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Bought this as a back up to inbuilt ignitor on camping stove. It's light, compact and packs easily. Sits in the hand well and is easy to click. However, I have some sympathy with some reviewers who say they have had difficulty lighting a stove in the wind and the clue here is that one reviewer said it produced a weak spark. That is correct and in the wind with the gas turned to very low you will struggle to obtain ignition. Turn the gas up high and you get better results. I experimented with a kitchen gas cooker at home and for any hob on the low setting it struggles; turn the gas to maximum and much better results (BUT please note do not have any combustible material on or near your hand when your doing this as the gas flame could ignite that!).Overall it is a good product. Hope this helps.
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Had the same one for several years now. I like it because it is very lightweight and does not get used up during my multi-week trips. Use it for Coleman liquid fuel and gas canisters on my lightweight backpacking stoves. It has limitations at high altitude; so if you are a lightweight backpacker like me, you might end up using some of your emergency matches at 11k or above when you get frustrated with it. In any case could usually get it to work after a few, a few more, or a few more tries; if I ran out of emergency matches or don't carry a bit of emergency flint and steel. Definitely hold the nozzle down, so it accumulates gas. And it is wind sensitive,so build that windbreak when you need to - you will be saving fuel anyway.
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I was somewhat skeptical after seeing a number of negative reviews. All doubts were quickly laid to rest. This worked well as I could have hoped for with my MSR PocketRocket IsoPro stove; worked with MSR IsoPro canister and the Coleman iso-pro equivalent. Worked like a charm and I didn't come anywhere close to burning myself: you don't need to have the stove on full blast when lighting. Only a wind-proof lighter could perform as well, but this weighs less and won't run out of fuel.Great productReliable alternative to a lighterIntended for canister-fueled stoves**Not intended for radiant burners (MSR Reactor stove)Perfect for IsoPro stoves


Igniter is compact and light weight. I love that it will never require batteries to operate. I tried it a few times on the inherited Coleman propane stove I plan to use it with, and had no trouble lighting it. My only problem is that it is short enough that each time I used it, I burned the hair off the back of my hand a bit (not painful, just the smell of burnt hair), even when I turned the gas down low. Given that it is probably designed to work on their stoves, I can't really call this a design defect, just something to be aware of. The same effect would be likely to occur using a wooden match.


This product works pretty good as a permanent match to light my alcohol stoves. (The recommended approach is to dip, lift about six inches while holding it down (not up), and click. You then have a match in which to light your stove. Be sure and blow it out before you put it in your pocket. ) I also own the Optimus ignitor and think it is a better product than the MSR. It has insulation all the way to the tip and vent air holes which work better with lighting alcohol than other igniters. Spark igniters work even when wet.


Have bought the fuse as a gift together with an Optimus Vega for my sister. Wanted no fire steel because its handling is not so childlike as the MSR piezo igniter. Processing and function are as good. Only a larger resupply for a pointing and ring finger, like a syringe, would be desirable. With greasy or wet fingers the use is not quite as easy. Price / performance is just ok, considering what technology is really really in the device.


Works well at least the couple times I've used it so far. I gave it 4 stars because it has a hole in handle for what appears to be for a lanyard but no lanyard came with it. I am a fan of MSR products and I think this will make a nice addition the shipping was speedy and arrived in what looked like an unopened box so I don't think the missing lanyard was a sellers issue all in all I would recommend


I love this little dude. Nests in my pots in voids already there after all the other stuff goes inside. Its better than a cheap little bic at lighting the stove cause you get to have your fingers away from the fire. I still have one and matches and fire steel as backups cause, well, cause. This thing is great though and worth the money in my opinion.


I like this little igniter. It's small enough that I can stick into my backpack without adding unnecessary weight. I haven't used it enough to know how it will fare over time, but it's from MSR and I've had great luck with their products - especially their stoves and related products. This is a lot better than messing around with wet matches!


Sometimes it takes a few clicks, but it always lights the stove. The only thing I wish was that either this or the MSR pocket rocket stove was designed to easily nest together in the stoves case. I can get it in there, but it feels like I'm forcing it. Other than that, so far so good on 3 trips into the back country so far!


The igniter says it will only work with canister gas but it lit my MSR dragonfly stove burning white gas with one click. Nice product. The spark seems a bit weak but it worked like a charm. The only thing I would change is to make it longer. It's pretty short and you risk burning the hair on your fingers.


I purchased this to pair with an Alpkit (kraku) titanium stove. Lights the stove first time, every time. Fits neatly along side the stove in it's bag, so I always have ignition available.Yes matches, a bic lighter or a ferro rod will do the job but this is such a nice indulgance.


Purchased for a backpack camping trip and this Piezo Igniter is small, light, and efficient. It lit our small Primus canister gas stove easily even with breezy conditions. It performed better than my original expectation once we determined the best method to start up the stove.


Seems to be a great product; however, I could not get it to work with the MSR Windburner. I understand it says it works for most canister systems but I figured that it would work for the Windburner as well. Thankfully, I plan on buying a pocket rocket head as a back-uo


Not sure what some reviewers are doing wrong, saying they can't get their stoves lit using this igniter...?It works 1st time usually, if a bit windy... Maybe 2nd click. Saves messing around with matches or lighters, especially with cold fingers.Recommended
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