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I cannot say enough good things about this protein powder. It's a game changer for me. I've been blessed with the world's most finicky digestive system (IBS) which means whey and vegan pea protein powders are both a no-go for me. That left egg protein, which generally tastes terrible. Then I discovered Carnivor. Zero bloat or tummy troubles. I've tried two flavours and they both taste amazing with no weird aftertaste. I'll take off a very small point as the consistency is a bit watery for my liking and I like a slightly thicker shake but it's a very small price to pay (and some people don't like them thick at all so for most people, this consistency is probably perfect).I will continue buying this powder.
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Let's face it, protein powder isn't a delicacy. As far as protein powders go though, the chocolate isn't any better or worse than any other protein powder. Where they fill the niche though is if you're lactose intolerant. There's nothing worse than going for a workout, taking your recovery drink and those milk based powders turn your stomach into a roiling mass that smells like a dumpster fire.Can confirm, this protein powder doesn't do that; happy day.


Best tasting protein powder by far! I have tried a dozen different protein powders prior to this one and they all had a disappointing artificial taste, despite them claiming otherwise. Carnivor Beef Protein Powder actually tastes like a real chocolate milkshake without any artificial taste. I rarely write reviews about a product, however I really do enjoy this protein powder and think you will too, if you like chocolaty drinks.


I can't say enough about this stuff. I use it daily since I got it in my coffee. Three shots of espresso, one cup of hot 1% milk, I mix this into the milk then add the espresso and I don't need more sweetener. It's delicious, just delicious-and without the digestive upsets I get with whey or the grit of pea protein.


I used Carnivor chocolate for years and unfortunately around one years ago they change the flavour that now it's pretty awful.Flavour had never been a strong point for this brand (fruit punch and blueberry are impossible to swallow) but the chocolate one was very nice. Now they ruined even this.Such a shame


On time delivered :) the flavor it's fine, I don't get it why people complain about the taste. It doesn't taste like chemical drugs or anything else. It's like kakao drink. Yesterday was the first time tried and in gym I felt my muscles burn, that was cool, the became bigger and I felt stronger to add more kg


Good taste and lactose free. The powder smells a little weird but as soon as you mix it is good to go. I will to mix in a tablespoon of peanut butter with the chocolate flavor... probably the best tasting shake your gonna get out of a tube.


I get that things that taste too good can't be good for you but I do wish this one tasted a LITTLE better. Also really foamy when used in a blender, haven't had issues with just mixing it in a bottle and mixing ball though.


This stuff tastes really good, I've tried it with water and Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almond Milk Blend, both mix very well, I prefer the latter, very creamy, seriously delicious with a dash of Ceylon Cinnamon


I really like the flavor (chocolate one) if you use a mixer bottles it mixes correctly, even it makes a lot of foam it disappears rapidly. In concrete, good flavor, good protein quality and quantity, nice price.


Tastes amazing! I hate how sweet whey can be and this is just the right amount of sweetness! I can’t even tell it’s beef tbh. If you are sick of consuming dairy and don’t like plant based options, get this!


I've been using this for a while. Tastes great. Mixes very easy, and it's easy on the stomach since it's meat-based and there's no dairy.It doesn't have that odd aftertaste that most protein shakes have.


tastes a bit lile Mexican chocolate to me. Doesn't mix as easily as other whey protiens.That being said this is NOT a whey protein and the only beef isolate I've had so thats that.


By far and away the best protein I have tried. Actually sits well with my stomach unlike whey and other plant based products (pea,soy, etc.) Feel like has increased my gains.


You got to shake the hell out of this to mix it. IMHO the product is a little pricey, but being extremely lactose intolerant few choices are as delicious as Carnivore.
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