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Used for a trip to the Balkans where we had no idea on what kind of fuel we could get our hands on. Worked very well for a 10 day long trip using petrol (gasoline) and the 20oz MSR fuel bottle (sold separately). Looking forward to taking it out on more multi-day trips.Found that petrol burns very cleanly once up to temperature/primed properly. Priming it efficiently takes a bit of practice, but once learned is very easy; just not quite as convenient as using butane gas which of course you can alsouse with this version!Conducting maintenance and swapping between fuel types is very easy.The only issue we had on one occasion (which I think was because we over-filled the fuel bottle) was that the fuel pump rubber piston cup swelled due to being saturated with fuel while stored in a rucksack and led to it popping off the pump piston repeatedly. We corrected this by letting it dry out/return to shape and re-lubricating it thoroughly, as well as checking the pump non-return valve. It hasn't happened since, so hopefully it was a one off or indeed due to overfilling the bottle!
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A good stove, had mine for nearly a year now.Have been using these type of multi fuel stoves for decades, and this brand and particular stove compare favourably with the competition in my estimation, i.e Primus and the like.Like the self cleaning jets particularly, no more having to take the stove apart to clean them as with my old Primus, just give the stove a good shake and its done. What the professional mountaineers and hikers make of this item I don't really know, but they seem to approve judging by the online reviews,I just use mine for the occasional hike up some of Britains hills and mountains and some wild camping etc etc, very suitable.I can safely recommend this item going by my own experiences, four stars.
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Great product, didnt ignite at first so dismantled and put together then it was ok. However i feel it is falsely advertised as you dont get fuel bottle (as shown in picture), you get the pump but not the bottle. Disappointed with seller for doing this to make a sale!


Excellent stove but a little difficult to regulate the heat, heats food/water quickly, maybe just takes a moment to get used to it but does what it needs to and you have the option of multiple fuels.


Perfect for fishing
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