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Nicely made and much bigger than its smaller cousin. With two people, it boils enough water for coffee and oatmeal. Worked well in wind. On the negative side, both plastic lids are problematic. The bottom one is too loose. It rode up on the pot itself while in transport and it took too people to pry the two pieces apart. No damage but could have a more definite connection. The top lid is too tight. Hard to snap on and nearly impossible to remove after boiling water. As soon as you pry it open just a tad you get scolded by steam. I also found that insulation was not sufficient to comfortably grab the pot with bare hands after boiling something in it for a while.Worked fine if you just needed to bring water to a boil but was too hot if you kept the boil going for a while. Too bad you can't light the thing with the pot on the stove or see the flame for simmer adjustments.
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Have used a lot to make coffee since purchase last summer. Great for glamping. Nests well with fuel and stove. Doesn't heat as fast as advertised and coffee gets cold faster than I'd like. If you don't keep the stove on low you get a hot first cup of coffee, a warm second, and then a cool third. We leaned to immediately transfer all the coffee to a thermos.


I added this to my MSR Windburner Combo cooking system, the burner and fuel canister fit neatly inside the pot as you would expect. This adds the convience of also having a lightweight solo cook system as part of the modular MSR group cook system. Highly recommended.


saves a lot of fuel and is superb in wind. Boiled water yesterday in cold wind in couple minutes. Highly recommend this for two or more people and also the smaller version if solo or two people.. Worth carrying the weight in any difficult conditions.


Great addition to my 1l Windburner kit if I need more water boiled or earlier to cool food in a bag if its a tight fit in the 1l pot.


Great for group camping of 3+ people. MSR strikes gold again!


Works great. Easy to clean. Must be titanium


Perfect, wanted more than the 1l pot


Works well
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