the great benefits from it.
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I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and it definitely helps me recover much faster than without. I wasn't sure initially ordering it if it was going to be a gimmicky product, but I'm pleased with the results so far. I liked it enough that I ordered a 6lb jug instead of a 3lb like I did on my first order. I'm 6'4" 202lbs and a definite hardgainer. I'll report back as to my results more down the road after I finished up this first container. Please note.. the scoops are huge though..you burn through this pretty damn quick in my opinion. Also I did no loading phase since I had already been taking NOW Foods creatine for about 6 months prior. Muscles have definitely been less sore and I would recommend this as a nice post-workout option for serious lifters.
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I love this creatine. I like the fruit punch and the grape flavor. I use 2 scoops after I work out. I mix it with my protein powder so I get the benefits of both. With the protein I don't get hungry for about 3 to 4 hours afterwards. I've noticed good gains and strength. Bottom line if you LIFT HEAVY AND LIFT HARD you will see results. If you just go to the gym TO gossip and listen to your music & text, this product is not for you. Muscletech cell tech is for people who want results.Update: I'm on my 3rd tub and I am very happy.I've seen more bulk and definition. Increased strength in many of my compound movements. People who claim it doesn't work aren't putting in the work.... Be patient.
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I am 6'1 175 at the beginning and have been working out for about 3 months before taking Cell Tech. All of my lifting limits have increased, people have said i look like i've been lifting and i gained 7 lbs....all in the 1st 9 days! I only worked out 6 days of those 9. This stuff is good. I loaded with 2 scoops in the morning and 2 scoops after my workout. I'm staying on this plan of 4 scoops per day. I've taken other creatine powders and they made havoc on my digestive system but this does not at all.I use the fruit punch flavor and tastes great with water- I've even accidentally used it mixed with my protein and it wasn't awful. I'm buying this again when i run out.
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Very sickening if you have any history with stomach problems then would avoid, trying to have a full serving 5g of creatine is two full scoops which makes the mix so strong it's nearly unbearable, that is unless you drink this twice a day which seems like too much combined with protein drinks etc.It's does the job well, and I definitely seen results within 2 weeks but the problem with me is, firstly you need to take this post workout so you need to choose from this or to down a protein shake (or both if you're crazy),which is why I've just went for a tasteless creatine powder to mix with my protein shake as it might just be better in the long run.
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