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I recently bought an MSR Pocket Rocket 2 canister fuel stove to supplement my MSR Dragonfly liquid fuel stove. I love the Dragonfly but it is heavier and takes up a lot of space in my pack. So for solo hikes in 3 season weather, I thought I'd finally break down and buy a canister stove with all their inherent limitations of fuel availability, lack of wind shielding, and instability.What I didn't realize is just how unstable a tall thin column using a fuel canister for a base on dirt and rock would actually be with a pot of water sitting on top of it.I immediately realized I wasn't taking the Pocket Rocket 2 anywhere in the back country without some sort of stabilizer for the whole rig..So I looked around and it seems you can either choose this stainless steel support from MSR or countless plastic supports from Jet Boil, Optimus, or counless Chinese knockoffs that do the same thing for 1/2 to 1/3 of the $15 this support costs. The plastic supports all seen to share a common design.I chose this stainless steel stand for two reasons.1.) Ease of use - the spring loaded retainer on this canister stand makes it quick and easy to attach and it grips securely.2.) Packed size and shape - this folds into a slim package about 6 inches long while the plastic ones are a little bulkier and oddly shaped.Either solution works to provide a wider base for stability in any canister stove. The main message is to get one of the two designs and use it. This is a good solution and worth the weight and space in your pack. If you don't want burn yourself with spilled boiling water when it tips over. If you don't want to waste fuel reheating water after you spill it. If you don't want to risk a fire when your canister stove tips over while roaring at full blast. Get a canister stand of some sort and use it.
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This little guy saves me more times than I can count. When using a micro stove on a butane canister either full sized or micro cans you always have to find a suitable surface to place it or you risk the stove falling over. This all but eliminates that worry its strong and you can now just place it on a small clearing rather than have to level the ground or dig a base hole to set the stove. I found it to be a great solution to stability I was even able to set a pot of water to boil without having to hold/hover the pot to prevent it from toppling over.The reason I am only giving this 3 stars is the durability of the product. I don't know if it’s a design issue or if I got a lemon.But the slider that grabs the canister has a spring inside it to create tension. on my third use of the stand the slider broke and it wouldn't grip the can anymore.I intend to buy another one and will post if it happens again.EDIT: I bought 2 more of these lil guys and gave one to a buddy who I hike with a lot. it has been 8 months and 3 trips. I have had no further issues with the stand. I even tested it under a 1 quart pot with no problem. I must have gotten a lemon on the first one.
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This thing is awesome!My son is doing his DofE and I was concerned about the stability of his camping stove (large full pan above small light cylinder, recipe for disaster). I was deciding which plastic fold out stand to buy when this one popped into view (for once I'm glad of the dreaded adverts linked to my searches). So after reading reviews for this one and how good it seemed to be and plenty of bad reviews for the plastic ones, I was convinced I'd be best off to pay double and go for this one. Since it arrived I've been planning my own camping trip, it's a simple bit of kit but so thought out and fits the bottle perfectly. I did a little test in the garden with a heavy saucepan (some fried chicken)and I had no concerns about the pan being top heavy. This isn't cheap but then I'd never forgive myself for skimping on a few £s if my son was to get scalded because his stove toppled over. I'm 100% happy with this one and didn't even look any further.
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This is worth having - it is well made and greatly improves the stability of basically any stove that runs on those propane/butane mixed gas cylinders. It folds up compactly and doesn't add a bunch of ounces to the pack. The little black thing is on a spring, you pull it back, drop the cylinder onto the other hooks and release. The black latch springs forward and securely catches the cylinder. There is no fussing to get it locked in and it holds tightly once the cylinder is on there.If you have spent much time in the outdoors, you have probably dumped your dinner in the dirt because your small, precarious stove tipped over at some point. This doesn't guarantee that won't happen,but it sure improves your odds.I am all about less weight and keeping stupid junk out of my pack. But I also like to actually eat the food I bring with me, without dirt, sand, leaves and bugs in it. So this thing comes along.
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Exactly what I hoped it would be. I use an MSR Pocket Rocket backpacking stove with iso-butane fuel. Prior to getting the canister stand, I always felt that the set was a bit wobbly when using just the fuel canister as the base. I was always worried about leveling the ground and wary that the center of gravity was too high and the whole thing might tip over. The canister stand solved those issues completely. It is small, lightweight, and folds up for easy storage in your pack. The spring-tensioned adjustable clip and multiple prongs for different sized fuel canisters make the stand compatible with every fuel brand I have used so far, and putting the canister on the stand and removable are both easy.I highly recommend getting this stand for your backpacking needs.
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Perfect little gadget to ensure stability of your canister stove setup. Is it a need-to-have? Not really, but it gives peace of mind and added flexibility on where you can set up your stove when the ground is uneven. By the time you put a pot of water on top of a stove that's on top of a canister, you end up with a pretty tall stack with a really high center of gravity. As other reviewers have mentioned, the cheap tin construction is lightweight but doesn't exactly inspire confidence that it would survive getting stepped on. I'd pay a little more for something like titanium alloy. Overall, though, this fit right inside the pouch that came with my Soto Windmaster stove. Barely even know it's there,but in the wilderness I was glad it was.
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I've had a Primus plastic stand (c£5) for years. It finally broke and I got this. It's c 3 times the price of the Primus and about 100 times better. It's very ight, not that long (c13cms) and the two short arms have a good reach c(12cms). It's metal so it will last. Just make sure you keep the two rivets that pivot the arms rust free and you should get many years service from this. The longer arm has a sturdy, sprung, plastic grip on it (the black bit you can see in the picture). This is what sets it apart from the Primus and makes it a must have. It "grabs" a 110gm or 230grm or 500grm canister effortlessly and securely; the Primus is well fiddley on this aspect. Spend the money,get this and get a proper job!
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Makes the footprint much bigger. The black part is on a spring and its light and clever and works well. The stand makes the stove a lot more stable. Youtube says you don’t need it because you need level ground anyway and fair enough I wouldn’t carry it for ultralight but the geometrical dynamics of a little circle sitting on a flat versus leveling three points is night and day. Imagine a badly warped picnic table board. In snow or sand upu might want to add some little plastic feet but compared to not having it in snow or sand....Sometimes i cook with larger pots on tiny stoves, often with a diffuser plate and a good foundation is an absolute necessity for avoiding disasters.


This is a great little addition to my backpacking and camping gear! I use my tiny and ultralight collapsible stoves and lamps which fit onto a MSR or similar gas cannister. Sometimes the ground is not level and therefore the stove and/or lamp is unstable. This MSR cannister stand is the answer. It is made of durable and very light material, and collapses down to a very small footprint to easily carry in the backpack. One of the legs has a spring-loaded sliding piece which will allow the stand to accommodate different sized cannisters... genius! Very well made item!


If you use the smaller size of fuel canister this is a must have. If you use the larger 8oz sizes, this is a good thing to have but not super necessary. Especially if you're boiling more than a liter of water or you have a container that is quite a bit wider than the canister. The stand is light, packs small, easy to size to MSR fuel canisters, and all other backpacking fuel canisters like Primus and JetBoil, and provides a much more secure base while cooking on a backpacking stove. So far I've only used it 5 or 6 times but it shows no signs of wear or malfunction.


This is the perfect addition to any camp stove that uses standard isopropane canisters as fuel. It's very light, very thin, and folds up small. I use it for my MSR pocket rocket for added stability. That being said, for the Pocket Rocket, it will only add stability to the fuel canister and stove, but not what you put up there! The MSR Pocket Rocket doesn't give a lot of purchase for pots or kettles, so the canister stand only keeps you from knocking over the stove, not the pot on top of it. It at least makes setting the forest on fire less likely.


I've now used this four or five times to get a brew on hillside and this is a great product. As you may know, MSR just don't make bad products and this is no exception, solid contruction, weighs almost nothing and is compatible with any brand and size of gas canister. It solidly grips the can and the extra stability it provides is priceless, this canister stand will also fold down and can be included in your cook kit. I keep mine in a tiny bag with my F1 stove and a firesteel. This is a fantastic product and I'd recommend it to any outdoorsman.


Recieved product as described. Provides a nice wide and stable base for isobutane canisters. The stand folds up to become more compact and is light weight. The securing / release mechanism is made out of plastic slider with a spring. I have not used the product much and cannot attest as to how long this product and spring mechanism will last. Overall happy with the product and, aside from the plastic, feel that it is well built. Ended up buying another. As of this review and [short] time spent with the product, I would recommend this product.


Quite impressed with this, it grips the bottom edge of the gas cylinder very securely and makes it difficult to tip over.Initially I was concerned that if it was knocked very hard maybe the sharp "grips" could puncture the cylinder.. however was reassured after attaching it to an empty one and giving it a few kicks. Only the slightest mark was left on the cylinder, and as it begins to deform the flat edge makes contact. You would have to really stomp on it to risk bursting the cylinder! This is a very nice design, strong and lightweight.


Awesome. Been eying one of these contraptions for a while since I backpack occasionally and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. At a point now where I want to buy one good product and never buy it again. This is an example of that. Lightweight, folds up, metal, spring feature that adjusts to most typical sizes of fuel canister and doesn't feel like it will give out anytime soon. You could buy the plastic one for half price, but chances are you'll buy another one a few years down the road. This is a one and done product.
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