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Heh. I saw the reviews and decided to try this brand. I tried the Blue Raspberry and it was probably the most vile disgusting thing I ever had but still better than the Muscletech stuff. I mixed in two scoops and shook the bottle but those clumps would not disintegrate at all. Hmmm. I looked at them and added a little more water and shook harder but yep, they remained. I silently cursed and thought this stuff is too damn expensive to toss so I flipped my bottle open and began to swill it down. I got about halfway before my gag reflex kicked in, man this stuff had a bite like some type of venom! I pinched my nose and went back to chugging away. The more I drank the more I felt like Dr Jeckyl turning into Mr.Hyde! This stuff was strong! Like some type of Donkey Punch! But surprisingly it was very easy on the gut! No bloating and bubbling at all! I powered through my workout and it felt like I was being fueled off empyrean fire! I finished my workout and later evaluated my stomach. Still no slithering snakelike bubbling like Muscletech so I side-eyed the bottle and thought I could take another scoop for post workout. The bottle seemed to mock me. Maybe it was my imagination, maybe it wasn't. Anyway I put another scoop in the bottle with water (which is the worst by the way) and slammed it. It felt like the cheapest most revolting and nauseating shot of whiskey I ever had but still great on the gut and it actually felt like it was working right away. In closing, it is not the best at taste but I have grown to like it now and it's so easy on the gut it's now number 1 for me. Uh...as it exits the body it seems to be irradiated. Like nuclear waste. And it's kind of flourescent. That is all. Buy it!
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I started drinking this protein back in 2018/2019. I used it religiously (because I actually liked it) for a solid year and noticed an increase in strength (along with lifting A LOT) and just overall energy. I stopped buying it just because I decided to give my body a break on protein, but I just purchased another tub the other day. I'm not saying this is a "god send" type of protein because I'm sure there are better ones out there, but it is worth it in my opinion. I can't consume whey because it destroys my stomach and honestly, I've always hated the way it tastes. I have actually hated the taste of all protein powders until a friend had a tub of this beef protein powder and let me try some.This is definitely a good option for those with a sensitive stomach as this one does not bother mine at all. I'm not sure why so many people are complaining about the smell/taste, it honestly has a slight hint of a chocolate smell and tastes just fine, if you like stevia.(: I gag at the thought of drinking the powder with water so I usually blend (w/ a nutribullet) a scoop with about 4oz of almond milk (or water would work too I guess) and about 50g of frozen blueberries (I know some people don't want the extra carbs but this works for me, I just plan it into my meals for the day) with some ice. It turns out delicious and I could literally drink it multiple times a day. It can be a little clumpy however if you put the milk/water in first, then the frozen fruit, and then the protein powder, it mixes just fine. I hope this review helps someone because I really do think this protein isn't THAT horrible and someone who can't consume whey would really benefit from it.
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I have been using whey proteins for about a dozen years now and have always hated the bloated, gassy feeling that I get from it. Beef protein powders do away with this issue. MuscleMeds Carnivor is one of the better tasting beef protein isolates you can buy. That is the one drawback to them. Performance-wise, the results I get from this protein are great. I always have some protein after a workout and I can feel a noticeable reduction in the amount of soreness I have after a tough workout. Mixability is good, no grainy mess at the bottom of my shaker bottle when I'm done. If you are like me and experience some digestive system side-effects from using whey protein powders,then switching to a beef protein isolate will definitely benefit your body. I recommend this product to consumers based on my experience with it and am impressed by its quality. The product I received is identical to the one pictured on Amazon and the performance lives up to the item description. I try to be as unbiased and thorough as possible in my reviews. This is to provide a realistic expectation of a product and provide consumers with helpful insight before making a purchase decision, which is what I look for in reviews before purchasing products from Amazon myself. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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I'll preface this by saying I used whey protein for a long time and within 1 hour of taking it (post workout) I would be in the bathroom.Carnivor has quite literally changed my life in that matter, as upon switching to this beef-based protein powder I no longer suffer from the gastrointestinal issues I had with whey.I've only ever used chocolate, and it tastes malty which I think is great. It's definitely a bit foamy but in the end not a huge deal as it will settle afterward. I noticed after using this for about 4 weeks that I retained more muscle definition (without any significant weight change) than when I used other protein supplements, this is probably due to the natural creatine it supplies (I take no creatine supplements).It's been about a year now since I started using it and I have increased both mass and definition much more significantly than I have in the previous 5 years since I started an intense fitness regime.As long as carnivor makes this I will be a lifelong customer, as this product is top notch and I've experienced only positive bodily changes since adding this to my diet.As a side-note, I will say that I often add a tablespoon of peanut-butter powder to my post-workout protein shake, and it tastes unbelievably good that way.
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I recently (in the last few years) have developed an allergy to dairy. Having to cut whey and casein out of my diet definitely hindered my ability to build or even maintain muscle mass. I don't care what the producers of egg white protein supplements and vegetable protein supplements say, they just don't have as good of an amino acid profile as dairy based protein. It is also difficult to find quality amino acid supplements that aren't derived from dairy. After a little over a year, of a strict no dairy diet, and supplementing with egg and veggie protein, I found my strength and size on a slow, but steady and measurable decline. Carnivor's beef protein has changed that. My strength and size are back on the rise.However, the gains are not as good as with whey/casein. So, if you can tolerate dairy products, I'd stick with whey. If you are like me and need an alternative to dairy, or if you just want a second source of supplemental protein, then you will probably like this stuff. The chocolate flavor is good. I mix with almond milk or coconut milk. It mixes fine in a blender bottle, but it takes a lot of shaking to get the clumps out.
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I'll start with the bad. Compared to whey proteins, this stuff tastes awful. I've had several chocolate variants (triple chocolate, chocolate shake, chocolate ice cream, etc) of whey protein and this stuff is hard to get use to. Luckily you only need 8 ounces of water for it so you can chug it quickly and chase it with something else.A lot of reviews say this stuff doesn't mix well but I haven't experienced a single clump when using my blender bottle. It does foam up quite a bit but it does settle after a few minutes. Mixability is fine.The effects. It could be the creatine but my muscles do feel tighter for longer. No bloat at all like whey and I can finally see my abs poking through.I haven't had a single upset stomach or loose stool. No gas either because there's no dairy (I'm slightly lactose intolerant).Would I buy again? No. Purely because of the taste. The effects are great and taste is only a matter of opinion. Like I said, it's drinkable, but I don't look forward to it like I did with some whey proteins that I've had.Overall: C+
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Great alternative to Whey, esp if you're whey-sensitive or lactose-Intolerant. No bloat. Impressive gains after 4weeks continuous use. Chocolate is the best flavor, serious... Don't attempt the others lest you'd consider yourself a viable contender on Fear Factor!High amino acid profile all on its lonesome. B4 ordering I read endless reviews at various sites... One tipster mentioned, which worked well, even tho it mixes w/a shaker ball, it gets pretty foamy, but settles down upon standing, so if you can't get past the foam, let it stand for 5min & it's fine. Another great tip: if you prefer a casein protein (slow-digesting) before bed & are not one to eat food as an option, add a fat to the Carnivor,like Almond Butter or PB & voila! It's already slower digesting (over whey) so this may work for you too. It's working great for us. Hey, we all have different tastes & tolerances so if you don't like it maybe 'choke it down' for the greater good? Ha! Good results tho & IMO, superior over others.
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this is a beef-based protein, which should make it very suitable for people who dont tolerate dairy very well.Im not lactose intolerant or anything, but this seems to work better for me than whey-based protein powders.Flavour wise, this is no different than other brands meaning that you should stay away from exotic sounding flavours and just stick to the basics like choco, strawberry etc.The tubs look very good on your kitchen counter, which is always a nice touch. The powder itself is easily mixable with water, milk, yoghurt, quark and even works well when you put it in the mix for pancakes or waffles for example. I put it in my oatmeal a lot as well.Putting it in the blender with some fruit,ice and milk will give you a great milkshake to get you through the day.Sadly there is no way to objectively judge the effectiveness of this particular powder vs other ones. But for me personally it ticks all the boxes of good taste, mixbility and aiding me in my recovery after heavy workouts.
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I ordered this protein again because I did receive positive results that I found satisfying when I took it last year to bulk up. If you weight train and trying to gain muscle this is the protein I can recommend you. I was taking the all natural whey protein, but since I am lactose in tolerate it hurts my stomach and sends me straight to the bathroom after I drink it. Carnivor on the other hand doesn't do it to me this is why I prefer and ordered this again. I took it today first thing in the morning before working out, gave me tons of energy and my stomach definitely feels a lot better. A lot of people complaining that it doesn't mix well, to me personally it mixes well you just have to shake it for a couple of minutes rather than seconds.Foam starts to build up, but it settles down once you are done shaking it. The taste overall is not bad and there is no after taste. I have tried the fruit punch and now the chocolate, and they meet flavor expectations. Great buy and great price.
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I've tried several different protein powders from all vegetarian, eggs, hemp, etc etc. I've tried various brands, varying amounts, and varying flavors. This is easily above all of the rest.The metrics for my decision are flavor, solubility, and price per gram of protein.Even though it's a beef isolate, it doesn't smell or taste like beef at all, at least for the chocolate flavor. It just tastes like chocolate. It tastes fine mixed into water but tastes amazing mixed into coconut milk.The solubility is great too. A lot of powders clump up and require a mixer ball or recommend that you blend them. This protein powder dissolves completely after a few minutes of sitting in water or coconut milk.The price is awesome to me for the amount,especially since I need so much protein(nearly 300g per day).So if you can't handle whey protein, don't want to deal with the price of plant proteins, or just want to try something derived from beef, I'd recommend you give this a try.
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If they keep the price down (which I very much appreciate), this is my new go to protein drink. This review is for the chocolate flavor.Taste: I've been drinking protein for more than 20 years and this is one of the best.Texture: Forget mixing this with a spoon. Especially with milk. Get a nice shaker (a good one I just reviewed is https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IOO2YSK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ). You can easily make a smooth yummy shake with milk or whatever using this shaker. Just a few shakes and you're golden.Content: I like that it's more concentrated with amino acid goodness than whey. It also has some creatine in it,which is a nice bonus.Finally: Who doesn't feel bad arse drinking a brand called "Carnivor"?? :o)Highly recommended (unless they get greedy like many other manufacturers and jack the price up beyond reason). Even $40 is too high in my opinion. But for now, this is my new protein.
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After trying beef protein I don't think I'll go back to whey or veggie protein again. The first switch from When was because my tummy was not happy at all causing bloating, gas, not fun stuff! Switched to Veggie and found it worked better on gut but I still didn't feel like I was gaining anything from it. Eventually I switched to this and my trainer advised to mix 1.5 the servings with the water due to my macros and BOOM! It worked, and I feel like I'm literally feeding the muscle what it needs after a hard workout. Never bloated either and the taste is pretty decent as well.*** One thing is that I use an immersion blender to mix mine so its smooth. It can definitely get clumpy if you don't mix it properly,but thats the only complaint I have. It can get sticky as well so make sure to immediately rinse out your shake container ASAP or it just needed to sit with hot water in it before washing it for awhile.
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Flavor: 10/10Chocolate: 10/10Pros: No bloating! Filling, reduces hunger; possibly slower to digest than whey protein concentrate. I noticed I can take the same amount of whey protein but I get more benefit out of Carnivor Beef Isolate. My muscles recover from strength training faster, reduced soreness, and it lasts longer (don’t need repeat serving).With whey protein concentrate I was bloated and felt like I couldn’t absorb it fast enough. Whey protein isolate helped that but was used up too quickly needing repeat dosing. I get the benefits of both whey protein isolate and concentrate from this. I saw mixed review online about the quality and usefulness of beef protein isolate over whey protein,but I’m pretty convinced now. Carnivor is rated highest for beef protein isolate, so I started with this and plan to keep with it.
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I've tried a ton of different protein products, and this one is just okay. It's somewhere in the middle as far as flavoring goes. But at the end of the day, taste is only 1 small part of the reason I buy a particular protein. I heard about this from an online forum and someone whose opinion I very much respect uses it, which is the reason I purchased it. I also think that you can get used to a particular flavor after awhile, as I've had other powders in the past that I didn't like or were just okay, but after drinking them for awhile, I began to enjoy the flavor.EDIT: After 2 more tubs of this, I've grown quite accustomed to the taste and now look forward to it. I'm increasing my review from 3 starts to 4.I still don't think it's close to the best tasting protein powder I've had, but it's not the worst either.
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*This review is strictly for the CHOCOLATE flavor*While most companies are out there using whey isolate, MuscleMeds has gone outside the norm and proudly serves beef isolates.Biggest differences milk whey isolates and beef isolates:1. whey will absorb at a slightly faster rate2. beef isolates will stick to your cells a little moreThat being said, many people tend to gain AND retain a lot more lean muscle mass while using Carnivor.Taste: 8/10Mixability: 9/10Price per Scoop: Good, not great. Understandable from a scientific standpoint.Carnivor is a great way to consume all the protein you'd get from red meats without the extra fats & cholesterol. Don't knock it till you try it,if you've been on the whey train for a while I'd give this a shot.
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