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First, four stars because I only received product today. Maybe 5, maybe 3. The one thing that might drop it would be strength of handle. I upsized from 750 to 1.1 litre even though that was recommended on numerous youtube videos for nesting wood burning campstove. I figured the lid would serve as plate and has enough of a lip to throw a thick stew like chili, though you may have to go for seconds. I wanted a litre because that worked better with water bottle and canteens.First test was to fill with tap water to test handle. There was a little wobble with cold water at room temp. On a gas stove boiled a full pot of water to test when metal had some heat and flex. Pot did not twist though handle did have spring. Pick up slowly and vertically. Cooked three packets of Top Ramen without having to break the noodles up though a little fiddly. I included 1/3 lb. beef sliced paper thin, green onions and basil with lots of Sriracha. Ummm. College culinary dynamite. Close to spill situation on gas stove which makes me believe in the field would stick to two packets. Open fire is not as tame or predictable as gas stove at home. Will probably McGiver a solution to strengthen the handle. Handle long enough that bare hand did not get uncomfortable with pot at full boil. I will update this review after I get it in the field under the soot and multiple unpredictable wood stoves. Last comment. Customer reviews mention the stickers on pot when recieved. Do not attempt to remove. Place in freezer for twenty minutes. When removed wait for condensation to visibly go away yet still cool to touch. Work four corners of sticker until one gives up enough to grab. Slowly peel sticker off. Thanks to previous reviewer. Worked awesome. No glue residue. Half youtuber reviewers put pot on open flame with stickers on. Can't imigine that worked out well longterm for carbon buildup and asthetics. Who wants to eat out of something that doesn't appear clean.
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Okay, I love these pots. I haven't even used them yet, and I love them. I bought the 775ml and the 475ml. I love them both. I've always been a fan of MSR products, and these are no exception.I bought these as part of my disaster/emergency preparedness gear. I am prone to extended power outages where I live, and I use camp/backpacking stoves and other gear to get by when sitting around in the dark wanting to eat.During one of the most recent outages, which lasted almost three days,I found that my pot and pan collection was lacking. I had larger stuff, but I wanted to make a single serving of non-instant oatmeal and promptly discovered that I had nothing smaller that sat on any of my stoves well. Shortly after, I bought a little rocket stove, and in the reviews someone had mentioned packing their stove in this pot. Well, that was too much to resist. So I bought both.1. The quality and design is outstanding. This is an ELEGANT design and the quality is great. By "elegant" I mean that it is a well-thought out design that is just super great. It is also pretty nice, looking too. By any engineer or systems person will know what I mean by "elegant design." It's not a kludge. It's not an average pot.2. It works great for use with my JetBoil pot adapter, my Trangia stove, my burner on my Coleman RoadTrip grill, and it could obviously be used over pretty much any other heat source that strikes your fancy.3. Obviously, you can store other stuff in there, from a backpacking stove, to...well...whatever fits in there that you want to stow in there.I was not bribed by MSR to say this. I think these are far and away the best two camping/backpacking pots I own, and I love them. I know when it comes time to cook in them, they will be terrific.
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I love that it's stainless steel and folds up. I haven't done some heavy duty cooking in it, but I've seen YouTube videos of people doing that. And the product I received seemed capable (versus aluminum or titanium which don't seem good for much real cooking). The only thing I don't like is that you can't pour water very easily. It spills all over the place, and when you're camping, you can't afford to burn your hands. I wish there was an easy modification for this.I read on a forum somewhere that someone had added a pour spout with a nail to bend it just a little, but I don't trust myself to do that without really specific instructions. If anyone has seen any instructions for that, please let me know! Till then, I'll just have to carry around a measuring cup to dip in and move the water around. I might just need to practice pouring with this. I'll start with cold water though because the hot water was stressful and messy.There are some videos out there for making an easy modification so that you can turn the handle into a bail so you can hang the pot if you're interested.I had gone back and forth between this MSR pot and the Stanely that is similar, but I ultimately went with this one because it seemed more heavy duty and could be put in the fire without worries of the plastic melting or ash coming in from the holes in the lid. I also like the idea of graduations on the Stanely, but also didn't want to deal with anything getting stuck in there.
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OK - THIS is JUST PERFECT. I'm packing a 3-5 day Survival Bag for 2 people, and purchased this one in the 775ml size ( about 3 1/3 U.S. Cups) . I looked at many before deciding but felt this looked like good quality for the money. BUT the kicker was that I was also going to buy a small portable wood / alcohol stove. There are also many of those, and while they all "look" the same, they all have slightly different dimensions from different manufacturers / sellers. So anyway,after reading one backpackers advise about how the Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove (size 5.3 x 5.3 x3"H) nests PERFECTLY inside THIS MSR 775 ml pot and then both inside the black bag, I thought I'd give those two models a try. They came yesterday -- and not only is the pot a very nice quality pot, small, and perfect for my purposes, the Ohuhu Portable Wood Stove (also nice quality) fits PERFECTLY inside this pot just as the other reviewer said. This makes for a very small but quality pot and stove that is both lightweight, good quality and very EASY and small to put into a backpack to have both pot and stove in one. VERY HAPPY i got both of these. Pot is the perfect size to fire up water or a couple cans of beans. And it sits nicely on top of the Ohuhu Stove. There are probably several sizes of those stoves so if interested, look for the Ohuhu that is 5.3" x 5.3" x 3"H and weights 14.2 oz - that's the one that fits inside this pot.
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I've used this 1.6L version for about a year now.it is just big enough to fit my Whisperlite stove into, along with a box of storm proof matches, ove glove, and eat'n tool from crkt. Once everything is inside I feel like it's very protected! I'll start with the bad!Cons:1. its not non stick so you really do have to use some kind of oil in it2. unlike most MSR products it is not manufactured in the USA it is manufactured in Taiwan3. the sides of this pot are very high and can make it hard to get a spatula underneath whatever you're trying to flip,thus resulting in your FrIed eggs becoming scrambled.4. this might be a combination problem with my equipment but the whisper light has a hard time controlling the heat, and if anything burns to this pot it is very hard to clean off. usually resulting in using steel wool and elbow greasePros:1. this thing feels bulletproof once it snapped shut and nothing rattles.2. the handle on it is plenty long enough to where you do not burn your hand while it is on the stove, I have never used this In a campfire3. The 1.6L pot seems big enough that you could serve three people from it4. after storing it in my backpack for a year with all of my other gear and bashing it around on trees and such, it only has one small dent in the bottom. which is pretty good for the abuse that I have put it through
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I am a big fan of the MSR Stowaway Pot series, as owning three of the availible sizes might indicate.As with all of the Stowaway Pots, the 775 ml pot is well made of polished stainless with a very sturdy and dependible handle and latch system that holds the lid firmly in place when closed. The pot measures 5.6" diameter x 2.5" tall without the lid (approx. 3.25" tall with the lid). When including the handle and latch system in the measurements, the pot is about 6.75" for the widest point closed dimension.When opened and snaped into place, the handle is 6.5" long.One thing that I would truely like to see MSR incorperate into this pot design is to stamp volume measurements into the wall of the pot, a feature that is currently lacking.Overall, I truely like these pots. With the ability to latch the lid closed, these pots are ideal for securely nesting your cooking gear and accessories inside. While not as light as the titainium pot offerings out there today, these MSR pots are much more affordable and are as "tough as nails." This is a great little pot that I could honestly recommend to anyone.For those of you that count every ounce, the MSR Stowaway 775 ml Pot wieghs approx. 12.5 oz.
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I take this out bakcpacking with me about 80% of the time. It all depends on how long I am going to be out and what I plan on cooking. It has worked flawlessly every time. The pan is heavy enough that things do not burn as soon as you add heat. like in a lot of those backpacking mess kits. I purchased one of those to start with and only used it once. It went in the trash as soon as we got back to town. Food burned even with the stove on the lowest setting. I decided from there on out,nothing but name brand high quality items. This is big enough I can cook for two people with no problems. Plus you can store items in it while hiking. The lid latches to the base, making it a great storage option. Use up every inch of the pack, right? I have never had too much of a problem with the handle getting hot during cooking. It has gotten warm, but never hot. At least not yet. I would have to assume that it can/will get hot. I am always prepared, and have a towel in my hand when handling pots and pans. Been burned too many times in my life. Anyway, this has been a great purchase. Looks brand new still. Can take the abuse, and put out some good food.
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My wife and I purchased this expecting it to be the right size for anywhere from short hike and cooks to several day car camping trips. We weren't wrong! It's built incredibly well, the lid is not at all loose when packed away, and it nests everything we personally use to cook (trangia alcohol stove set, utensil, spatula, oil). It's not overweight but also not lightweight, so we wouldn't recommend it as much for backpacking trips although it would work perfectly fine. We have a snow peak 900 for those trips.This pot (we got the 1.6L) would just take up too much space. Obviously a smaller version may work perfectly... I'm not sure. Works just fine on open flame/coals despite what MSR is required to say, and handle (due to its length) stays cool to touch. I'd recommend this pot at this price if you engage in low-moderate intensity camping with another person. For extended backpacking or canoe camping trips, I'd recommend titanium as an alternative. Between our 1.6L MSR pot and 900mL snow peak titanium pot, we feel we have everything we need to cook outdoors.
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For boiling watery stuff, this works great. I got the 1.1 and it was larger than I expected. That's okay though, I got this for my survival/bugout bag that I wanted it to double for backpacking/camping.I'd prob get a slightly smaller one next time but I like having the option of cooking more food. I eat a lot and this pan is perfect for frying things (with a little water/oil) and I think I can also use it to make stew (due to the versatile shape of the pan). Stainless steel is a pain to cook in for me though.I've learned that you should warm the pan up first (this is a thin pan, so not too hot, maybe settings 2-4 on your stove, or embers/coals on your campfire) and then add your water/oil to cook with.The handle does look like it can flip closed if you are pouring, so get some gloves or just use the lid or SOMETHING if you ever do need to pour it while it is full with stuff.I can store plenty of stuff in it, I don't think its completely waterproof when closed, but you can put a little kit in there and keep it in your car.
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Works great, both frying, and boiling dehydrated food. The 1.1 L is pretty big great for when you have to cook for 2 or 3. On a trip to the Triple Divide in Glacier National Park we fed 3 people from this pot for a few days. I have cooked quinoa for 4 people in this pot on a backpacking trip on the Catskills. It's not a massive serving for each and we had all cooked a hotdog over the fire too but it is much bigger than you'll need for a solo trip. The price is good.I love that you can stow the leftovers for lunch or breakfast the next morning. The only draw back is that it is a bit on the heavy side. If you have the money to spare I would go with the Snowpeak - Cook N Save Titanium Pot. I was on a small budget so this pot did the trick for my belly and my wallet. The Snowpeak - Cook N Save Titanium Pot half the weight and you can still save you food. You can get a larger pot for half the weight, but it's twice the price. For the money this pot has done me good.Happy Hiking!
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