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I am an old bachelor, and really don't care in the least what my china looks like or what other people think of it. I'm also a bit of a geek, and enjoy trying new things and finding better solutions to my problems. So I bought one of these to try as a dinner-plate replacement for use at home, not on the road. So far I really like it a lot. Stacking the food deeper keeps it warm longer, and the raised edges make for at least a slightly less slovenly eating experience. This has become my favorite everyday plate for most things that don't require heavy knifework, like a steak.I only have two things I'd like to see improved. One, I'd like to see a version made of something harder and more knife-resistant,for long-term durability. I almost bought a metal version of this same design, but then stopped short just as I was pressing "buy" when I remembered that metal doesn't play well with the microwave. Second, if the sides were canted just a few degrees outboard these would stack. It's silly, in my opinion, that they don't.
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I bought these because maybe someday my husband and I will learn how to camp and we'd need something to eat food in. I thought it was ingenious as the sides were high, wouldn't have to worry about losing food over the sides. Also, it's flat like a plate, couldn't wait to try it out! The size is huge, it doesn't tip over like a bowl might while you're eating on the couch and suddenly remember you forgot your drink......I love the color!Haven't used them in the dishwasher, so can't talk to that aspect. Have used them in place of plates many times now and love them. Nothing negative to say about them. They also come in a more bowl size, still with the flat bottom, I believe, I may get those for cereal.Give them a try!
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I like this deep dish plate. I can put in rice that is still runny with water or whatever I am eating and can fill it up without worrying if its going to spill out the sides.When we where camped on a beach the tiny black flies seemed to be attracted to it. maybe because of the color. At first I thought they where after my ravioli I ate and I didn't do a good enough job cleaning it. they were attracted to my boat and something bright my buddy had too.stackable would probably be nice too if you had to pack more plates for more people but it works fine for me.


This is a reasonable bowl and sits securely within my MSR sucepan kit (between the large and smaller pan) which allows the kettle to sit inside the small pan.A word of note that the item is plastic so is only suitable for a plate and not a cooking untensil and prone to damage if using sharp utensils (ie general purpose knife to cut food). I may have missed that fact that this item is non-metallic in the description, but not clear in the image, due to the colour matching the metal pans.


I echo much of what the other reviewers have mentioned. Light weight which is great for backpacking. Seem to hold hot items well without getting warped or warm. Doesn't insulate hot foods (cooled quickly), but that's not the intention of the item. Great for wet foods like chili and oatmeal. Probably a little over priced...wonder if you can find something similar and cheaper at a container store...but convenient just buying online.


I purchased this bowl to use with an Olicamp pot and stove combo I also purchased from Amazon. it fits perfectly under the pot (which in turn contains the stove and fuel), and into the pot's storage bag, taking up zero extra space in my pack. it's big enough to mix up meals in, handy to eat out of, and easy to wash out. If you need a good multi purpose camp bowl MSR's Deep Dish bowl is perfect for you.


I thought the bowl was very good when I first received it in the mail. I was supposed to use it on my trip to Mongolia but It didn't handle going through TSA very well. I don't think I packed it as well as i could have but if it didn't have to go through three airports, I think it would have been fine. The walls are pretty thin but it felt pretty solid regardless.


I ordered one of these very large plates to try them out, As well as being a plate it also acts as a cover for my MSR skillet when it’s packed away, its big enough to also fit over the end of my rolled up tent when it’s in my backpack. I was though surprised Just how much room it takes up, so take a close look at the measurements before ordering


This bowl became my go-to item for any bowl or plate needs. I don't even think I'll use the MSR Alpine plates I usually pack when this is handy.Be sure to use nylon utensils and don't use a scouring pad, just soapy fingertips - otherwise you'll abrade the surface and allow food staining and smells into the plastic.


The shape and size of this plate makes it easy to pack; instead of tapered sides it's squared off, so it nests nicely inside other things (and vice-versa). It's also super lightweight, easy to clean, and tough. It's small, but the perfect size for my young daughter when we go backpacking together.


Great for hot or code items. Originally purchased for a pot luck supper that required you bring your own plate and bowl. (Very "green" in New England) I bought two in order to use when picnicking with my almost a husband. Sturdy and can nestle a collapsible bowl and cup inside to form a kit.


I wasn't sure about this high sided plates for camping, but I LOVE them now. Who wants to pay attention to how close one's fork is to the edge of the plate, an inattention which can lead to precious food on the ground, covered in dust and debris? These are awesome and clean up nicely.


Light weight, deep enough to be a bowl, large enough to work as a plate. Sturdy. The only "con" I have for it is they don't stack together, but it's easy enough to store smaller items inside when you pack them, so it's not a big concern.


I bought this for a backpacking trip and didn't want to bring disposable plates. I also didn't want one of the tiny plates that come with most camping cook sets. It is plenty big enough, yet still small enough to pack with my mess kit.


This deep dish plate is perfect for a camping, hiking, cross country trip. It's really lightweight and the price was unbeatable anywhere online. I like the fact that it can be used for a plate or a bowl. So it's a win win.
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