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Was bought one of these as a surprise present by a couple of camping friends. For what they paid, which I believe was £10 on offer, it is outstanding. The length is satisfactory and i frequently have to remind myself that there's plenty of room further down, so I can stretch out. I inflate it as much as I can then I let a little out, to give a bit more comfort. I'm a side sleeper when I sleep on the floor and it keeps me off the floor. I do however wake up with a bit of an ache in my hips. It may be to do with how hard I have it rather than me touching the floor, though I haven't gotten round to testing that theory yet. I've used it to camp in temperatures down to -4 at Galloway in Scotland,albeit in conjunction with a reflective foam mat. I'm yet to feel the cold come through it. It does state 3 season mat on it but if you're well prepared and know what you're doing in regards insulation, you would be fine to use during a typical British winter.It's a bit of a pain to fully deflate as there's a certain way you need to fold and roll to fit it back in the bag it comes in but fit it does. It's probably about the length of a large can of beer and maybe 1.5x the width. Easily stashable in the top or down the side of your pack if you're hiking with it.I'd be reasonably happy with it at the £17-£20 ish they cost while not on offer, though I got mine for free, were I to pay the sale price of £10, I'd be pretty chuffed.The only negative I could be honest about is the width. If you're a back or front sleeper, this isn't the mat for you unless you sleep like a log. It's wide enough to support your body and shoulders but unless you lay with your arms on your front, they wont fit on the mat with you.
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I'm using this as part of my 2017 camping kit. It's superb value for money and pretty robust as long as you look after it and don't go laying down where it might get punctured. Used with a Thermarest Ridgerest foam mat as a base it should last a long time. I'm a side sleeper and haven't bottomed out on this as yet unlike my UL Nemo mat. It's full length is fine for fitting in most sleeping bags.My current sleep system is:Snugpak Ionosphere 1p tentThermarest Ridgerest foam foil backed matCarinthia Defence 4 with Carinthia Tropen insideMultimat CAMPER AIRBED tucked in between the two bags.Snugpak Premium Air Pillow.A heavyweight system for 4-season camping for sure but really snug and warm!


Bought one of these recently in Hastings whilst camping and it vastly improved my nights sleep.It is meant to be self inflating, but I think it takes a few times for this to happen, it is fairly easy to just blow in the valve and inflate yourself.Only reservations are punctures, but I am a fairly careful person, so hopefully this won't happen.Could do with being slightly wider, but not a major issue as long as it is not pumped up too hard.Overall, for the ocasional camper, ie once a month max, good value.


I bought this air mattress for a 6 week cycle tour of Europe and it was essential. It's light and compact, ideal for cycle tours, and it takes two minutes to inflate. It's comfortable and provides that neccessary cushion between you and the floor so as to keep you warm. The only negative is that a puncture in it is a nightmare to fix. They provide a repair kit but it takes 6 hours and didn't work when I had to use it. Araldite eventually did the trick and it's almost as good as new now.


It does appear to be well made, early days. I am very happy with the weight and packed size. Material seems good. Stiching on carry bag is of good quality. I am very happy so far and hope buying the cheaper verson, with thicker material, will mean it lasts me a good while. Oh for me it is good to 5 degrees.Give it a go, for £15 it's great value.


Been using these some years now,wild camping in Europe.We take 3,just in case of a let down there's a spare.Up and down every day so well used. In tent only!Occasional failure near valve.A bigger inflator hole would help but overall a well comfy mat.At a pound and a half and the size of a shoe it's brilliant


This is so light and comfortable, but I would only recommend buying it if you are under 5ft 10 (and slim) - not for the big boned! However, as a slim woman of 5ft 2", this is fantastic and I'd highly recommend it. It's survived many camping trips and is lighter than a lot of the more expensive mats on the market.


Just buying a new one as valve finally gave up after 6 years, 7 festivals, being used by my nephew for cubs (!) you name it it’s done it! Great quality and I find it the best at keeping me warm and being mega tiny to carry. Got one you won’t be disappointed!


Great mattress. Very good sleep. quite narrow, but wide enough for regular adult. Easy to inflate but a bit more difficult to deflate and roll it up properly. Takes few moments to do it.I do recommend it.


I use this wild canoe camping with my us military mss sleep system. slips nicely inside the outer bivvy bag. light and comfy compared to lying on the hard ground


Amazing air bed easy to inflate and deflate. The material is nice and thick and it packs up nice and small. Perfect for my scouting.


Bought for my daughter for Bronze Duke of Edinburgh - now done her practice expedition and loved it! Easy to inflate.


The Multimat was perfect purchase for our summer trip. We enjoy using this item in our tent. I highly recommend.


Great bit of kit for the price. Delivered well ahead of time given .


Amazing!High quality, and very very comfortable.
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